Flacco Rising, Stewart Injury May Lead Dallas To Move Up

Joe Flacco - CNNAccording to Rotoworld.com, Delaware QB Joe Flacco is tearing up his pro-day and reportedly threw a 60 yard strike on the fly while…standing still!  Flacco is likely to be a 1st round QB and with a plethora of NFL scouts, GM’s, and other team reps in attendance, the stock for Flacco is rising.  If Matt Ryan has any desire to not suffer the fates of Aaron Rogers and Brady Quinn, he will need to have a lights out combine.  Flacco may not be a top 5 pick but teams wanting him may try and move back into round 1 late and pick him up…much like Cleveland did last year.  For a team like Atlanta, that move may be closer to reality as they could possibly move down with Dallas

Which brings us to the Cowboys fortunes.  There are 4 running backs worthy of a first round grade and that group may shrink by one.  Oregon RB Jonathan Stewart may have toe surgery which could sideline him for 4-6 months.  Although the injury is not considered serious, it will likely force teams interested in a 1st round running back to look elsewhere.  The obvious number 1 talent at the position and perhaps the draft is Darren McFadden, behind DM has been Felix Jones, Stewart, and Rashard Mendenhall who has been steadily climbing.  Dallas has been one of those teams who will target a RB in round 1.  Stewart’s injury could create a problem with that.

Consider this.  The ‘Boyz are “mocked” to do two things, trade up for DM or select Felix Jones with one of their 1st rounders.  The Stewart injury could force a team picking before Dallas to take Jones a little earlier than projected.  In fact, with Jones becoming the 3rd back in the group now, Stewart may be the only option for Dallas, even at 22.  Mendenhall could be taken by the Carolina Panthers and Jones could be taken a few slots later by Chicago.  Leaving Dallas staring at the one situation they didn’t want to be in. 

With the Falcons looking QB, the Cowboys may be more inclined to throw more at the birds to get DM allowing the Falcons to pass on Matt Ryan for a shot at Joe Flacco.  The Falcons could easily take Flacco with the 22nd overall selection and still be able to address the Oline, Dline, or secondary with the Cowboy 28th. 

The Miami Dolphins of course could throw a wrench into all of this by drafting Darren McFadden in round 1 and then working on a trade for him after the fact.  A notion that has upside, downside, and everything in between.  The problem with this scenario is that in the event Miami can’t move him, they are saddled with a player that fits no specific need although he would be a boost to an anemic offense.

With the draft a short 43 days away, teams will start planning out their strategies now while they have the time.  A team like Dallas may be able to move up cheaper as the top teams try and move down…want to move down.  It appears as though any chance of Atlanta moving up to 1 is all but a dead issue.  With Flacco performing well, Atlanta may do themselves far more by simply dropping back.

While it is almost certain that Atlanta will not move up for Ryan, there is another team who’s name is causing a stir in the large pond.  Kansas City.  A local Miami reporter has breathed the words move up in conjuction with their name, as they may want to get in front of St. Louis to draft Jake Long.  Nothing more than a ripple, but something to at least keep an eye on.

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  • http://www.tedginnandtonic.blogspot.com Ted Hill

    My thoughts:1. The fact that Joe Flacco is a late 1st now, instead of an early 2nd, could actually help our trade prospects with Atlanta. If they were like us and viewed him as their likely 2nd round pick, now that he will be going in the first, if Atlanta doesn’t think they can make that trade back into the 1st, we might be able to give them a good offer to get Matt Ryan, who is still better and more ready than Flacco.2. I think people are making way too big a deal out of the "Dallas will draft an Arkansas RB" theory. Yeah, i bet they would like to, but they have other needs and there are other good players. I don’t think they are limited to D-Mac or Felix.3. I hate the idea of "hijacking" McFadden and trying to trade him. I’d feel more comfortable taking Ryan, because if we can’t make the trade, he still is a good fit for our team.

  • http://www.Phinphanatic.com Brian Miller

    I disagree completely. I think Dallas will almost have to move up. If they can swing a deal with ATL I think they do it.  There two biggest needs are CB and RB.  They make a move with Hall involved and they solve both issues.  If they believe that Jones is going to be there at 22 they may be in for a surprise.

  • MisterX

    Ted…get off Matt Ryan…it ain’t happn’n baby.  I am 100% convinced over this last week that selecting Darren McFadden would be our best move.  Ireland can fill our other holes later in the draft.  Plus, our O-Line has got to better this year than last and look what Ronnie was doing before he broke.  Put D-McFadden in there and bulk up again next year.  Or use him and JT as trade fuel and our options get even better.

  • Spooneman

    MisterX …get off D-Mcfadden…it ain’t happn’n. Now I don’t buy into Ryan either but Running Back is not a big area of need. Look at the free agent signings and draft picture becomes a little more clear. We dismantled our O-line almost completely and only signed Smiley. I was leaning toward Chris Long but now I am leaning toward’s Jake Long as the Dolphins #1 pick. It would be a surprise to many but there is a good chance it could happen.

  • MisterX

    Actually it wouldn’t be that big of a surprise.  I like Jake Long as well and have been saying that he is probably the safest gamble at #1.  It’s been fun coming up with different scenarios as armchair GM’s though, hasn’t it?!  We still have a lot of time to think about it.  For the sake of our team I wish it wasn’t such a great topic for discussion.  Know what I mean??  Too bad there isn’t one clear choice.  Spoon – you like that "it ain’t happn’n" line, huh?!

  • KC_Ryan

    Could Detriot be in the mix for McFadden?  Now that they’ve released Kevin Jones……? I doubt it, but Millen is sort of equivalent to Speilman.

  • http://www.Phinphanatic.com Brian Miller

    KC:  Not likely.  The Lions are not picking at the top for a change and they wont move up that far to get DM because of the money alone.  However, it may create a problem for a team like Dallas.  The Lions could now target Rashard Mendenhall or Felix Jones…if they do, then the Panthers may take the other one leaving Dallas in a position to not risk losing out.  They may move up.  The fact that Jonathan Stewart will likely be dropping out of round 1 adds to the issue of who will be there when Dallas picks at 22.