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Mock Draft - Thehoggs.comO.k. folks, it has been long overdue so finally here is the Phinphanatic updated mock draft.  Several teams slotting will be determined by coin flips so this order may change.

mia1.gif  – The Miami Dolphins had the number one overall pick sewn up in week 16 and have been on the clock ever since.  A lot of changes have taken place since then.  Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland will try hard to move this pick…but I’m not going to factor in trades.  Jason Taylor said in a recent exclusive interview that he wanted Glenn Dorsey LSU DT.  I went with that for the Fan-Sided Blogs Mock Draft….for this mock, I think they go Chris Long – DE – Virginia.  Parcells likes football guys…doesn’t get much more pedigree than the son of Hall of Famer Howie Long.

stl.gif - The Rams are in serious need of defensive help and the window for the offense is starting to close.  Glenn Dorsey – DT – LSU.

atl.gif - Darren McFadden – RB – Arkansas:  The Falcons would love for this to unfold.  Warrick Dunn is almost done and the Falcons need to sell tickets and climb out of the Michael Vick shadow…this pick could do both.

oak.gif - Vernon Gholston – DE – OSU:  With the news that DT Warren Sapp is retiring, the Raiders will need to fill that hole immediately.  With all the problems that the team has, they have a chance to plug a future one now.

kc.gif - Jake Long - OT – Michigan:  There are a lot of things that the Chiefs could do with this pick including drafting a QB like Matt Ryan.  Still, the bread and butter of the Chiefs is the running game and they need a blue chip guy on the line. 

jets.JPG - Sedrick Ellis – DT - USC:  The Jets are used to picking this high and most fans would have been shocked if you told them they would this year…after the playoffs were made last year.  The Jets have one of the worst run defenses in the NFL.  Ellis should improve that part of their game.

ne1.gif - James Laurinaitis – LB – OSU: Sometimes the world isn’t fair.  New England, losers of their original pick…likely to be in the 30′s, gets the San Fran pick instead.  The defense is getting old and the Pats have not done much of late to get them young. 

bal.gif - Matt Ryan – QB – Boston College:  The Ravens will have a new coach and likely a new QB.  They can no longer rely on Kyle Boller and another aged veteran.  Matt Ryan is the likely top rated QB this year but combines and pro-days could change that.  Whoever is the top rated QB come April….should be drafted here.

cin.gif - Calais Campbell – DE – Miami: This may be a little high for the DE who on Thursday announced his decision to forgoe his senior year, but the Bengals need help up front more than they need help in the secondary.  Campbell will give them a guy who can put pressure on the QB.

no.gif - Kenny Phillips – S – Miami:  Back to back “U” men.  Phillips will improve the attitude of a secondary that needed to do more.  The offense of the Saints is still good and should improve, but the defense gave up way too many yards this year.

buf.gif - Malcom Kelly – WR – Oklahoma:  The Bills have a young talented defense but on the offense, they need some help…specifically at the WR position.  A new threat for young Trent Edwards will help this team in the near future.

den.gif - Keith Rivers – OLB – USC:  The Broncos have problems on both sides of the ball but their defense is worse.  One of the worst teams against the run, the Broncos really need an interior lineman, but this high, there is none left.  OLB is a priority as well.

car.gif - Brian Brohm – QB – Louisville:  The Panthers need secondary help, but what they need even more is a QB for their future.  Jake Delhomme can be a very productive QB when healthy, the problem is can he stay that way.  David Carr was not a good investement and despite the other areas of need, the Panthers get a guy for their future.

chi.gif - Andre’ Woodson – QB – Kentucky:  Don’t be surprised if the Bears don’t try and move up a little to get Woodson or Brohm.  A QB is definately in their future and this is the perfect opportunity to get one.  Rex Grossman has proven he is not the answer, nor is anyone else on their roster.

det.gif - Ryan Clady – OT – Boise St.: If there is one thing that can be guaranteed this year about the Detroit Lions pick is that it will not be a WR.

ari.gif - Michael Jenkins – CB – S.Fla.: I will be surprised if the first CB taken in Aprils’ draft is this far down.  Jenkins is likely to impress if he works out at the Combine and should be able to improve his stock.  The Cardinals can not continue to waste good offensive years without a defense.

minn1.gif - Limas Sweed – WR – Texas:  If you think that the Vikings don’t need a WR then you were not watching when Troy Williamson dropped a perfectly thrown ball while open by 15 yards.

hou.gif Malcom Jenkins – CB – OSU: The Texans showed a lot of improvement this year, but until the can shut down the opposing passing game, they will never make the next move to a true competitor.

phi.gif - Desean Jackson – WR – California:  Donavin McNabb is now likely to stay as the QB and Eagles will need to get him some real help at the WR spot.  The defense has some holes as well, but a speed guy to compliment Westbrook out of the back field could be huge boost to their offense.

dal.gif - Jeff Otah – OT – Pittsburgh:  Most mocks have the Browns selection at 22, but both TB and Washington both made the playoffs so Im not sure how that will work.  In any case, the Cowboys have two 1st rounders and an uncertain future with Flozell Adams.  If Adams leaves, a replacement will likely be taken here.

