Sure, The Real Media Can Say That

Sometimes you just have to shake your head.  A week or so ago it was NBC stallwart Bob Costas who spoke about the blogging industry and how blogging “idiots” had no one holding them responsible for their “idiot” remarks.  See bloggers can say what they want.  We don’t have editors that pour over every word and ask for sources.  If we have one we can say we do, if we don’t, oh well.

So if bloggers can say whatever they want according to Costas (who by the way I like), then why is is that the real media guys can say stuff like that and not get called on the carpet for it?  Is it because they are “edumacated” in the arts of writing?

Under the headline, “Potential Dolphins-Vikings deal?“, St. Paul Pioneer Press writer Charley Walters writes this gem:

Trading unpredictable left tackle Bryant McKinnie to the Dolphins for high-character pass rusher Jason Taylor would seem to make sense for the Vikings. The problem for Minnesota, though, would be replacing McKinnie. Next month’s NFL draft will feature several top offensive linemen, but they’re expected to go early, and the Vikings don’t pick until No. 17 in the first round. 

Hey Chuck, did they teach you to put the question mark at the end?  Does that preclude your statement from being taken out of serious context?  Is that a “Journalist” thing? 

Considering I’m a blogger, and therefore an idiot, I’m not going to link to that article.  Why?  Because you just read exactly what I did.  Nothing more.  No explanation.  No “according to a source” in the next paragraph, or “I was told” in the preceding one.  What you just read, is exactly what he wrote.  Oh, it’s in a section titled “Don’t print that” so perhaps that is his way of making a joke.

I’m laughing…really I am…on the inside.  While guys like Bob Costas ridicules us bloggers for piss poor journalism…which of course we are not journalists…our bank accounts say so and so does the fact that you don’t see us standing next to half naked men at a locker, it is becoming increasingly “idiotic” that someone who does get paid can write drivel like that.

So, following the great writing techniques of one Charley Walters, I will write this:

Vikings Rick Speilman To Give Miami Bryant McKinnie For A Poster Of Jason Taylor!

Unlike Walters, I have personal knowledge of the way that Rick Speilman does his business and I can say I’m not that far off in my title.  Oh, and Chuck…you can go ahead and print that…I’m a blogger, I can make that stuff up!

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