So Is This It?

Question mark - images.aolIs the Miami Dolphins fan base to believe that this is it?  Fridays’ jumpin and jivin’ frantic free agency signing is all there is?  What gives?  Did the Phins blow 40 million dollars in the span of one afternoon?  Are we supposed to be happy with the news today that oft injured Yeremiah Bell has resigned?  Seriously Jeff, seriously Bill, Is this it?

I don’t mind getting beaten by the Jets for Calvin Pace, that was insane money and the Jets are going to have some financial issues in the near future.  I’m not upset that the Bills have visited with Bryant Johnson or that Randy Moss was never an option.  None of that bothers me.  I’m a fan, and as such, I would like to know whats next on the agenda?

Three days ago, I was hollering it up, loved the direction, loved the signings, they made perfect football sense.  I was a little down on Saturday with the Jason Taylor trade talk, but understood it and actually was intrigued by the prospect of possibly getting 2nd and 4th round picks for him, then of course that was taken away on Sunday with Bill Parcells saying that “Miami is not trading Jason Taylor”.  Great, thanks.  Jason should go elsewhere and have a shot at a ring.  Glad to hear you want to handcuff him.  Monday came and the biggest news was not who Miami signed, but instead, who they didn’t.  Well, I understand that there is a degree of secrecy in the process, but to be honest, I’m starting to feel like some dudes high-school prom date…and that sucks.  You can read into that what you want.

Still 8 players have joined the roster and although each make complete sense, I want more.  Where are the visits from free agents?  Surely the trifecta we call Tony, Bill, and Jeff have not bowed their heads into the draft papers and started working on who they are going to take in the draft with number 1.  Have they?

Come on guys, no one expects the Phins to blow 40 million dollars this off-season, but there are needs on this team and players out there that can fill them, even for cheap.  Ben Utecht comes to mind.  The Indy TE can be had for free and is likely better than anything we have on our roster right now. 

What this tells me is two things.  That Parcells and Ireland don’t see a serious need at TE or at guard, or left tackle, or at cornerback, or at safety, or for that matter wide receiver.  2, it tells me that maybe there is something at play here in the trade market for that 1st pick. 

What if we do trade with Atlanta for that 3 spot and Hall?  Well, we just filled a big need at the CB spot.  With Will Allen on the opposite side, I can handle that.  What if we then traded down with Dallas from the 3 spot?  Marion Barber?  Bobby Carpenter, Anthony Fassano?  All 3?  Who knows…but I do know I can live with that.

The weekend came to a close with nothing.  Monday came and went and the most interesting news was the fact that Parcells requested game film of Matt Ryan…a league no-no.  YAWN! 

Free agency will swing all month and there will likely be a signing here or a signing there, but what they need to realize is that this fan base has endured the garbage upon garbage of garbage over the last 10 years.  We want more of Friday.  We really just want something…anything.  A scheduled visit would be nice, but 3 days?  Come on guys…give us something fun.  Yeremiah Bell is not it.  We want someone who actually hasn’t been a part of this failed mess. 

You could have at least given us JT.  Speculation, anticipation, anger, all are driven by emotions.  Now, we can’t even look toward the next signing.  Right now we would be happy with one good rumor about someone who’s agent says he might come to Miami to visit…or might not.

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  • MisterX

    How ’bout nueve nueve for ocho cinco?? Or a Steeler?  He is from Pittsburg and went to school in Akron??

  • Shady

    Patience my young Padawan :-) Trust in the Force of Tuna. I’d be more worried if we were trying to match the Jets $ for $ right now as, to me, it suggests there is a real plan in place with fallbacks for the different scenarios that may pan out. Sure makes a change from the usual air of desperation wafting out of S.Fla! ;-)

  • Brian Miller

    X:  No, I would rather have the picks than a player for JT.  A player will not likely match his value and will likely want to renegotiate his salary. 

  • Brian Miller

    Shady:  I love what Ireland has done in FA.  However, after Friday, it feels like such a let down…that was all pretty much tongue in cheek.  The title originally was "Premature Elation" and talked about how prom queen must have felt after losing her virginity on prom night….LOL 

  • MisterX

    Yeah, I would rather see picks too.  Just wanted to hear what someone else thought about it.  I have to agree with both of you.  Yes, I’m a little bored after Friday but I also think that Ireland and Parcells have something cooking.  Especially considering they have an even greener light to do it their way here than they did in Dallas.  Considering the money spent, I hope that Friday was more of a supporting cast signing and now we will go after the big moves leading up to and into the draft.  ??

  • MisterX

    What do you guys think about McCown?

  • Ted Hill

    The rest of our needs will have to be addressed through the draft. Plus, you don’t build a team through free agency. We have some nice pieces but a few years down the line, the majority of our starters should have been acquired via the draft.I look for Jake Long or a second rounder to solidify our LT spot and the O-line. As for the secondary, the thought must be that with improved play of the front seven that they will be better as well. On paper it looks like our weakest area.

  • Brian Miller

    I absolutely think that Jeff and Bill have a plan in place for sure.  Im just ansy…LOL.  As for McCown, he was one of my 3 choices for a veteran.  I think he will do better in Miami with a real system…something Oakland lacked last year, but he will have to beat out Beck.  I get the feeling that we are going to have Beck, Flacco, and McCown in camp. 

  • MisterX

    That’s funny you say that…my second round thought is Flacco also…if he hangs around

  • MisterX

    Ted, do want trades for the first or do you want a Jake or Chris Long. 

  • Ian – Inside the Iggles

    Josh McCown is a Dolphin.

  • Deof Movestofca

    The top three players still FAs (barring one of them being signed in the past 10 minutes or so) on my wishlist would be Maurice Williams, Eugene Wilson, and Bryant Johnson (although it appears that Tab Perry is in Miami for a visit).  Plus Miami probably signed more players the first day of FA than probably most teams will do the entire period.  Oh, and anger IS an emotion, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that it’s driven by such.;)