The following teams will be slotted by record after they are eliminated from the playoffs.

tb1.gif - Mario Manningham – WR – Michigan:  The Buc’s have improved tremendously and their offense is starting to click.  Joey Galloway is getting long in the tooth and the running game is solid behind a good offensive line.  They could use a speedster.

was.gif - Derrick Harvey – DE – Florida:  The Redskins could also look for a replacement for Sean Taylor.  However, drafting a Safety this early would not be fair to the safety they drafted…a lot to live up to.  Harvey provides an outside pass rush that the Redskins could use in a division of better than average QB’s.

sea.gif Jonathan Stewart – RB – Oregon:  The Seahawks hav nothing in Maurice Morris and Shaun Alexander is not the RB he used to be.  They need someone reliable, healthy, and who can score…and Stewart comes from their own backyard.

pit.gif - Gosder Cherilus - OT – Boston College:  Alan Faneca could be gone and Max Starks could also be gone.  What do you think the Steelers biggest need might be?

ten.gif - Early Doucet – WR – LSU:  The Titans need someone for Vince Young to throw to and they need to stop trying to do it with guys that are average. 

 nyg.gif - Dan Connor – OLB – Penn State:  The Giants could possibly take a RB here if they can find value at this spot…perhaps Felix Jones from Arkansas, however, when it is all said and done, a solid LB prospect will probably help them more at this position in the draft.  However, if they fall out of the playoffs quickly, don’t be surprised if they take Jonathan Stewart.

jax.gif - Adarius Bowman – WR – Ok. St.: The Jaguars have one of the best defensive units around, what they need is consistency in the passing game. 

sd.gif - Kentwan Balmer – DT – North Carolina:  The Chargers have improved over the last 6 games on the defensive side of the ball, but they need some depth on the line.  Balmer is somewhat of a project but he should be able to fit into the SD scheme.

gb.gif - Aqib Talib – CB – Kansas:  The Packers no longer appear to need a RB after the breakout year that Ryan Grant has had.  Still the Packers do have a few spots that could use some upgrade.  Adding Talib should help the secondary nicely and he should be starting for them by mid-season if not sooner.

sf.gif - Leodis McKelvin – CB – Troy:  The 49ers could use someone else back there with Nate Clements, still, it is hard to imagine the team not focusing on the offensive side of the ball…especially at WR.  This pick was from Indy.

dal.gif  – Felix Jones – RB – Ark:  The Cowboys will not have either Julius Jones or Marion Barber on their team next year.  They will need to replace one of them.

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  • RJ

    where’s Chris Long?

  • RJ

    NVM Sorry. Passed em over at 1. Looks pretty good but I think they go with Dorsey at 1.

  • Brian Miller

    Honestly I thought about Dorsey and since JT said in his interview that he would take Dorsey I didn’t want to go the Copout route…LOL.  I think if Long has a very good combine and pro-day he could be the guy that Parcells and Ireland go for…IF…big IF…JT finds himself traded this off-season, Long makes a lot more sense.

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  • Mark Lockett

    I don’t think Dallas will go for OT with their first pick, they drafted two guys last year that they are pretty high on, especially Doug Free who the said they like at LT. They also have two others who are massive. I like the Felix Jones pick but with the first pick either Wr or Secondary, like Antoine Cason or Adarious Bowmam

  • Brian Miller
    Great Comment…I was a little hesitant on the OT pick at first, but with the rumors floating that Flozell Adams could be gone this off-season I thought maybe a replacement would be nice.
    Hard to say about WR although Glenn is nearing the end and with rookies taking a year or two to develop that is not out of the question although I think they could easily grab when in 2 or 3 instead of one.
    Dallas will be an intriguing team to watch in both FA and the draft…especially if even one small portion of their desire to trade up proves correct.
  • Jim

    You need to study the Cowboys.1) they are drafting 22, not 20.  2) they will not take an OT.  IF they let Flozell Adams walk, they have several options at LT.  They can move Leonard Davis from Guard to tackle, they can play Pat McQuisten–who they are very high on.  They also could start their 3rd round pick from last year (Marten) or their 4th round pick from last year, Doug Free.  It is VERY unlikely that they use this pick on a tackle, they are well prepared for Adams departure.3)I like the Felix Jones pick because Julius Jones will not be a Cowboy next year.  But there is no way they are going to let Barber go.  He is a restricted free agent.   It is very likely that he will be signed to a long term contract before the draft.

