Ricky Williams Is Back In The News!

Ricky Williams - APRicky Williams has spent his months since being reinstated by the NFL away from the spotlight.  A week after Dolphins new VP of Operations Bill Parcells was hired, Ricky had the option in his contract picked up.  That is the only news to date on the oft suspended RB.  Until yesterday.  Finally after a month or so of speculation, Ricky Williams finally met with Bill Parcells.  So finally, after sustaining an injury to his arm shortly after returning for a year long suspension, Ricky Williams is back in the news, and this time, the headline doesn’t read: “Failed another test“…Yet.

So what was the impression that Ricky received?  According to his agent and the soft spoken one it was very uplifting and positive.  In fact Ricky said on the Dan Patrick radio show the other night that Bill Parcells told him “he wanted me and that he really believed in me”.  I have heard that phrase before when I picked up patients on drugs and their mothers were crying a good-bye.  Of course Sally Field’s acceptance speech at the oscars also sounds close…”Everybody Likes Me!”

What is impressing on fans is that the words “failed test” has yet to be uttered by someone in the news.  That bit of information goes a long way to erase the notion that Ricky Williams is not “habitual” when in fact the only thing Ricky Williams is, is unpredictable.

It is my opinion, and mine alone in terms of writing this that the Dolphins should use this calm in Ricky’s life to finally move him out of the organization.  Ricky is a nice guy, a person that I am sure many would love to be around if they didn’t have to count on him.  So far, Bill has risked nothing in keeping him around, one more positive test and that is all she wrote.  With the draft moving closer and teams aching for a very good running back, Ricky may be an option down the road.  The problem is Ricky has zero trade value.

He is not worth a draft pick.  It is that simple.  Even a conditional one.

Ricky may not play for Miami next year, all signs however point to the contrary.  If he does not, he will fall into that trade category of a name that goes along with the transaction to balance it out.  This is what I hope the Ricky Williams future holds…especially the immediate future.

This team is not in a position to compete for a title, or the playoffs.  Ricky knows that, he feels no pressure.  When this team is ready, Ricky will either be A: gone or B: suspended.  He will not be playing for the Miami Dolphins in two years when this team begins to take it to the next level.

Ricky maybe saying the right things to his coach and the dumb things as well like “If I were a GM I wouldn’t trust me” when asked by Patrick if anyone should trust Ricky Williams.  That is who we have here.  A nice flaky guy who has tremendous talent but can’t get it together.

Yes, Ricky Williams is back in the news.  For now, it’s relatively quiet, but his annual breakdown isn’t for another two months or so.  The funny thing about Ricky Williams is not the phone calls from the Dorito people asking why he isn’t buying, it’s that when his name is mentioned, you don’t hear, “fabulous, exciting, rare, game changing, and needed”.  Instead you hear and debate words like “Pot, failed, unreliable, needs the money, suspension, habitual, and wasted talent”, even when the news has nothing to do with them.

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  • feelthepain

    I get really tired of the harsh comments about Ricky. I understand he’s let us down morte then any fan deserves, but at the same time he does have a legit disease. One that has a direct effect on his decision making.  He has as much talent as any player to ever wear a Fins uni. There was a stretch in his Dolphin career where he touched the ball more then anyone else and gave his  heart and soul to this team, but you never hear anyone talk about that.It’s just a game, not life or death. But to listen to some people you’d think it was the other way around. Some peoples selfishness seems more important then others actual  deseases.  How about a little perspective for  a change.

  • http://www.Phinphanatic.com Brian Miller

    Sorry, Ricky deserves what he gets.  Its not because he quit on the team in 2004, or because he failed a drug test, its because he has failed 5 drug tests, because he can not be relied upon.  It does not matter how "Nice" of a guy Ricky is, or "talented" he is, it’s what he does with it.  The Dolphins can not rely on him to be a part of their team, not even as a backup, because if you ever need that backup you won’t know if he will be there.  Yes, Ricky Williams is sick, he has a disease.  But he doesnt smoke pot so he can stand in front of a camera and answer questions, he does it because he likes it.

    Ricky is one drug test away from being forgotten.

  • feelthepain

    Sorry, Ricky deserves what he gets.  Its not because he quit on the
    team in 2004, or because he failed a drug test, its because he has
    failed 5 drug tests, because he can not be relied upon.
    Again, lets forget his disease, it doesn’t exist.

  • MisterX

    At a time when millions of dollars are being spent to confirm the fact that a steroid using 40 something year old athlete is lying about the fact that he is a steroid using 40 something year old athlete and at a time when athletes are being arrested for DUI’s, rape, domestic violence, concealed weapons and the like,  I think it’s a shame that a terrific athlete who is otherwise a decent, peaceful, law abiding citizen can be held away from the game he loves because he prefers to smoke some pot instead of getting drunk and abusing women.  I am certainly not condoning any illegal activity but let’s put some perspective on this deal.  We know the laws aren’t changing so with that said… I feel that his upside is good enough to pay him a little money to hang around and hope that he cleans his urine often enough to pass an occasional drug test.  I am a Ricky Williams supporter even though he has let us down in the past… depression and social anxiety are real – for me, being a good guy goes a long way.

