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wacky - Chillers.comYou may not have noticed, but on the menu bar is a new addition, no not that one, that has been there awhile, not that one either.  I’m talking about the “FA” menu.  Starting Friday, all free agent transactions for the NFL will be added to that list.  It will be a way for all of you to keep track of where players are going.  “Did you hear if Assante Samuel has signed yet?”, go to the “FA” menu and find out.    This Phinatic Pheature will run from now until the end of the free agent period.

Also readers, when you get the chance…tell me what “menu” items you like, dislike, or would like to see added.  Now is a great time to mold our site for next season.

Now, on to what I really know you want.  The rumors.  Here is the latest news and rumors that matter around the league.  It is a rather long list so go to page 2.  Dolphins rumors are indented.

Tender offers – No not chicken tenders or touches, RFA tenders.  Expect a slew of them over the next two days as teams have until Thursday night to offer their RFA’s contracts tenders.  Players can be tendered to an amount that allows for predetermined compensation for that player leaving via free agency if the original team declines to match the offer.  In the event that a team fails to tender an RFA and that player leaves, the original team will receive compensation in a draft pick from the round the player was originally drafted.

Kevin Faulk – Arrested for possession of Mary Jane…congrats Patriots, this is your second Pot arrest since the Super Bowl.  Maybe the NFL is investigating the wrong thing up there.

Alan Faneca – Miami wants him but it is believed they will get outbid for his services.  According to one report, the Dolphins like Faneca but there are other teams interested in his services that are closer to winning now and may be willing to offer more guaranteed money to get him there.

Roosevelt Colvin – While I am on the Patriots, they released the veteran yesterday.  No word yet on the futures of Seau, Bruschi, and the other aging vets considering retirement.

Antwan Odom – Looks to be available in the free agent market as the Titans do not appear willing to get a contract done for the DE.

Randy Moss – If you believe Fox Sports, the Patriots and Moss are not close to a deal.  If you believe AOL Sports, the Patriots and Moss will announce a 3 year deal for 30 million and 15 million guaranteed.

Lance Briggs – Tampering aside, it is still believed that he will join last years rookie phenom Patrick Willis in SF making the 49ers one of the best LB teams in the NFL.

Calvin Pace - The linebacker and soon to be free agent is trying to get the attention of Bill Parcells.  In a radio interview yesterday, Pace said that he wants to be a part of the Miami rebuild and that he would love to play for Parcells.  Wonder if that is because he truly loves BP or just knows that Miami has the most money to spend?

Chris Carter and Sean Salisbury -  ESPN has replaced Salisbury and his camera phone with another former Viking Chris Carter.  Salisbury’s contract was up and was not renewed. 

Shaun Rogers – The Detroit Lion NT is close to being traded to the Denver Broncos.

Corey Williams – Green Bay franchised the DT and may be interested in trading him.  It is rumored that a 2nd round pick could get the job done.

The NY Jets – Apparently everyone is on the trading block.  Jonathan Vilma is likely to land in Detroit, now NT DeWayne Robertson is also on the trading block.

Javon Walker – Could be a target of the Dallas Cowboys…that is if they don’t land Randy Moss!

Assante Samuel – He may not be a saint, but he may be a Saint.  According to the recent charges of tampering by PFT, Assante Samuel may already have a deal with N.O.

Yeremiah Bell, Donnie Spragan, Derrick Pope, Cleo Lemon, Rex Hadnot – none of them have received interest from Miami.  All are expected to go into Friday as free agents.

Michael Strahan – Said he would announce his intentions on retirement by March…now that has been moved to April.

Deshaun Foster/ Allen Rossum – both have signed with San Francisco. 

Isaac Sopoaga – Resigned with the 49ers, making it harder for the Dolphins to find that elusive big bodied NT.

Troy Williamson – The Jaguars and Vikings have agreed on a trade for the stone handed half blind receiver.  Williamson will cost the Jags’ a 6th round pick with escalators.

Mushin Muhammad – Looks to be rejoining the Carolina Panthers where he started.  A contract is being formalized.

Derek Anderson – The Cleveland Plain Dealer says a deal could be finished today.  No word on whether it is a 3 or 6 year deal.

Gibril Wilson -  I keep wanting to call him Gerbil.  The Eagles are interested in trying to snatch away the Super Bowl safety from the Giants.  So are a few other teams.

Larry Fitzgerald – The Cardinals offered Fitz 25 million guaranteed to restructure a contract that is killing their hopes of signing free agents this off-season.  So far, Fitz has not agreed.  He will cost around 12 million this year and 14 next year…or something absurd like that.  The Cards say they will not trade or release him….trading him with that contract?  Yeah, they are right, they won’t trade him.

Lito Sheppard – The Eagles say they are not trading him, the Patriots say they are going to try.

The Patriots – Seems the Patriots are in the news a lot lately and not all of it is good.  A report out yesterday said that the Pats are considering a law suit against one of the local papers for saying they taped the Rams Super Bowl team walk through.

Flozell Adams – Still has not received an offer, or rather an acceptable offer, to stay in Dallas, he is looking at free agency on Friday one minute past midnight.

Free Agency – Fans around the country, especially on the west coast stay up late to read the news wire on which teams made immediate signings at 12:01.  Last year was pretty much a let down.  This year likely will not see a ton of free agent signings, but it could see a few “officially” announced trades.

Jerry Jones – Jones is the only one calling the shots in Dallas and he likes Darren McFadden.  It is the rest of the Cowboy nation and the local media that are begging him not to trade up.

Justin McCariens and Andre Dyson – Both got released by the Jets

Eddie Kennison – Released by the Chiefs

Atlanta Falcons – Apparently have turned down an offer from the Giants for DeAngelo Hall.  The Giants had offered their 31st pick in round 1.  The Falcons apparently want something higher.

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