Jerry Jones...Just Tell Us Why...!

Jerry Jones - Dallas CowboysI lived in Dallas for 6 years.  I listened to Jerry Jones talk about his football team as though it was the only thing in the world.  He treated his players with respect, but cross him and bye bye…even if he loved you.  Jerry Jones, as I have said before, does nothing that does not benefit Jerry Jones.  So why is he being so nice?  Come on Jerry…just tell us.

The Miami Dolphins have yet to officially take anyone away from Jerry except Jeff Ireland…and even that came too “easily”.  Brian Gaines, who was blocked by the NFL, is expected to join Miami in the next 6 days after Jones’ appeal to the NFL is granted.  O.k. for those of you who don’t know, Gaines was one of the top guys in the pro-scouting division for the Dallas Cowboys.  His contract is up in the spring.  Jones petitioned the league to allow him to leave now…WHY?

That is the burning question.  WHY? 

Why did Jerry Jones allow Jeff Ireland to leave before the draft, after Ireland had spent the entire season preparing for it and free agency?  For free?

Why did Jerry Jones petition the league to allow Gaines out of his contract to join Miami?

Why is Jerry Jones not screaming at the top of his lungs about the speculation that Tony Sparano is a foregone conclusion to leave and coach Miami?

Why is it that Jones said publicly in regards to Ireland being hired that his concern was the plans for the Cowboys’ draft and that after speaking with Bill Parcells, Jeff, and Wayne Huizenga…he felt “everything was fine“?  WHY? WHY? WHY?

Now, Jones spoke to National Media and a few questions were floated about the Dolphins, Jones had this to say:

  • “I don’t want to be naive, but we all know that if it’s been decided, then it’s against the rules, so I don’t have anything to add to that one way or another. It’s obvious that he has a good relationship with the people who are involved in the decision-making in Miami, Bill and Jeff. So that’s obvious. If he hadn’t had an interview, I’d say that I was aware of that. And the main thing I’m aware of is what a good coach he is. So I think there’s a good chance that he’s going to get coaching opportunities. I wouldn’t want to read someplace that it’s a foregone conclusion that he’s going to Miami, because that’s not the way the rules are right now. And while we’re at it, I don’t think in any way, with this interest in our case with Tony and this interest in Jason in any way is taking away from what we’re doing to prepare for the New York Giants. At all. Personally, I do my best when I am getting a little pat on the back, or little compliments sometimes…. They are not going to lose any jobs that are out there, because we progress, beat the Giants, beat whoever we are going to play next week, go to the Super Bowl, win the Super Bowl. I promise you there spot is not going to go away.”

So after all of that, he reckognizes that if the Dolphins had a handshake deal in place with Tony, that it was against the rules, and yet…he does nothing?  He says nothing?  Can I honestly ask WHY…AGAIN?

This is Jerry Jones we are talking about.  The guy who bought the Cowboys and basically tore it down to start over.  Hired Jimmy Johnson and after their last SB together drove him out the door as well as up a wall.  The same guy who makes it very clear that the players on that field are his guys…his drafts…his choices.  The same guy who brought in Bill Parcells and then brought in Terrell Owens despite the fact that Parcells didn’t want him…WHAT ON GODS GREEN EARTH IS THIS GUYS ANGLE?

Let’s face it, this is not Al Davis we are talking about.  Davis is a kook…he is bordering on senility like very few other pro-sport owners, and yet try this with him and he is screaming to the league to block it…stop it…give him compensation.  No, this is the very sane Jerry Jones.  The same Jerry Jones that publicly said if anyone tried to take his coaches that he would not go down without a fight…what fight?

Something is going on…I don’t know what it is, but something is going on.  We are not likely sending money to Jerry Jones…money makes the man happy, hell it even makes him smile…but when it comes to his football team, money without winning means little.  Draft pick perhaps?  Of course the consistent rumor is that he is in love with Darren McFadden…but it would be so unbelievably costly to move up to number 1 that I can’t fathom him making that happen.  We are not talking about 2 number 1′s…are we?

What is the angle.  Maybe I am reading Jerry Jones all wrong.  Maybe as he moves up in his years wisdom is claiming to be his best friend and he is making nice with those he respects.  Maybe Jerry realizes that his coaching staff are easily replaced.  Maybe his ego thinks that he can snap his fingers and voila’ another one appears.

Nah…this is Jerry Jones…like him or hate him, he loves very few things…his family and his football team…and you know what…ask the man which is which, and he is likely to tell you they are one and the same.  Jerry loves his Cowboys that much…so for the last time…why?

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