Phins Spend 4.95 Million To Keep Lehan

Michael Lehan - Miami Dolphins today signed CB Michael Lehan to a 3 year 4.95 million dollar contract that will pay him around 2.1 million this year.  Lehan was a late season bloomer last year after the secondary was decimated by injuries.  He had 8 tackles against the Bengals in the season finale. 

2 years ago, Lehan was the CB who was called for hands to the face on 3rd and long against Pittsburgh late in the game that gave them a first down which led to the go ahead for good score.

Now, in my opinion the Dolphins have set an ugly precedent here.  Lehan was scheduled to be a free agent but the money is a little high for a guy who really has only played decent in 8 games.  This salary is a testament to the escalation of salaries over the years and how a cap number can be reduced quickly.

The benefit is that Lehan will be coached by one of the best in the league, Todd Bowles.  He is still young and could potentially become a very good CB however, this year, he is likely to remain a backup behind Will Allen and whoever else the team brings in.

If Lehan is worth 4.95 million, I can only imagine what a guy like Assante Samuel or Ken Hamlin are worth.

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  • Shady

    I’m hoping that this deal is based on something that the staff have seen in the game tape and that they think there is enough raw material there to work with. The money does sound on the high side – I also hope he lives up to the pressure that amount of expectation will bring…

  • Brian Miller

    My thoughts exactly

  • Deof Movestofca

    That last line of the article is a bit misleading, since the $4.95 million is spread out over three years, meaning it’s $1.65 million a year. Probably still more than I’ll ever see in my lifetime, but still what Nate Clemens would refer to as “chump change”. So in the long run, this could turn into a bargain for the ‘Phins.

    Plus, this move has to be read in context of Alabi and Toledo being cut, namely, those who haven’t produced will be shown the door; those who have (or at least show promise), will get rewarded.

  • Brian Miller

    Deof:  I just don’t think that he is worth 2.1 million a year right now, and that is what he will make this year.  Granted he will not hurt us in years two and three, but had they spread it out more evenly and not guaranteed any of it, we would have been better off.

  • Deof Movestofca

    Unless I’m mistaken, though, frontloading his contract like this means that the ‘Phins take less of a cap hit later on if he happens not to work out. And if he does work out, then they still have more cap space and a good player. Furthermore, I haven’t read anywhere that any of the contract is guaranteed. The other question is whether there is any better available player they could have signed for an average of $1.65 million/year.

  • Shady

    If the contract was/is front loaded in this way then it makes sense and credit to Lehan for signing up to it as it puts a lot of pressure on him to have a good year. I think he’ll need to show some real progress though if he’s going to be around the following year…

  • Brian Miller

    My problem is that we just paid for a guy that played 8 games as an average to below avg CB.  This guy for now has the talent in the 900K range, not the 2.1 mill this year.  I think the signing is fine, but the money should have been different. 

  • Ted Hill

    This is a little surprising. I would hope we still use an early round pick on a CB like Rodgers-Cromartie. I was thinking this year we would have Will Allen with draft pick as the starters and Lehan as a nickel corner. Now, Lehan will be making too much money not to start.

  • Deof Movestofca

    I disagree that Lehan is a 900k player. Show me a better player that is making that much and isn’t expecting an increase, and maybe I’ll change my mind, but I can’t think of one. And when the league minimum for a 6-year player is $600K, I don’t understand how people consider $1.65 million/year to be “starter money”.

  • Brian Miller

    1st of all he isnt making 1.6 million a year, he is making 2.1 million this year.  To me the guy should have been out of town last year prior to the season and many fans wanted that after the way he played the year before.  Instead the kept him and when forced into a starters role he was less than average for the first 6 games, then in the final 8 games he began playing much better.  We are paying him 2.1 million based on what he did in 8 games.  Does he have potential?  Of course, but that does not mean to front load it when in reality, this guy may not be on the team in a year.

    Like I said, for depth, Im glad he signed, but for the cost, I think we could have found better or paid a little more for someone who actually is a proven starter.  Sorry but Lehan did nothing to convince me that he warranted a contract that is worth almost 5 mill in 3 years no matter how you break it down.  We will have to agree to disagree on this one Deof.