Welcome to the SideLion Report

No, that wasn’t a typo, no I wasn’t being all quirky and stuff, that is the name of our newest Fan-Sided Blog, “SideLion Report“.  So take a spin over there and make fun of Matt Millen.What good would the blog be without a writer, so the new SideLion Reporter is Big Al of  The Wayne Fontes Experience.   For the past 2 years Al has been poking fun at the Lions and burying his face in his pillow while screaming obscenities at his TV…much the same way us Dolphins fans have as well.

So when you get the chance, jump on over and see what Big Al and the rest of the pack are up to.  Do Lions hunt in packs?  No they hunt in prides…so why is it that there is very little in Detroit?  At least they have the Tigers and Red Wings!

Welcome Al…seriously!

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  • http://sidelionreport.com/ Big Al

    Brian, thanks so much for the link. We’ve both survived having Joey Blue Skies under center for our respective teams, we can soooo relate…  Seriously, I’m thrilled to be joining forces with you all at Fan-Sided blogs!Fire Millen!