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New Draft Poll

If you look to the right, you will see a new poll that looks a lot like the old one. It basically asks who the Dolphins should take #1 in the draft. I re-did the poll for a couple reasons. For starters, I removed Glenn Dorsey and Sedrick Ellis, as their chances of being selected are slim (We addressed the DT spot through free agency). I also removed Darren McFadden because even though he is the best player, I think his chances of being a ‘Phin are also slim. Finally, as it turns out, the three choices remaining are the ones that had the most votes in the first poll (by a wide margin). So you can think of this as a run-off. If you really feel like they should select someone not on the list, then choose other and if you’d like, comment here about who should be on the list.

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  • Matt

    Here is my opinion on this draft… We hired a HC who is an OL coach…We have a decent O-Line…We are one player, a stud LT, away from being an elite OL, in my opinion….We draft Jake Long, move Vernon to RT, add Smiley in as LG and Samson as Center and we have a great O-Line…And a young O-Line…The 2nd round, we take Calais Campbell – who I feel will slip to the 2nd round – and he will add a few years to JT’s career since Calais is such a mismatch with his 6’8 280 size…The 2nd pick in the 2nd round we take a TE like Carlson or Rucker or Bennett – any of those 3 is a HUGE upgrade…Unless we can grab Fasano out of Dallas, we need to get a TE…In the 3rd round, we take either a LB like Jarod Mayo out of Tenn. or pray that Cason falls to the 3rd round or take Dajuan Tribble from BC…We then have a great O-Line…Upgrade on the pass rush with Calais…Get a TE to stretch the middle and lay some blocks for Ronnie…and grab LB or CB to add depth to our charts…Then in the 4th we grab a WR with hands to put in the slot between Wilford/Ginn/Hagan

  • Ted Hill

    Great comment. I totally agree on #1 and Jake Long. I don’t think Calais Campbell will fall to the second, I look for a CB, WR or TE there.

  • Matt

    The way I look at Chris Long, is at his BEST…he could be someone like Suggs from Baltimore..maybe Merriman from SD…and IMO those players are not worth the #1 pick…With Jake…at his BEST he could be Pace, Ogden, or even J Thomas from last year…who made the Browns a better team by keeping Anderson on his feet… I just think Calais will fall because of his 40 time and the fact that his pro-day is over…I think they will wait for a WR later in the draft since they spent the money on Ginn/Wilford/and the pick for Hagan a few years back…I really, really, really want to either trade down (ideal) or draft J Long…Drafting Chris Long will make me upset

  • Hellhound13

    We go Long and I’m happy… Chris or Jake.  Hope we don’t go with Ryan!

  • MisterX

    Chris Long can make an impact right now… but "what you see is what you get", the more I research the less upside he seems to have.  If Flacco is available in the second round I would love to see his big body developed here with our other rifleman John Beck…so no "Ice" in the heat of the sunshine state.  If we have to pay #1 money then Jake Long is worth of it.  He is the type of player a team can build around.  With him and Satele up front we have a pretty good future in the trenches.  Of course, how can we complain with any of these three land on our team.  I still

  • MisterX

    My apologies for the type errors.  Oh, and…"i still" what???  I still think this is all moot.  As shrewd as Ireland and Parcells are they will probably trade at all costs.  If not, they at least let the first pick go buy and drop to third pick to avoid the high price tag.  Anyone?

  • Matt

    If we can trade, I want to do that…question is…why would someone want to trade up to #1…any of the two coveted players (Ryan for ATL and McFadden for the rest of the NFL) can be had at the 2nd pick…St. Louis has the tools on offense to be explosive so they can afford to move down a little and still get the OT they need and gain some extra defensive picks…The Dolphins need to make ATL think that we will draft Ryan so they make the trade for the #1 & hopefully DeAngelo Hall..If we keep the #1 pick, than I hope its J Long

  • Phinfan67

    All very valid points, but we all know defense wins games/superbowls. We need to improve the defense while we have the chance. Trade JT for a couple of picks. Pick C Long and we don’t miss a beat and we get extra picks for CB, TE, WR. In the end either Long would not disappoint.

  • Shady

    I don’t want Ryan. #1 Too soon to give up on Beck, #2 too soon on our latest OL blow-up to throw another rookie in there. And the big #3: Ryan isn’t worth the #1 pick.

  • Matt

    #1 I agree…#2 – what are you talking about? Vern and Samson have become above average players already…#3 – I agree

  • MisterX

    Without Jake Long we have LT-Vernon Carey, LG – Justin Smiley, C – Samson Satele, all 3 are young and coming on strong.  Pretty good left side.  Granted, we haven’t addressed the right side but personally I don’t feel that we need the likes of a Jake Long and the number 1 draft pick contract that goes with him.  In the same breath, add Jake Long and we are one piece away to a line that could totally dominate in the next few years.

  • MisterX

    Same goes for Chris
    Long.  He could make an impact right away
    but might not be the best financial investment for the teams future.  Without JT and without any other moves, which
    we know is highly unlikely, we still have a D-line with this rotation getting a
    bunch of minutes: Vonnie Holliday, Jason Ferguson, Randy Starks, Matt Roth.  Plus, I’m not convinced he would be as
    effective as an OLB, were we to run a 34. 
    On the other hand these starters would
    be effective in a 34:  Reggie Torbor, Channing
    Crowder, Joey Porter.  If not that is
    your 43 LB line.  Again, it is my humble
    opinion that the OL and the DL does not need a #1 pick to make it
    effective now and in the future, especially when you consider the price tag.  

  • Shady

    Matt: re #2: You just named 2 players out of a starting line of 5. That’s my point. We have a revolving door on the starting positions on the OL. Last year it took six or seven games for the OL to begin to gel, by which time we were already losing starters. You really want to throw in a Rookie QB behind a line with only two players returning from last season…? How did that work out for Beck last year? ;-)

  • 72Forever

    Jake Long can’t handle elite speed rushers, decent depth at tackle can be had later in the draft, Chris Long is 100 mph every play, how many still photos of last years defense standing still watching running backs bust 50 yard runs, remember Dallas game. He’s  not elite, but does have smarts and great instinct to make up for the speed, I’ll take a 272 lb with  a hand  down or standing up running full bore  over the the Nancys lined up on defense last year, that was sorry. His attitude and energy will inspire  other average players to exceed. Rememer how Howie played??? No brainer

  • MisterX

    I agree with you on Jake Long.  I think you meant "excel" or "succeed"??  No question Chris Long is ready now but personally I hope that Parcells used his "brain" and doesn’t end up with anyone at #1.