My Re-introduction to Dolfan Nation

Today, I begin my re-introduction into society and my induction into fulogo3jpeg.JPGthe blogging community!  First, my thanks to Adam, Zach and Brian for including me here on Phinphanatic as a contributing blogger.  Secondly, my eternal gratitude to Zach for providing a home for the new Miami Dolphins internet radio show Phins: UnfilteredLearn More here

Some of you may not know me, so…My name is John White.  I’m the former co-host of Dolfan Radio.  I’m a regular on the Miami Herald forums as well as other fan forums around the net.  Many of you know me as phinsII on the the Herald.  I’m passionate about the Miami Dolphins but have never been accused of drinking the kool aid or wearing the aqua-colored glasses.  I love my team.  I root for my team.  But I’ve also been known to call it like I see it on occasion.  And that’s something I hope to have the opportunity to do here provided I don’t wear out my welcome too soon.

 As for the new radio show – our first broadcast is planned for October 2nd at 9pm.  We’re planning a show that is slightly edgy, completely interactive and, most importantly, dedicated to every Dolfan.  We will keep you posted on the details as we near the first show.  Follow the link above to check it out.

I look forward to making a contribution here at Phinphanatic, no matter how small.  I look forward to hearing from all of you.  And most of all, I look forward to covering the Miami Dolphins! 

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

  • admin

    I can't wait to call in harass you Dolphin fans. John it is great to have you and can't wait to get the show started.


  • Shady

    Good luck on the new job and I hope the show works out :o)Sorry about your treatment at MDUK tho.

  • finsunfiltered

    Thanks, Shady!  I appreciate the comments!  You da' man!

  • 21blue

    Welcome back John, I,ll be listening if time permits. Good luck on both your new adventures. You and Brian will make a great team.