The Draft it is A'changin

NFL Draft Logo - Photo Credit - NFLThe NFL Draft is changing. The Miami Dolphins, who may very well have the top pick in the next draft could be the first team team to feel its full effects.

On Tuesday, the NFL announced that it will change aspects of the draft to make it more “streamlined”, apparently a nod towards the sleek streamlined shape of a “cough” Dolphin.

Instead of the draft starting at the normal 12:00 Pm, it will not start at 3:00 Pm, so let your wives know to take the late shift.

In addition to the change in start time, the NFL has reduced the amount of time that teams will have to make their picks. 10 minutes will be the first round time frame as opposed to 15 in years past, the 2nd round has been reduced from 10 minutes to 7 minutes, and the rest of the draft time stays the same.

What doesn’t stay the same is the amount of draft picks on day 1. What used to be an honor to be taken as a “1st Day Pick” has now become more exclusive. The 3rd round has been moved to Sunday.

Change is always in the air with the NFL.

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