Hot New Rumor Making Rounds...McNabb Coming To Miami

UPDATE: Listen to the audio of the Philly radio station that aired the call regarding the rumor….HERE.

rumor - wired.comThere is an unconfirmed rumor making its way around the NFL fan world today that seems to be starting some rather interesting talk.  It is a hot one, Donovan McNabb is coming to Miami.  How do these get started?  Well, someone hears something, someone says something, and the next thing you know…you have the birth of a rumor.  So why bother writing about it at all?

Well, for starters, it is about the Miami Dolphins and there is nothing else really going on, so it starts a fire for discussion.  Plus, what if there is something to it?  This one I read on a forum…I know, I know…big deal…to make it even worse, the source on that forum said that he heard from always popular “unable to link local radio show”.  Which this time around happens to be in Philly.  To make it even more fun…I don’t recognize the guys screen name.

So, I did what all of us would do…I ignored it.  Then, something happened, I got an Email from Curt Fennell over at, he sent out an Email to a bunch of us asking if we heard anything about it.  Turns out a fan sent him an Email saying he had heard it on a Philly radio show.  Probably the same guy.  But what if there was some reality to it?  After all, isn’t this how a real rumor gets started anyways?

So is it possible?  

Donovan McNabb is reportedly wanting out of Philly, or being pushed out if you believe side line reporter Pam Oliver.  Unhappy with the situation there and none to thrilled about he 2nd round pick for Kevin Kolb last year.  So a trade is not out of the question.  But to Miami?  Let’s assume that the Eagles are willing to trade the QB.  What would the cost be?

D-Mac is still in his early 30’s.  A far cry from the soon to be 38 year old Trent Green.  Both Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland have openly spoke about the QB position as being the most important person on the field.  John Beck will be entering his 2nd season with more questions than answers and Bill Parcells has a love for veteran QB’s. So there is an interest.  But what of the cost?

D-Mac would likely cost a 1st day pick.  A number 1 is probably not out of the question, but the number 1 overall is.  So does Miami trade the 1 overall to say, Dallas for their 2 1st rounders and then trade the latter to Philly for D-Mac?  Probably not.  As much as BP loves vet QB’s, he seems to love draft picks more and the Eagles are not likely to simply take a 3 or even a late 2nd.  So chances are Miami will not be sending the Charger 2nd to Philly or their 1st second.  They probably will not send their 3rd either as that is something the Eagles probably wouldn’t accept.  So what’s left?

Well, a thought could be the exodus of Jason Taylor.  The Eagles would do well by getting a proven DE of Taylor’s pedigree.  In fact, the Eagles defense could frankly use the upfield push that Taylor would provide.  The next question is, would JT want to go to Philly?  Considering that he is a PA native from around Pittsburgh…the answer would almost assuredly be yes…and when you factor in the Eagles playoff viability…the answer becomes even more such.

After you ask yourself would the Eagles want him and would JT want them, you have to start thinking about whether or not the trade is even or fair.  On the surface it appears to another yes.  Jason has maybe 2 or 3 years left in him at a positive level.  D-Mac has maybe 1 year left in Philly before he is tossed aside for Kolb, regardless of how he plays.  Both teams benefit to some degree on sides of the ball where they need some help.  The real question is, would JT be a good fit in Philly and will Miami gain a good veteran QB or just another in a long line of missed opportunities?

I suppose come March, we might find out a little bit more on the validity of all these rumors.  One thing is for certain…it will not be the last one.

As far fetched as this rumor is, somewhere, there might actually be some truth to it…because on the surface, it isn’t necessarily a bad idea…and that in reality, is how a rumor starts to begin with.

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