Phins Talking Numbers With Long

Jake Long - MGoBlog.comThe Miami Dolphins have officially begun contract negotiations with the agent for….Long.  O.k.  Jake Long.  The Phins seem to have finally tipped their hand as to what their intentions are.

According to the Miami Herald, the Phins are talking exclusively with Condon about Jake Long and not about Condon’s other high-profile client Matt Ryan.  The Dolphins are still supposed to be interested in Virginia DE/LB Chris Long, but so far no one on one negotiations have been started or planned.

Before you start betting your retirement, there is still time to begin negotiations with any of the other parties, however, it is believed that Jake Long gives Miami the most options.  If the Phins do in fact draft the Michigan LT, they will likely target a LB with their top 2nd rounder and possibly a QB on day 2.

Earlier today, Chris Mortenson reported on ESPN that Miami is also considering LB Derrick Harvey with the first pick.  Harvey is the highest rated LB in the draft but is not considered a top 5 pick. 

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  • Matt

    Why in the world would we even talk to harvey, he is very overrated….very… drafting jake long would make me so happy…this is the best overall option other than trading down to me…my mock draft could be working, bwahahaha

  • spooneman

    I called the Jake Long pick weeks before there was any buzz about it, right here on the Phin Phanatic. I totally agree that this is the best pick and that it gives us flexability in the later rounds. The Harvey thing is a total crock, the only way we draft him is if we trade down which seems more and more unlikely. Matt posted on one of the recent articles "Something smells fishy" the way he would like to see the draft go down for the Phins. I actually have a mock draft for the Phins rounds 1-7. I wouldn’t mind comparing my picks to the other Phanatics, if that can be set up.

  • MisterX

    I have waffled between both of the Longs and Gholston and even flirted with the idea of McFadden but when we all first started talking about it…when everyone was talking about Dorsey, I called Jake Long.  With that said, I still think Parcells and Co. will find a way to trade down.  Ok, maybe it’s a "hope" rather than a "think" but if it happens I will say I called that too. ha

  • OrlandoNole

    Brian, good stuff as always. I think they coiuld consider Havery only if they were to pull off a trade and still end up in the top 10. I (for whatever that’s worth…LOL) have Harvey as the second rated DE/OLB in a 3-4 behind Gholston in the draft. The first mock I did I have Harvey going to NE at #7 and the updated mock I am working I still have hiom going there. I still think we could very well see us take Jake Long at #1 and Quentin Groves at #32, and I’d love that.

  • Matt

    If we can grab Jake at #1 and Quentin at #2 that would be a great start to the draft

  • Brian Miller

    I still think that we should go with a high talent Guard at 2 regardless of who we draft at number 1.  It has been a major problem for us.  However, I would not be surprised if we took one of the guys expected to drop out of round 1.  Groves would be a decent pick, but Im not so sure he will be there.  NY could take him and I might prefer Dan Connor if he is there.

  • OrlandoNole

    Well I like Nicks a lot, and think he would be a very good LG. I don’t think Miami could wait until #57 to get him, but #32 might be a little high. I’d also like to see a CB taken early…can we just have 3 picks at the top of round 2?  LOL

  • Matt

    man, if we could just trade down that #1 to Dallas for like their 2 #1′s, Fasano, and a pick TBD…we could have 4 picks in the first 2 rounds…grab a CB, Guard, LT, and WR

  • Brian Miller

    Im not sold on Nicks.  I don’t like his character concerns.  I do like Williams and I like that kid from Kansas as well, Anthony Collins who could be there at 57.  They are both tackles though.  I would really like to see Kerry Brown from App St. taken as well.  He is a nice size guard and should be there in late 3 or 4.  if we got an extra pick somewhere.  6-5 305…nice size as well for a guard and ran the 40 in 5.25

  • Todd

    Jake Long can give us 2 potential pro-bowlers with one pick (the other being Carey if moved back to RT or his natural position, guard).  Chris Long cant provide that… and he’s a big #1 risk since he might be too small for 3-4 DE (look at Roth), or too big and slow for rush LB and he wont have the same affect on another single player the way Jake can for Carey.  "Protect and maximize your investments!" Carey is a 1st rounder playing like a 3rd rounder at LT.  Then we have a #2 pick RB and #9 pick WR without a line to open up holes for or give the QB time to get them the ball.  Mediocre RB’s look great behind a good line; some of them set NFL rushing records!  LOL.  O-LINE FIRST.  I like Cliff Avril replacing Taylor… similar speed, non-stop motor, hard-working, and he has excelled on a defense that doesnt have a great supporting cast(64th in total defense) like Groves at Auburn(who has poorer instincts, less motor, and is slower off the line) or Gholston at OSU.  If Avril came from OSU, LSU, or USC he’d be a 1st rounder.  I like Trevor Laws (he was the #1 wrestler in the country in high school- think he doesnt underdstand discipline and cant help teach others how to properly use leverage and all of their body?) as a future team leader to take over 3-4DE with his motor, speed, strenght, intelligence, leadership… plus he had 112 tackles and 4 sacks for a defense ranked 96 against the run.  He’s a DT!!  That’s crazy!!  But we need 2 more early 2nd rounders to get them and Zach’s replacement.  If we end the 08 year w/o a solid Tackle, the draft was a waste.  J long/Avril, Lofton, or Laws is more secure than C long/Baker, Nicks, Collins.

  • Todd

    Here’s a dream scenario…. Miami trades down #1 (and maybe a late round) to KC for #5 and #35 so the Chiefs can have j. Long.  At #5, McFadden, Gholston, Ellis, or Dorsey will be available to trade down again to N.E, Cincy, N.O, or the Broncos for another early 2nd round pick.   Use this pick on Clady or Branden Albert for left tackle.   Use the 2nd round for a top tier MLB’s first, a premium rush LB, and Trevor Laws.  If J Taylor can be packaged (with Porter, Roth, or Booker) for an early to mid first rounder, another 1st tier tackle could be there like Otah or Williams or a shut down CB like DRC and McKelvin (who could improve Allen’s play as he could move to #2 corner playing against less talented receivers- just becuase he’s not a premier #1 doesnt mean he cant be a top #2.        PS:  We dont need yet another 2nd round QB pick until we can block for the first one(especially Chad Henne who teamed with Long, Manningham, and Hart and still only averaged 174 yards/game).