It May Only Be Worth Two Cents But…

two-cents-worth2.jpgWe can’t blame the entire mess this team is in on Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller.  The drafts of the last ten years have been abysmal and that’s being kind.  Brian has done a great job of breaking down those drafts and the near total lack of production from the players selected.  Well, I’m gonna throw out something here and it may only be worth two cents but…

Even Dave Wannstedt didn’t go winless for this long during the lost season of ’04 when the team was falling apart around him and that was with AJ Feeley at QB!  And we all know how bad Wanny was, don’t we?

So, I’m gonna say it…FIRE CAM!!!  I said something weeks ago on Dolfan Radio and got more jeers than cheers – Cam Cameron was a rookie NFL head coach coming in to not only take over a tough rebuilding project but was also going to be in over his head by trying to pull double-duty as offensive coordinator.  At the very least, he MUST give up one of those duties prior to the ’08 campaign.  But I’ll take it farther than that…

Fire the GM, the team President, the assistant coaches, the scouts, the water boy, the laundry guy, the janitor, the secretaries, the entire administration, the grounds crew, the hot dog vendors…EVERYBODY!!!  Then fire all the players and start the hell over!!!!

Something is OBVIOUSLY broken so FIX IT!!!  That means fire everybody.  Oh, and, by the way, Wayne, sell the team!!!!!

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  • Brian Miller

    what the hell did the hot dog guy do to you?  LOL

  • John White

    You know what they say those things are made from, don’t you?  Besides, he put relish on the hot dog when I CLEARLY said, "No relish!!!"

  • Black Hornet

    Remember – Dave had a talented defense with lockdown corners. We have … Cameron Worrell. And not even him anymore. Cam needs to change a lot of shit about his approach to coaching because I am anything but confident now in his ability to run this organization. But shit rolls downhill. Remember Cam didn’t hire himself.

  • Brian Miller

    Well, the opposite of this entry will be up here shortly…:)

  • George (MaineDolfan)

    John….you’re an idiot.  What happens when you FIRE everyone to start over and we suck again because well….we fired everyone?  Do we fire everyone again?  Give me a break.  Cam may or may not turn this thing around but the guy walks into a job that has been in turmoil since Wanny left.  He comes into it with the well documented draft history of those before  him.  He did what had to be done.  He got rid of a bunch of overpaid, under producing vets and has started to bring in an influx of young talent.  You judge Cam by wins and losses only.  You need to look deeper than that, at least in year one. We are in for another rough season next year, although I predict not as rough as this one.  I think we start to see improvement and hopefully after another successful draft we will then start building a core of players that we can take into the future.  And….this is my 2 cents.  You may as well go cheer for the Patriots because I’m not interested in fans like you cheering for my beloved Dolphins.  Cam came in and did what needed to be done.  Did what we have all been asking to be done now for several years.  He’s REBUILDING our franchise.  Last time I checked when you build something you start from NOTHING and turn it into something and guess what….that takes TIME!  So….go ahead and put your Brady shirt on because you’re an idiot like most New England fans.  It’s real easy to cheer for a winner!!

  • John White

    I’d say that voicing an opinion hardly makes anyone an idiot.  You and I may disagree but I certainly won’t call you names as a result.Read the post again.  Read it carefully.  I’m asking a simple question – if Wannstedt, as bad as he was/is, can win at least two games with one of the worst offensive lines in the history of the franchise (maybe the worst) and AJ Feeley why can’t Cam win ONE?  It may not be necessary to fire Cam.  That might explain why I said "At the very least, he MUST give up one of those duties (HC/OC) prior to the ‘08 campaign."Plus, did you happen to read at all between the lines?  Did you sense even the slightest bit of humor or sarcasm?  Tell ya what…we can keep the water boy!However, if Cam can’t win a game this season, against some less than stellar opponents, then something must be wrong.  Some of his game management decisions have been poor at best.  In fact, some have been laughable. I don’t know about you but I think a true fan wants their team to be a little more than a punchline.  I know I do.  If that means I’m not a fan in your opinion, so be it.  We’ll agree to disagree.  But we can both still be fans of this team.Finally, the team is rebuilding, true.  And the old addage that Rome wasn’t built in a day has never been more true.  Seems to me like we haven’t even finished the first outhouse yet.  Build SOMETHING!  And, in the process, try this…win a game!!!!It’s not all about wins and losses.  I agree.  But sooner or later the lack of a win does have to be attributed to the coaching and not just on the lack of solid personnel moves by Dave Wannstedt, Jimmy Johnson, Nick Saban or George Wilson.This is the NFL where parity rules.  And this team may be one of the least talented bunches in the league if not THE least talented.  But losing to the likes of the JETS TWICE???  Give me a break!!!Stick with the status quo and check back with me in a couple years.  We’ll see who was right.

  • George (MaineDolfan)

    John….you can’t compare Wanny to Cam.  You’re comparing Apples to Oranges.  The roster was TOTALLY different and so was every other team in the league.  So were the injuires,  the schedule, the weather etc etc.  Also, I’ll agree that Cam has made some questionable calls during the games, I think some of them if not the bulk of them can be attributed to the fact that we are 0 for the season.  I think going for it on 4th downs is certainly easier when you’re not playing for your playoff lives.  I just don’t get how you can say you’ve been a fan for so long yet bash Cam for doing and being EXACTLY what we’ve all wanted.  We’ve wanted to rebuild for several years now.  Well guess what, he’s doing that.  He drafted a QB on the first day for the first time since 1983!  He’s drafted Satele, Ginn, Beck, Booker, Mormino, Wright, Soliai, Mauia, Fields.  Certainly most of these players seem to be heading in the right direction.  We’ve also wanted an offensive coach.  Well, now we have one.  His offensive scheme is proven to work and was really starting to work well before Ronnie Brown went down.  That in itself has a learning curve.  Have you really looked closely at this team?  We are playing several rookies, we are on our what?  4th?  5th? running back?  Our 3rd QB?  While Cam hasn’t been perfect I certainly don’t think he’s been an 0-12 coach.  Like Brian’s post said, he needs TIME!!  I certainly don’t want to see another coach come in and have our entire team learn a new system AGAIN!  Then what?  We got 2 and 14 and you’ll want another coach??  Gimme a break.

