Dallas Might Move Up...But Not With Miami

Darren McFadden - FlickrThere is nothing more that I would like to hear than Commissioner Roger Goodell say at the start of the April NFL Draft, “We have a trade”.  Unfortunately the more and more I think about it, the likelihood of that happening is all but nil.  Sure the Dallas Cowboys will probably move up in the draft and take Darren McFadden, the signs all point to the Arkansas running back moving across the state lines to “Big D”.  That trade just won’t be with the Miami Dolphins.

I suppose the first thing we should look at is why Dallas would actually move up.  Well, for starters, they only have one RB of any worth on their roster, Marion Barber who’s is for all intent and purposes off the trade block.  With only Barber  holding down the fort, Barber will not be part of a trade up.  Why? Simple, it would only leave Darren McFadden, a rookie on the roster.  There will be some cuts and Dallas may grab a RB to add to their team, but nothing out there is of Barbers’ capability.  At least for now.

So why not Miami?  Well, it is not necessarily the price, 2 1sts and couple of players is not that bad of a price and in fact it may be “compensation” cheaper to move to number 1 than say number 3.  Nor is it the price of the number 1 overall pick which I think Jerry Jones feels McFadden is worth.  It is the combination of the two, and one DeAngelo Hall.  McFadden and Hall in the draft would make Jerry Jones look like a genius.

The Atlanta Falcons have been playing a dangerous game with the QB situation.  Currently an injury recovering DJ Shockley and Chris Redman are the QB’s who will compete for a starting job.  Joey Harrington will likely resign with the team this week and that puts the other two fighting for a back up roll with the loser likely cut for a rookie.  Atlanta however, doesn’t need to draft a QB like Matt Ryan at number 3 when they can draft a Joe Flacco at 22.  There has been talk of Arthur Blank wanting to move down in the draft and not up.  A trade with Dallas would make sense.  It will cost Dallas more in terms of draft picks, but Dallas fills two needs.

How might this trade actually look on paper?  Well, Atlanta would send Dallas the 3 overall and Hall for the Cowboys 22 and 28 slots, likely a 2nd next year, and possibly a 3 this year or player/s.  Why would Dallas do it?  Well, they save the money at the top, get a pro-bowl style CB and only lose what will likely be late round picks this year and next and probably a couple players to boot…maybe.  Atlanta gains 2 1st round picks which they want desperately and more.  It’s a win win for both teams.

Miami however is on the losing end of this stick.  The only real hope would be for the Phins to sniff out that type of trade and take McFadden themselves at number 1.  Dallas would not move up, Atlanta would not move down, and Parcells could twist the knife a little deeper.  Atlanta would likely turn to Ryan or one of the top Dlineman and Dallas would likely focus on Mendenhall or Felix Jones.

There is a lot of time between now and then and there will be more and more rumors stepping up and stepping down.  Miami will go here, there and Dallas and Atlanta will do the same.  A few teams who’s names have not been mentioned will pop up and disappear.  Such is the way of it in the NFL.  For now, as much as I would love to see a trade with anyone out of number 1, it makes little sense to jump that high.  Many fans have been saying that for awhile…I’m starting to agree with them.

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  • http://www.tedginnandtonic.blogspot.com Ted Hill

    Yeah this would be a total lose-lose for Miami. I never believed we could trade with Dallas, but obviously thatd would be one loss. Also, the fact that Atlanta is involved removes them as a trade partner, that’s another loss. Our only hope would be if the Raiders, Jets, or Patriots were so in love with D-Mac that they’d want to jump Dallas to get him.

  • http://sheddawgs.com Shed Dawg Mike

    I have had my own "dream" draft trade scenerios…such as trading with Atlanta and then Dallas picking up a bunch of 1st day picks along with some players….but the reality of it is as you said.  We will in all likelihood be picking with the number 1 pick.  Factor in as well that one of the more likely trade partners Atlanta is probably more than a little pissed that we ended up with Parcells and they never.  Who knows how much this may influence Arthur Blank to basically tell the phins to stick it up their you-know-whats!  Same goes for Jones for that matter…he can’t be thrilled that we raped him of his coaching and personel staff.  Both teams would probably feel an added bonus to deal with each other and leave the Phins high and dry.

  • Steve

    I agree that I would like to see Miami drop down from the #1 spot, but I would also be very comfortable with drafting Chris Long and dealing JT for another two picks. I love JT, but Miami is in re-build and it seems unfair for him to be forced to stay through it.

  • MisterX

    "Both teams would probably feel an added bonus to deal with each other and leave the Phins high and dry."  It does seem to be shaping up that way.  When I heard that the Seahawks signed Julius Jones I knew the drade down with Dallas was all but over.  With that said, don’t ever underestimate the power of the Tuna. 

  • MisterX

    Why are you sold on Chris Long Steve??  Initially I thought Chris Long would be a no-brainer as well.  As time goes on, I feel now that there are other immediate impact players at that position that have a whole lot more upside.  Vernon Gholston for one.  Jake Long would be the safest gamble at #1. 

  • MisterX

    Hey Brian, I would LOVE for Parcells and Ireland to take Darren
    McFadden at #1.  What a gas?!  Is it that far-fetched?  Even without a JT trade for a few extra picks…we could address both lines, corner and still pick
    up the likes of an Andre Woodson, who with a good QB coach could shed a few bad habits and be a great NFL player.  Now that Chapman is gone…we only have Mr. Dependable Ricky Williams and basically at 3rd down back in LoBo behind Ronnie Brown coming off of ACL surgery…would drafting Darren McFadden be a terrible move?????  Things that make you go…hmmmm

  • http://www.miamidolphins.co.uk Shady

    X, while McFadden may be a great RB I can’t see us signing him AND keeping Ronnie on the roster. It’s just tying up too much at RB when we need to address plenty of other positions. One other word of caution about people like Gholston: always take it with a pinch of salt when a player jumps up the board after combine, pro-days, etc. If they drop based on results then that’s one thing but usually where they start is based on their on-field performances which is the biggest indicator. I think we’ve all seen a few pro-day studs jump the boards and bust in the big league. Let’s not make that mistake ourselves eh? :-)

  • MisterX

    JUST IMAGINE… A Bill Parcells driven Defense with young, hungry players trying to make their mark in the NFL.  A talented young Quarterback with a big chip on his shoulder after a disappointing rookie season and ROCKET for an arm.  A young, powerful, well coached Offensive Line with Ronnie Brown AND Darren McFadden running behind it.  Shady…c’mon bloke…tell me that doesn’t sound good??!!

  • http://www.miamidolphins.co.uk Shady

    Sounds good if the NFL have removed the salary cap overnight ;-) Otherwise I don’t see how you’re gonna afford your D-Line help, secondary help, LT, RT, etc. :-(

  • MisterX

    First bribe the commish…then ask Ross for some xtra on the sly….. :)