Mock Draft 7.0

NFL Draft Logo - NFLIt is time to drum up another Mock Draft.  This time, in our 7th such effort, we do so with the knowledge that only a short 16 days remain until the real thing.  With rumors quieting down on who may or may not move up to get this or that guy, we again keep it simple and do not add trades to the mock, something I will not do with Mock Draft 8.0.  Enjoy!

Team 1st Round

Miami Logo

1. Miami Dolphins – OT – Jake Long – M:  I was all set to change this selection to Chris Long, but then realized that the problem with Chris Long is that it forces Miami to draft Oline early in round 2.  With an expected run on tackles and guards, there are no guarantees that the Phins can get a sure starter at the top of 2 if they wait.  Long will provide the Phins an opportunity to address other areas on need or take one of the 1st round talents who drop to 32.  It also allows the Dolphins to feel more comfortable about trading back from 32 as well. (don’t buy into the negotiations yet either.)
St. Louis Rams Draft Logo 2. St. Louis Rams – Chris Long – DE – Va:  The Rams could go with Long, Long, or Dorsey here.  If Miami takes Chris, the Rams would likely with Jake.  Dorsey wouldn’t be a surprise here and as I started this mock, I actually had him as the pick, but have since changed it.   
Atlanta Falcons Draft Logo 3. Atlanta Falcons – Glenn Dorsey – DT – LSU:  Injury concerns seem to have subsided.  Dorsey is not the high profile franchise face that the Falcons desperately need after going through what it did last year with Vick and Petrino.  Dorsey is however a very good DT and the Falcons immediately help their run defense.  Matt Ryan is also a likely choice but with 3 second round picks, they easily could trade back into one and grab one of the 2nd tier guys…or even trade to pick 32 with Miami.  A scenario I see as very possible.

Oakland Raiders Draft Logo

4. Oakland Raiders – Darren McFadden – RB – Ar:  The Raiders have spent a lot of money this offseason shoring up one of the worst defenses in the league.  The problem is they still have one of the worst offenses in the league.  If Just Senile Baby! can get it in his head to work on the O side, McFadden could provide the young unproven Russell a solid outlet.

Kansas City Chiefs Draft Logo

5. Kansas City Chiefs – Matt Ryan – QB – BC:  Not only is this a copout as many see this happening, but what a wasted pick by KC if they do, Brody Croyle may not be the answer, but he has basically one year playing.  Matt Ryan isn’t even a slam dunk hit.  What the Chiefs really want is Jake Long, but Carl Peterson is too stubborn to move up to 1.  Not because of the financial committment, but because of the draft compensation.  Even a 3rd rounder is high to King Carl.  The Chiefs could look at a few others but I don’t see any real OT’s this early outside of Long.  That is why I have them taking the best player available.
NY Jets Draft Logo 6. NY JetsVernon Gholston – DE – OSU: The look on Bill Belichicks face should be priceless when his name is called.  Adding more fuel to an enferno already raging between the two clubs, the Jets take the top guy on the Pats board.  Now, they do need a guy like Gholston for sure, so it’s not out of spite, although the faces of the Jets will likely know that added benefit as well in the form of a smile.
New England Patriots Draft Logo 7. New England Patriots (From 49ers) – Derrick Harvey – LB – Fl:  The Patriots will try and do everything to trade down.  They will succeed.  They always do.  Since I am not working a trade mock yet (version 8.0), I have the Pats taking the best LB.  The Patriots need a youth infusion at the position and can not rely on Seau and the rest of the geriatric defenseman.  Time to get young.

Ravens Logo

8. Baltimore Ravens – Sedrick Ellis – DT – USC:  The Ravens want a QB, Matt Ryan is gone and this is a little too high for Brohm now.  Two things will happen here, the Ravens will go with BPA Ellis or they will trade up with KC.  A very likely scenario.

