Phins To Sign Steve McKinney

Add another big body to the Miami Dolphins offensive line.  The Dolphins, according to the following Houston report, are expected to sign the guard/center today.  Steve McKinney missed much of last year with a knee injury but provides the Phins a solid veteran body to replace the now departed Drew Mormino.  McKinney will likely play guard opposite Justin Smiley.

From John McClain of the Houston Chronicle:

Former Texans offensive lineman Steve McKinney plans to sign with Miami today and expects to start working out at the Dolphins’ facility Monday.

McKinney was injured much of last season after undergoing surgery to repair a torn knee ligament.

“It’s hard for me to leave Houston because this is my home, but I think Miami is a good opportunity for me,” McKinney said. “They’ve got a new group, a good organization, and I think they’re going to turn it around pretty quick.”

New Miami coach Tony Sparano is a former offensive line coach.

“They said they want to put their five best linemen on the field,” McKinney said. “I can play guard or center. They’ve got a lot of young linemen, and I think I can help because of my experience.”

McKinney was the first veteran free agent the Texans signed in 2002, and he played six years in Houston.

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  • spooneman

    For a second there I thought you were talking about Seth McKinney(is that guy even in the NFL) Well I’m sure that our coaching staff will find the best guys for each position and any veteran depth we have is a plus. GO DOLPHINS!

  • MisterX

    Seth is his little brother…hopefully Steve is better by himself than the Texans O-Line has been over the last six years as a group…David Carr loved his line

  • Shed Dawg Mike

    Steve was always much better than Seth. I like this signing a lot. He will provide at the least solid depth at center and guard and at best will allow us to not rush Murphy as a starter. Hopefully McKinney can start at LG and keep Smiley at RG and use Murphy and Thomas in the rotation to gain some experience while they develop.

  • Brian Miller

    Couldn’t agree with you more there Mike, this is a need signing and something we should have expected (going after a few vets who get cut) in fact I don’t think we have seen the last one either.

    I agree with you on the TEs as well, something we discussed on the show we did a couple Sundays ago.

  • Richard

    Steve is ready to build the Miami line and I predict will shock the coaches and other players when he wins a starting position. He did it in 2006 & 2007 at Houston when they brought in 3 different linemen to replace him and they all flopped in front of Steve. And Seth won a starting spot at Cleveland and radically changed their pitiful OL before getting injured. Seth is back again this year with Cleveland. Phin Phrends discounted Seth too and were wrong he helped a losing Browns team become a 10 game winner in one season and left Miami to go 1-15 maybe they should have kept Seth and added Steve back last year. Got nobody for the draft after the worst record in the NFL in 2007. Kind of serves them for mistreating so many veterans last year.