Please Folks, Let's Be Patient With The Front Office...

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So, the big news obviously today is that we sent Chris Chambers to San Diego for a second round draft pick. And wouldn’t you know it, some people are already complaining about the move and I just don’t understand their reasoning behind that.

I know that this team is 0-6 and I know that fans are disappointed and upset, but I’ll say it again, we have to give coach Cameron and Randy Mueller some time. This team is not going to turnaround magically in 1 week, or 1 month and not even 1 year. It’s called “rebuilding” for a reason and for that coach Cameron needs time.

Like I said in a previous post, he did not inherent San Diego or Dallas their roster. That’s why people were calling for Norv Turner to be fired already. Because with the talent he has, it seems impossible for him not to succeed. Coach Cameron didn’t inherent that and people tend to forget that very quickly.

The funny thing is, when a team is struggling, you’ll always hear fans say that it’s time to rebuild and start over. But when the rebuilding actually starts, they still complain because the results aren’t coming fast enough.

Let’s not forget folks, this team was stuck in neutral for a while now. Get a nice start in September and October, struggle in November and December and limp into the play-offs where an embarrassing loss was waiting for us. The past few seasons we didn’t even make the play-offs so it really was time to get a fresh start in here.

I know that Welker and Morris are thriving in New England (but who wouldn’t) and I know that we just sent our Pro-Bowl receiver packing but I have absolutely no problem with it. We’re 0-6. We’re not going anywhere. We are not going to miss Chris Chambers.

It really is a trade that works out well for everyone. San Diego adds a #1 receiver to an offense that already includes Tomlinson and Gates. Chambers gets to join a contender and possibly play in the play-offs. And Miami gets what it sorely needs and that is cap relief and more importantly, a second round draft pick.

Considering that New Enlgand gave up a 4th rounder for Randy Moss, we need to jumping for joy that we got a 2nd rounder for a receiver that is yet to score a touchdown this season, especially after he put up what is considered to be the worst statistical season by any receiver last season.

I just wished we could’ve done more deals and pick up more draft picks along the way. I just hope that the fans here realize that every team goes through a down period like this. Some are short, some last longer but remember that it was just a while ago that the Colts, Pats, Chargers and Bears were all considered to be easy victories.

Our time at the top will come back, but we have got to be patient. I know it’s hard, but we can’t be second guessing these decisions 6 games into the season.

That said, I hope that coach Cameron plays the young guys as much as he can. Let Beck get in there as soon as possible, move Ginn up in the receiver depth chart, have Roth and Rod Wright play as much as possible and that also goes for Jason Allen.

I just want to see Jason Allen out there in the secondary. We’re 0-6, it couldn’t possibly get any worse and Allen can’t possibly be worse than Cameron Worrell can he? With some high draft picks coming around in April 2008, we need to know what these guys can bring to the team.

Right now, let’s just sit back, watch Ronnie Brown continue to develop into an elite back and see what the young guys can bring when they get their chance.

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