Cincinnati Bengals Draft Logo

9. Cincinnati Bengals – Keith Rivers – OLB – USC: The Bengals have watched Dorsey, Ellis, and Gholston fly off the board.  If they want to move up they will have a trade partner with the Patriots.  They also have Chad Johnson that could vault them into the top 5 or 6 or higher.  Will they maneuver?  For now, they get a LB that they need, just not as much as they need a DT.
New Orleans Saints Draft Logo 10. New Orleans Saints – Leodis McElvin – CB – Troy:  Not only is CB a need but they can get the highest rated CB available.  The Patriots could take him at 9 if they trade with Cincy.  In fact, they could forego the LB corp all together and take him at 7.  I think he falls this far.  No more.  The Saints I believe would love to have this kid.
Buffalo Bills Draft Logo

11. Buffalo Bills – Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie – CB – Tenn. ST:  A few years ago the Bills surprised a lot of people by going with a CB early and a corner many felt was a late first rounder.  DRC is a mid 1st talent right now but the Bills need another solid corner.  They need WR more but I don’t see any WR’s right now worth the 11th pick.

Denver Broncos Draft Logo

12. Denver Broncos – Rashard Mendenhall – RB – Ill:  Laugh all you want.  The Broncos love running backs and lets face it, Travis Henry wasn’t exactly healthy last year.  They could go with a DT or an OT here as well, but Shannahan still thinks he can run with a less than top line.  Denver also likes to trade so I am sure they will be fielding offers and trying to move up and down.

Carolina Panthers Draft Logo 13. Carolina Panthers – Ryan Clady – OT – Boise St:  There are three areas I think that the Panthers need to address.  Oline, RB, and QB.  Oline is priority number 1, then RB, and at some time QB should be addressed.  Delhomme has a few years left but they need to start prepping for the future and that future may not be on their roster yet.  Clady however will give the Panthers a nice tackle that should improve the line from day 1.

Chicago Bears Draft Logo

14. Chicago Bears – Jeff Otah – OT – Pitt:  Otah had a decent pro-day and although much talk has been on the Bears taking a RB here, the fact is that this class is deep and the Bears can take one in round 2.  They also need a QB to solve their rotation problem…yes I am aware of the baseball analogy and that is exactly what it seems like up there.  Still, the choices here are Felix Jones, Otah, or Brohm.  Otah is the most likely to have a serious impact at the start.

Detroit Lions Draft Logo

15. Detroit Lions – Jonathan Stewart – RB – Or:  Make no bones about it, if Mendenhall is here, the Lions take him.  With this mock having him gone…I see Stewart the next best choice.  Stewarts injury and subsequent surgery is no longer scaring off teams like it was originally.  There are only 4 1st round talent RBs and the Lions need one in a bad way.
Arizona Cardinals Draft Logo 16. Arizona Cardinals – Branden Albert – OG/OT – Va:  ALbert has been rising through the draft charts for about a month and in reality he easily could be gone by now.  The Cards need a running back, but I think they pass on Felix Jones.  DRC is gone so the CB spot will have to wait.  DLine is thin and they really need to have a pass rusher but again, there are other needs.  Albert is going to get his work in as a LT although he spent most of his College years playing guard.

Minnesota Vikings Draft Logo

17. Minnesota Vikings – Phillip Merling – DE – Clemson:  The Vikes have been playing in the FA market by adding a safety and a wide receiver.  They are no longer trying to trade for Houston Texan Sage Rosenfels.  They need to work on stopping the run and pressuring the passer.  Merling should help in that department. (for the record, the vikings may make a serious push to trade for Jason Taylor to fill that DE spot).
Houston Texans Draft Logo 18. Houston Texans – Chris Williams – OT – Vanderbilt:  The Texans sat patiently and watched all the other OT’s go.  The good news is this class is so 1st day deep in Olineman that they didn’t have to make a move up.  Williams is a top notch talent and will help the Texans improve their running game and their pass protection.
Eagles Logo 19. Philadelphia Eagles – Devin Thomas – Wr – Mich St.:  The Eagles say they are not trading McNabb, the Eagles say no one has asked about McNabb.  So they need to get McNabb some help.  Fast riser Devin Thomas has taken over the number 1  WR spot in this year draft by many boards.  His speed should help open the Eagles offense much like TO did in his brief stint.  Thomas is still considered by some to be a one year wonder, but that shouldn’t scare off many teams in late round 1.
Tampa Bay Bucanneers Draft Logo 20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Mike Jenkins – S.Fl:  Oline?  WR?  LB?  All needs for sure.  But so is CB.  I think this pick will be either Jenkins or WR Deshaun Jackson.  It seems the need may be greater at Corner and that is why I think they go with Jenkins. 
Washington Redskins Draft Logo