  • Brian Miller

    As I said in regards to the 20 – 22nd slot, I said "i wasnt sure how the slotting was affected with Wash. and TB in the playoffs.  As for the OT at 20 or 22 or wherever, I will be doing another update after this weekends game and will change that or at least keep under consideration. I do not think that Barber will be going anywhere and any day now I think he will be resigned, however, his name still pops up in trade rumors.  Rumors mean nothing…but I would also rule nothing out.

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  • Matthew Thomas

    The Jets would be extremely foolish to draft Sedrick Ellis. Ellis is not a two gap tackle and is not a good fit for the 3-4 system. instead i look for the jets to draft James Laurinatis. Rookie David Harris had a stellar year filling in for the injured Jonathan Vilma but after that the rest of the jets LB crew looked like a bunch of oversized girls on the field. Laurinatis and Harris would secure the jets ILB position for the next ten years, and would frustrate the patriots.

  • Brian Miller

    Interesting on the Laurinitis over Ellis pick. 


  • Kelly

    I dont think the Falcons would get a RB with Norwood there.  Also with the Packers, i agree with the pick, but to say he would be starting mid-seacon doesnt make sense to me.

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  • Brian Miller

    Honestly Kelly, I don’t think there is any way that they pass on McFadden if he is there.  Norwood has proven little and Dunn is almost done…pun intended.  I think if they have the opportunity to try and put a face on the franchise again after the Vick debacle…they can’t afford to pass it up.

    Talib will not likely start in the base package, but he should be able to get into the starting rotation in the dime and perhaps the nickel.

  • Dave Coppola

    dont you think the falcons need a qb??also the vikes will probably pick up javon walker in the off seoson and draft a d end

  • Brian Miller

    Yes, I very much think they need a QB…but they will risk a large amount of money depending on where they pick on a guy that is likely to not be rated worthy of a top 5 pick…at least not today…Brohm is not considered top 5 and Matt Ryan is only inching closer.  McFadden offers a home run threat…and they need that more than risking the pick on a QB over him.  If DM is gone…sure I think that is the likely pick.  But again, they have had some serious organizational black eyes and DM could fix that…its just my opinion though.

  • Tim

    Don’t see the raiders picking a DE when Sapp was a DT. Also we will win the coin toss and pick mcfadden, Russell and Mcfadden gives me goose bumps.

  • Matthew Thomas

    Look for the raiders to trade down and acquire sedrick ellis ( aka baby sapp), the raiders have a huge hole to fill with the retirement of warren sapp. Vernon Gholston would be a reach with the third pick especially considering the Raiders have Derrick Burgess rushing off the edge, another edge rusher isnt where the raiders are needy. Another pick possibilty for oakland is trading down to acquire Malcolm Jenkins. Nmandi Asomugha the raiders best DB is a free agent this year and might just decide to test the market, which would leave a huge hole in the Oakland secondary.

  • Matthew Thomas

    Finally my last comment would be I strongly feel that the Dolphins will select Glen Dorsey. In fact, I can see Parcells himself running on stage to submit the pick. Dorsey’s versatility is exactly what the Dolphins non-existent defense needs. Dorsey will create double teams frequently freeing up Jason Taylor. And maybe Keith Traylor will come back for one more year? if this was the case, the dolphins defensive front would be very respectable and i can definately see Jason Taylor once again wreaking havoc in oppising backfields. I can understand why you have the phins picking Long but look for the dolphins to take Derrick Harvey or Quentin Groves with their second rounder, which would further solidy the defnesive front and make teams think twice about running on Miami.

  • JJ W

    what about the RB out of ILLINOIS Rashard Mendenhall he is the real deal and has the NFL size and Speed

  • Mark Lockett

    Dallas won’t move Leonard Davis to tackle, to big and slow. He is exactly where they want him. Doug free is more likely to take LT over if Flo leaves. I do like the Jones pick or maybe even later grabbing Slaton or Hart. And if they do decide to let Marion go after right of first refusal, they would get a first and a third, that would almost guarantee DM. Safety would be nice but I see us maybe locking up Hamlin and eventually,sooner more than later, starting Watkins or Courtney Brown

  • Jesse

    with Ahmad Bradshaw playing the way he is I do not think that the Giants will draft a back.  This kid is a stud.  As soon as he learns to read defenses and pick up the blitz the giants will have one of the best backfields in the NFL with Bradshaw and Jacobs.

  • Jeff

    Dude, Get off the Bears "Draft a QB in the first round" bandwagon. First you have to realize how gun-shy Angelo is with drafting 1st round players and commiting $$ to a QB. Second, you have to understand the futility of the QB position. Chicago will never have a franchise QB unless one falls in their lap like Tom Brady did in NE. They will most likely draft an OL or DL.