21 Million Left In The Pot

The Miami Dolphins started out with a whopping 38 million dollars at the outset of free agency, in the span of 12 days, they have managed to spend almost 20 million.

The Phins currentl cap situation is around 21 million dollars, and that looks to be roughly where they will enter the draft at.  A few more players will likely be signed which will eat a bit out of that amount, but the Phins are not likely to go into the draft…or after it…without having some coin to work with. 

Miami will need to have money to pay the 1st pick overall provided it is not traded, plus they will need money to sign their other picks, they will also likely sign a few roster cuts from other teams before and during training camp. 

The amount of money is not that bad and it gives the Phins some ability to maneuver around, they are almost at the 84% spending requirement.  Of course, a trade of Jason Taylor could add some change to the end of it.  I still think he ends up in Jacksonville.

So there is the update on the Miami cap situation.

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  • MisterX

    What does anyone make of the Seahawks signing of former Cowboy Julius Jones?  Is Dallas now a one horse town?  Does Marion Barber become an every down back?  Or is this an indication of their plans to draft Darren McFadden?  If they do trade up for McFadden, is it with the Dolphins?  Is Barber still on the trading table?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller??

  • http://www.miamidolphins.co.uk Shady

    I don’t think they’ll trade with us if they want McFad as they know hell will freeze over before we spend the 1st overall on an RB, no matter how good he is. My guess is he’ll still be there at four if they want him and the price is gonna be a lot less to trade up there than it would be with us. Haven’t a clue where our RB situation is going though. I really thought we’d be looking at Brown, Williams, Chatman this season. And I haven’t made up my mind about Booker yet. He looks ok coming out of the backfield as an extra receiving option but he’s too small to carry or block on a regular basis. As the song says "There are more questions than answers…" ;-)

  • http://www.tedginnandtonic.blogspot.com Ted Hill

    The amount of money left makes me think it will be spent on a quarterback selected first overall. They could also be doing what the Packers have done, which is not spend all of their cap money and then take care of their own players when they perform well.As for Dallas, I think its more likely they use one of their first round picks on Felix Jones. McFadden may fall a little but not far enough to execute any sort of trade up.

  • http://www.Phinphanatic.com Brian Miller

    I disagree with you there Ted.  I think the Boyz will move up for McFadden.  Jones loves the guy too much to pass on him.  But I think they will only go as high as 3.