  • http://www.Phinphanatic.com Brian Miller

    Im not saying that social anxiety disorder is not a disease or a problem.  Im not a "sportswriter" im a Paramedic who has dealt with SAD and many other mental forms of illness.  That is no excuse to do any drugs.  Legal or otherwise.  There are medications that help alleviate those symptoms…it is Rickys’ CHOICE and his alone not to take them and to take Pot instead.  As far as comparing it to what other athletes do, 1: as stated, it is illegal, and 2: I think the punishments on those athletes are way low and that all sports should take a harder stance when it comes to anything illegal or enhancing.  I don’t want my son looking up to that as a roll model, I want him to look at his father as one.  That being said, Ricky will falter again, he always does.  I just hope that when he does, he does it at a time that the team needs him the least and not the most.

  • feelthepain

    Im not saying that social anxiety disorder is not a disease or a
    problem.  Im not a "sportswriter" im a Paramedic who has dealt with SAD
    and many other mental forms of illness.  That is no excuse to do any
    drugs.  Legal or otherwise.
    I don’t think anyone is in a position to tell anyone else what a good excuse is for doing drugs till they have to walk in that persons shoes. Ricky does what he does for his own reasons. Do I agree with or would I choice the same path? No, but I sure as heck won’t judge him on his decisions. Again it’s just a sport and the fans and writers need to use perspective when judging someone elses life and the choices they make. I’m certain there are those that judge Ricky and his choices and those same people have made bad choices in their lives that they don’t won’t constantly thrown in their faces. PERSPECTIVE!!!!

  • MisterX

    …how ’bout those Bears?!

  • http://www.Phinphanatic.com Brian Miller

    Im not judging Ricky Williams because he chooses to smoke Pot.  I think Ricky Williams is a very nice guy that is laid back and probably not a mean bone in his body.  Regardless of his illness, SAD, Alcoholism, Gambling, whatever the disease, he is still a complete risk to this team in terms of reliability and furthermore, regardless of why he smokes pot, if he fails another test, the NFL isn’t going to give a pass because of it.  Cut him, let him go smoke pot and live out of the public eye where he will be happy.  Or trade him to another team and let them worry about it. 

  • MisterX

    Don’t Worry Be Happy   Just for kicks, I’ll play devils advocate.  Or…we could let him stay in Miami where he is sure to score some good pot, buy a year supply of "clean out your system" juice and let him get up to 1,000 yards on 15 to 20 touches a game.  Or even better, maybe he gets the patch and quits.  :)  I just hate to give up on a guy that is such a good gamble.  Little money, little distraction, huge upside.

  • Phillip

    Give off these mans back. It is all you hear about him. If you can’t say nothing good don’t say nothing.

  • http://www.Phinphanatic.com Brian Miller

    To let this die I will get off it, but I will say this, considering in the last 4 years the ONLY thing Ricky Williams has done is smoked pot and been suspended, there is nothing else about him to talk about.  You can’t have it both ways.

  • Spooneman

    Interesting and spirited debate fella’s. The fact is if Ricky is clean and healthy he will be a Miami Dolphin next year. From my understanding he will be paid the league vet minimum and be slotted as a back-up pending Ronnie Browns health. Ronnie showed he can be a feature back last year so if he’s healthy then we may not see a lot of Ricky anyway. I look at it like this, not many teams can say they have a former 1800 yard rusher as a back up for the price we have him.

  • http://www.Phinphanatic.com Brian Miller

    Spirited?  Nah, just a little disagreement among friends…:)

  • MisterX

    run ricky run…i’m done :)

  • http://www.miamidolphins.co.uk Shady

    Ricky is done. Toke Ricky Toke :-pAlways a shame to see someone waste a talent like Ricky had (past tense – too many miles on the clock now). More annoyed to see Chatman joining the Jets where, as usually happens, he’ll have career highs twice a season against us <sigh>

  • MisterX

    I know right?!  Let’s just hope he gets fat.

  • http://www.Phinphanatic.com Brian Miller

    Because I’m bored and not nescessarily trying to stir crap up again, but I found this and thought that it was appropriate in terms of "Ricky’s disease" and why he smokes pot.  This is from the Dan Patrick interview with Williams:

    Dan Patrick: What Situation gets you feeling "this is when I normally used to get high"?

    Ricky: Usually it’s a matter of curiosity. I like to explore hidden depths in things, whether it’s a conversation or a book. That’s where I feel tempted to smoke, because it helps me go deeper into things.

    Dan Patrick: So if you are reading The Hobbit…..

    Ricky: No it is usually more philosophy or scripture. I don’t usually mess with fiction

    Dan Patrick: But you would get high reading the Bible?

    Ricky: Yes. Yes

    So, his disease which is the basis for this argument is centered around wanting to get high to be able to read more in depth into philosophical literature. 

  • MisterX

    See…and he’s brilliant too!!  Aren’t people supposed to try that stuff in college then stop when you become a professional??  Reading the Bible high?  I know this is by no means a religious forum…but that just makes feel uncomfortable thinking about it.  Just run Ricky…please.

  • http://www.Phinphanatic.com Brian Miller