Best One Liner In A Long Time

Jay Fiedler - DailyTexanOnline.comComing from the Miami Herald Miami Dolphins forum, (be sure to sign up for our own Dolphins forum here) in response to our blog “Sad day Dolphins fans, Jay fiedler retires“, this has to be one of the best “one liners” I have heard in a long time.  To fully appreciate this quote, you should read the blog to understand the context of the comment.

From Alpha!

“He should excel. He used to do a great job of putting the ball on the turf just out the reach of others when he was in Miami….”

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  • HawkFinFan

    Great line.LOL! He was the ultimate tease. He would do going along in a game just fine where you thought he was turning the corner, then for the love of God what was he doing!! Dolphins lose the game :(

  • Brian Miller

    I seriously wish I could have thought of that one.  I wish I lacked the integrity, I would have just stolen it instead…LOL

  • IMAWriter

    I replied to that post with a lot of LOLOLOL’s, and a thank you to Alpha for picking me up after a horrible last week.I thank him again.