21. Washington Redskins – Calais Cambell – DE – Mia:  The Skins could easily go with a WR here, but the problem is that most WR’s are dropping now into the 2nd round.  DeSean Jackson could be the pick but in reality, they need a DE more and it appears that WR will be available with their 2nd pick.
Dallas Cowboys Draft Logo 22. Dallas Cowboys (From Browns) –  Limas Sweed – WR – Tx:  The reason I say Sweed is that I think that before the Cowboys make this pick, PacMan Jones will be on the Cowboy roster.  I think they wait until round 2 to address the corner spot.  Sweed is a local Texas kid who should be able to move into the slot this year and push Crayton for the 2 spot next year.  He could easily be the replacement for TO.  WR’s take about 2 to 3 years to fully develop and that is all TO has left.
Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Logo 23. Pittsburgh Steelers – Gosder Cherilous – OG – BC:  There will be very little surprises with the Steelers pick here.  They need an olineman to fill the hole vacated by Faneca.  Cherilous is no Faneca but he doesn’t have to be.
Tennesse Titans Draft Logo 24. Tennessee Titans – DeSean Jackson – WR – Cali:  There are only a handfull of teams that truly need to spend a first rounder on a WR this year.  The Titans are one of them.  With Limas Sweed off the board, the only one left without a serious question is Jackson.  Vince Young needs someone to throw the ball to. 

Seattle Seahawks Draft Logo

25. Seattle Seahawks – Dustin Keller – TE – Purdue:  The Seahawks could use an Olineman here.  Another RB would make sense as well although I think they have bigger plans for Julius Jones than many think.  They do however need a TE and Keller is a good one.  He is receiving 1st round grades by some.  I think this is a good spot for him.  If Jonathan Stewart fall this far though I would go with him. 
Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Logo 26. Jacksonville Jaguars – Lawrence Jackson – USC:  Ask an expert what the Jags biggest need is and they will tell you someone who can get to Peyton Manning.  The Jags would love to have Jason Taylor but the price is a little out of their realm of reason here.  The Jags are offering a 3rd and Miami so far isn’t biting.  Jackson could be that guy, but his motor needs to go up another notch.
San Diego Chargers Draft Logo 27. San Diego Chargers – Kentwan Balmer – DT – NC:  The Chargers don’t need much, but what they do need is DLine depth.  Balmer will push to start and should provide a solid rotation to a unit that has gotten thinner.
Dallas Cowboys Draft Logo 28. Dallas Cowboys – Felix Jones – RB – Ark:  Jerry doesn’t get the Arkansas alumni that he wants, but at least now he can sit and talk stories about him with someone who knows.  Passing on a corner yet again.
San Francisco 49ers Draft Logo 29. San Francisco 49ers (From Colts) – Quentin Groves – LB – Auburn:  Groves is a pass rushing OLB and that is something that the 49ers need.  They also have a huge need for WR even though they signed Bryant Johnson this offseason.  With the WR group dropping the 49ers should not have a problem getting one of the former 1st round graded guys with their 2nd selection in early round 2.  Groves has recently had minor heart surgery, but that shouldn’t deter teams from taking the talented LB.
Green Bay Packers Draft Logo 30. Green Bay Packers – Aqib Talib – CB – Kansas:  Talib was rated higher but the surrounding news of his 3 failed drug tests in college will turn some teams off, especially given the new political regime heading up the NFL.  However, the Packers need a corner and Talib is not short on talent.

New England Patriots Draft Logo

FORFEITED(Has not changed since the last mock)

New York Giants Draft Logo

31. New York Giants – Jarod Mayo – LB – Tenn:  Many draft mocks have Mayo going much higher.  As in mid-1st.  I’m not so sure although I could see it happening.  If Mayo does in fact fall the Giants will likely not waste much time drafting the kid who has been very impressive of late.

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