  • John White

    First, I want to be totally clear here.  I am not completely in favor of firing Cam Cameron.  He either needs to be relieved of one of his duties or go.  However, what I’ve seen from him has been less than impressive.The two teams I’m comparing were different teams.  However, if you want to debate the talent on the ’04 team compared with the talent this team started the season with, be my guest.  And I’ll definitely oblige.  There is a direct correlation to be drawn here between talent available and wins and losses.Next, many fans were calling for the team to hire an offensive minded coach.  You are right about that.  I, for one, was NOT among them.  I was simply in favor of the team hiring the BEST COACH available.  PERIOD.  I actually had mentioned Ron Rivera as the coach at the top of my short list.The team didn’t need a coach with a particular background.  They needed the coach who would fit the team, the organization and, in the end, who would produce victories.There are simply times that people take jobs or are offered jobs they aren’t cut out for.  When that happens there comes a time to cut losses and move on.  I just can’t see going winless, regardless of injuries, regardless of the youth on the roster, regardless of the division, the opponents…nothing.We ain’t got 2-14 in the bag yet.  The only guarantee we have now is 0-12.  There certainly aren’t two victories guaranteed to us in the final four weeks of this season.  I’ll wager you that the Dolphins win no more than one game this season.Loser posts an apology here.  Deal??

  • George (MaineDolfan)

    Geez….going out on a limb there aren’t ya John.  We’ve lost 12 games in a row and now you want me to bet that we’ll go .500 the rest of the way?!?!  Uh huh…sure.  And what exactly am I apologizing for?  Like you said, just posting my "Two Cents".  My "Two Cents" are that you aren’t a good fan.  And my "Two Cents" are that Cam is doing a satisfactory job considering the talent we have/had, the salary cap situation we have/had, and the injuries we have/had.  Have you actually looked at our injury report?  I know this is the NFL and injuries happen and you have to deal with them but damn man.  Yeremiah Bell (starter), Ronnie Brown (starter), Trent Green (starter), Zach Thomas (starter), Traveras Tillman (starter), Drew Mormino, Marion Dukes, Chase Page, Mike Rosenthal, Joe Toledo, Ricky Williams, Cameron Worrell, Abraham Wright not to mention all the other injuries that have caused players to miss games.  We are playing with a bunch of back ups and practice squad players and you are upset and/or surprised that we are 0-12?  I’m more than willing to give Cam another draft, training camp and season to see what he can do.  Then I’d be willing to talk about his future. 

  • John White

    I’m not going too far out on the limb.  You are right.  But if I recall correctly it was you who said, "We got 2 and 14 and you’ll want another coach??  Gimme a break."  So, I didn’t pull that number out of thin air I simply used the number you gave me.There have been a lot of injuries, yes.  I agree.  Missing many of the players you mention from IR for any stretch can put a team out of the race pretty quickly.  However, 6 losses by 3 points coupled with some poor coaching and very poor game management decisions lead me to believe that this job just isn’t Cam Cameron’s cup of tea.Let’s boil this down to this – if Cam Cameron is in Miami for one more year, how do you expect the team to do?  Will they finish 8-8?  7-9?  2-14?  When will the uptick begin?  When will we see the results that we all want?  Will he be capable of giving us the results we want?I’ll pull that wager since you aren’t too sure of it.  I’ll be glad to change it, however.  I say the team doesn’t win a game this year.  Now, can we wager on that?

  • IMAWriter

    John…now tell us how you REALLY feel…lolI go back and forth on this issue. personally, I’m as unhappy with his "offensive co-ordinating’"(as they’d say in Mayberry) as i am with his impersonation of a nhead coach. 3 times in the jets game…3rd and 2…and he runs the same stinkin’ off tackle play. Still we asked for it and Cam gave it to us. Yhat 2nd half debacle…those situations where rookies be rookies…and he was…."duh, what free safety?", Beck ponders just before throwing a pick. That stuff happens…just not to your normal 26 year old QB. Time will tell.I think Cam stays, Randy blows…errr goes.

  • John White

    I’m not so sure if Cam is fired or not.  Wayne is an unusual guy in a lot of respects and may just want to keep him around.  But, if we are to keep Cameron around because he has had only one year to complete the rebuilding job, then I think we have to give Mueller more time for the same reason.I just don’t like the play calling i’m seeing from this "offensive-minded" head coach we hired.  Even when Trent Green, a QB he was familiar and comfortable with, was playing, the play calls looked bland and the results were pretty much the same.I think it should be a feast or famine thing – keep both Cam and Randy or fire both Cam and Randy.

  • Thomas Geddis

    Cam should be demoted for 2 reasons! 1. Why would u start the rookie qb in one of the few winnable games we had this year(Phili)? U start Cleo in the game, get the win first dummy! 2. Pitt was beat, kick the damn field goal because 9 times out of 10 Pitt WAS GOING 2 panic because who in the hell wants 2 lose 2 the dolphins. I swear we should have gotten Fossell & let Cam go 2 Michigan or sumthin!!!