Phins Catch A Little Flac!

Joe Flacco - CNNDelaware quarterback Joe Flacco held his pro-day yesterday and unlike one Andre’ Woodson, Joe actually threw.  During the Combine last month, Flacco showed signs of why he could be a 1st round draft pick.  Arm strength?  Yes he has it.  Touch?  He has it.  Control?  Yep.  Accuracy?  Yeah, he has that too.  Scouting contingents from the Jets, Jaguars, Ravens, Panthers, and Texans were a part of more than a dozen teams to send scouts.  Yes, even the Miami Dolphins caught a little Flac!

Rumored to be a Bill Parcells type of QB, Flacco is 6-6 and has catapulted to the top of the 2nd tier rookie QB class.  A superb showing at the Senior Bowl followed by a solid Combine and now a solid pro-day, Flacco is no longer a “who?” as much as he is a “when”.  As in when will he be taken.

Some believe that Parcells and Jeff Ireland would love to get him with their number 32 pick even though second round pick John Beck is still on the roster.  With the signing of Josh McCown this free agent period, it is possible that the new regime looks to let the QBs battle it out early and finally solve the merry-go-round that has been the Dolphins QB’s.

With the draft a mere 46 days away, the Dolphins are still trying to grandstand the number 1 overall pick of Matt Ryan.  A love affair, whether on the surface or for real with Flacco could hurt their chances of convincing a team like Atlanta that they have to move up to one.  Ideally, the Dolphins would drop to Dallas’ first two picks at 22 and 28 and draft a cornerback (Cromartie?) and an olineman (Cherilous?), or perhaps draft Flacco with the 2nd of the two and take a lineman at the top of round 2.

With teams now finishing their free agent signing period, except of course the NY Jets, most GM’s and Football Operations VP’s will start turning their attention to the late April weekend.  You build through the draft, you fill in free agency.

Over the last 10 years the Dolphins drafts have been…well…miserable.  Only the 2005 draft has yielded more than 3 currently active Phins, not counting last years draft who still has a verdict out on it.  With the passing of Brady Quinn for Ted Ginn, the Dolphins fans will be focusing on “The Tuna” and his handpicked GM to not only turn around the franchise, but produce a draft that will make a dent in the teams lack of Pro-Bowl caliber players. 

That turnaround is sure to include a quarterback, whether that QB will be a guy named Flacco, we will have to see.

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  • MisterX

    i like this guy more as time goes on…he looks good in footage and on paper…

  • Chris

    I’ve got to completely disagree.  But I will start by saying you are right about what Parcells wants out of a 1st overall quarterback prospect:  "Arm strength?  Yes he has it.  Touch?  He has it.  Control?  Yep.  Accuracy?  Yeah, he has that too." But I think you’re wrong about Falco (haha), I think he’s got a lot to develop, and nowhere near as ready as Ryan, but because Flacco’s still so raw no one can really say who’s has more talent.  But I’d like you to look at the this throw of his at the Senior Bowl; no touch , no accuracy, and set his receiver up to fail.  Parcells loves guys like Matt Ryan; guys who come from big programs.  Remember Ryan’s touchdown pass to beat Virginia Tech last season?  Now that’s touch. 

  • Chris

    The Flacco link didn’t attach…Lets try one more time. 

  • Chris

    Well it doesn’t seem to want to attach.  If you want to know the link just email me.  If the link for some reason starts working later you’ll find the throw 24 seconds into the clip.   

  • Stroupy

    I do not think the dolphins will draft a Qb until the 4th or 5th rounds they have to many holes to fill before they use another first or second round pick on a qb for the second year in a row.

  • Spooneman

    Drafting a QB is probably going to happen. When is the real question. With all the hype building for Falco I wouldn’t be surprized if he goes in the 1st round. So from one perspective it could be a deal to get him in the 2nd round. However we must be carefull not to fall for yet another combine star who turns out to be a bust. Keep in mind the level of competition Falco’s faced is very low.

  • MisterX

    Andre Woodson looks like he might be worth a 2nd round project selection…anyone confer??

  • MisterX

    our lower second round…