5 Reasons Why Ravens Fans Want Miami to Win

Raven - benrey.comI had the opportunity this week to speak with Jarrett Carter, the lead writer over at the EbonyBird, the Fan-Sided Blog site for the Baltimore Ravens and he had the great idea of exchanging the top 5 reasons why our fans would want the other team to win.  You can read my top 5 reasons at the EbonyBird. 

The Top 5 Reasons Why Ravens Fans Want Miami to Win On Sunday!

5. Because Cleo Lemon is better than Kyle Boller - With Kyle, you never know what you’re going to get. But if life gave us Lemon, we’d be a lot sweeter on the quarterback position in Baltimore.

4. Because We’d Love to See Ted Ginn Take One To The House - A lot of people were perplexed when the Dolphins took Ginn Jr. over Brady Quinn. Here’s a chance for that selection to pan out for them.

3. So Mercury Morris Can Shut The Hell Up - It’s bad enough that the Patriots are winning every game and he’s crying about it. People also want to know his thoughts on this year’s Dolphins. A win by the Dolphins will get him off the set much quicker.

2. No One Wants to Be Defeated- The sage words of Michael Jackson still ring true today. We really don’t want a team to go winless. No one does.

1. Because a Win By the Dolphins Might Change Ravens’ Ownership’s Mind About Keeping Brian Billick. - If a lack of respect by the team, fans and media won’t get him out, maybe the sole victory by the league’s worst team will.

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