Lemon To Be Named Starter

Cleo Lemon - NFL.comAccording to several local Miami newspapers and FoxSports, Cleo Lemon was named the starter for this weeks Miami Dolphins vs. Baltimore Ravens game, in a closed door session between head coach Cam Cameron, John Beck, and Lemon. 

According to a Sun-Sentinel report, some members of the team have lobbied hard for Lemon to be named the starter, and in an effort to maybe quell some of the angered players, Cameron may have given in.  Beck was supposed to be the starter for the rest of the season, but after two miserable games and 6 turnovers, a change was made in the 1st quarter of the Buffalo game last Sunday.  Stay tuned as the soap opera that is the Miami Dolphins still has 3 games left and an off-season of questions.

An official announcement is due this afternoon.

Television Update:  The Miami vs. New England game in two weeks has been moved to a 4:15 Pm start by the NFL. 

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