Salary Savings on the Monday Cuts

I have received some Emails regarding the cap savings of those who were released today.  Although I do not know how much of the following numbers will be actual money saved off the cap, here are the respective salaries for them for the 2008 season.

Trent Green – Due an end of the month roster bonus between 500 and 750,000.  A base salary of 2.8 million in 08.  3.5 in 09.

LJ Shelton – 3 million base in 08 and 3.75 in 09

Keith Traylor – 850,000 base…final year.

Marty Booker – 4.3 Million in 08.  And you wonder why he was cut.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins will add approximately 7 million to their total cap space after prorated bonuses and guarantees.

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  • MadDog

    I believe some of these players may be resigned at much lower amounts – like Green if he does not retire. Doing this will help free up cap space so the dolphins can be active in the free agent market trying to fill some of their greatest needs as they will not be able to fill all their needs thru the draft.

  • thelandryhat

    It was a bad free agent move in the first place. Why would you go after a guy who had a major concussion? It makes no sense. It’s like a team that wants to win going after Troy Aikman in 1999.

  • Zach

    Well we love the 5th Round pick we got for it!

  • Ted Hill

    Green is finished, Booker is bad and untradeable, LJ Shelton never caught on and Traylor is also finished. I have no problem with these moves. In fact when I saw the headlne that said Miami cuts nine players my response was, "Wow, only nine?"

  • http://myspace bigbillshater

    So what would the total cap be with the 7 million in it with it??I think we are at 11 million so this would put us at 18 million right??

  • Brian Miller

  • Brian Miller

    BigBillHater:  There are conflicting reports about what our cap situation is.  before the 7 mill is added, one site has us at around 35 although I believe it to be more in the 25 mill range as of now.  Both the Palm Beach Post and the Herald are reporting that we are also in that range.  With the 7 mill added to it, we are looking at around 31 mill of cap space.  There will likely be more restructures and a few more cuts as well.  So that number is expected to at some point be higher.