Miami Needs To Keep Number 32

32g stick - SandiskThere is a lot of speculation these days surrounding what the Miami Dolphins will do with the number 1 overall pick, the number 32 pick, Jason Taylor, and just about everything else out there.  Many feel that the Miami Dolphins should and will have an easier time moving pick number 32 than their number 1.  That of course is very true, but there is a reason that Miami needs to keep pick number 32.  The key word is need.

Picking at 32 this season is probably the best draft pick the Phins currently hold.  It gives them options that they would normally not have.  A cornerback?  A safety?  A linebacker?  A wide receiver?  An offensive lineman?  A quarterback?  Check, Check, and Check.  They are all there.  It is because they are all there that trading out of that slot makes people believe it is the smart move and of course the likely course to gather extra picks.  I however do not believe that to be true.  Unless one area is addressed either with pick one or through a trade.  That area is the offensive line.

This is supposed to be a deep class of guards and tackles but even deep classes pose a problem when your fixing a team.  Names like Toledo come to mind who were taken later.  Sure Satele seems to be a late 2nd round steal but he could be the exception and it is too early to tell how he projects in the years of the Tuna.

Miami has an opportunity to draft a first round talent at one of the Oline positions with their first pick in round 2.  It is extremely important that the Phins address this now.  They have only 3 starting offensive lineman currently on their roster.  They have only 7 lineman on their roster period.  That glaring need showcases a cause to believe that Tuna and company seriously may draft Jake Long from Michigan by-passing the more hyped Chris Long at DE. 

Trading out of pick 32 may cause a few problems when you consider the talent that may be left.  The reason is that this year, more teams are looking at Oline than in years past.  In fact, some speculate that as many as 8 offensive lineman could be taken in round 1 alone.  Teams at the top that pass on 1st round talent could target Olineman early in round 2.  The group is that tight. 

Even if the Dolphins decide to pay out 30 plus million to an unproven rookie at number 1 with Jake Long, the Dolphins might find it hard to pass on another lineman with that number 2 pick despite glaring needs elsewhere.

A shutdown corner is so needed for this franchise but there is no one on the scale right now that stands to showcase that type of talent.  At 1 it is too high, at 32 it is too late for the two or three that may be there.  A Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie may be of interest but DRC’s stock has risen so high that the should be off the boards by pick 15. 

A wide-receiver is nothing more than a luxury pick on day 1 or even at the top of day 2.  The Dolphins are likely to enter the season with what they have and address the situation next year.

Dline?  Not likely until later on day 2.  Reason is simple, the Phins have spent some time fixing the line this off-season or at least attempting to repair it for a long term solution in the near future.

Quarterback is an obvious need and unless the first pick is glued to a Matt Ryan or a trade is made for later 1st rounders, the Dolphins will likely pass on one at 32.  Josh Johnson comes to mind in round 4 although a QB could be taken with the 2nd pick in round 2.

While it is still up in the air as to what the Phins will do, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the Oline is the position mostly needed to address in the draft…and the earlier the better.  There just is nothing left on the market to start and nothing on the “after draft horizon” to bank on.  The need is glaring, the product is available.  Trading down from 32 thins out that talent.

The Phins are likely doing their homework on every guy who could come in and protect John Beck and open lanes for Ronnie Brown.  Whether they go with Long at number 1 or wait it out to 32, trading from 32 would give the Phins 1 maybe 2 extra picks.  This year though, those 1 or 2 extra players may not be able to impact the team in the area it needs impact the most.  The line.

It is for that reason alone that I do not believe that the Phins should trade down from 32…unless of course they have already moved down from number 1 or addressed the line earlier.

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  • Shed Dawg Mike

    I think I have to disagree on this one…especially considering I really don’t think we will be able to trade out of the #1 pick.  If we can accumulate an extra pick or two and still stay within the middle of round 2, I would like to see us pull the trigger.  I DO agree with you, that we are in desparate need of lineman, but unless a freak free fall of one of the top players fell to us at 32, than I would rather drop back a little and have an extra pick.  I won’t be terribly dissappointed if we stick at 32 though.

  • Brian Miller

    I took that thought into consideration when I wrote that. The issue for me is who will be there in the mid 2nd round? Is that person a top prospect for the Oline or does he become a reach because you have need? Is the pick you get in exchange for 32 a 3rd and a pick next year, or is it more? Weighting the value of the trade obviously depends on what you receive in compensation…without knowing what that compensation is, for now, I think it is better to maintain the thought of keeping it rather than having to trade it.

  • MisterX

    The current regime may want quantity over quality right now, especially considering their field of expertise lies in evaluating talent in the mid to later rounds.  The more picks they have the better the odds are for finding good talent to develop.  Like the saying goes: "Throw enough stuff against the wall and some of it is bound to stick."

  • Brian Miller

    Understand that I am a person who would trade just about anyone and anything for a draft pick.  Give me any pick in round 1 and I don’t care who is there, offer me enough or even a little and I take it.  Now there is no denying that there are always gems found in the mid rounds and these guys should be able to find them.  The problem I see though is that they do not have a full roster or even a starting Oline at this point so waiting and drafting projects is not a wise move.  At the top of round 2 a starter can be had as this field is deep.  After mid 2nd that talent starts to become projects…there may be a Satele in there, but it will be harder to find and waiting is much much riskier.   IMO.