For Miami/Taylor, Image Is Everything

Get off Jason Taylor’s back!  There I said it.  Yes, this is another Jason Taylor Dancing With The Stars blog so if you don’t want to be told to shut up then skip this entirely. 

I admit it, when I first heard JT was going to be on the show I was thrilled.  My first thought was “cool“.  Then I heard the squabbling of one Bill Parcells and I realized that maybe as a current player with a new regime, probably not a good idea.  As the draft drew closer and I realized that the chances of trading the stud DE was dwindling in part to his participation in the show, I was a little less enthused.  Had JT gone out gracefully earlier, this would not be a topic of conversation.  He hasn’t though.  In fact, he is in the top 3, the finals, and when this show ends tomorrow, he will be on it.  Not as a former contestant brought back to dance once more, but awaiting the decision of the American public.

With every interview JT does, JT seems to back himself into a corner because simply, fans take everything he says out of context.  Let’s get this straight.  I would love to see JT playing for Jacksonville or Dallas, almost any team set to legitimately compete for a Super Bowl.  11 years as one of the NFL best and Miami has consistently given him one of the worst teams to surround him.  The man deserves what his brother-in-law Zach is afforded this year.  Opportunity.

That being said, he is a Miami Dolphin and as such, he deserves your support, your empathy, and your applauds.  If your sick of hearing about Jason Taylor, then you must be thrilled with the prospect of Will Allen and his possible gun toting escapades.  Or maybe your sitting on the edge of your seat awaiting another failed test by Ricky Williams.  Say what you want, but the only thing that JT has brought to Miami…sorry Bill…is a positive light.

Don’t feel bad though, your not the only ones who don’t support him.  The NFL themselves are a brain-trust of mongers who would rather hype and debate the Matt Walsh New England Patriot black eye than embrace one of it’s leaders, the Walter Payton Man of the Year award winner.  Says a lot about the current state of the NFL. 

So while JT gets in shape while working out more these past 16 weeks than he would have participating in OTA’s to appease one Bill Parcells, the NFL has mindlessly disregarded his actions.  The Miami Dolphins publicly say little.  Tony Sparano openly praises his start DE but only when asked, what is he supposed to say?  At least the staff over at see it different.  They embrace the positive image that JT is once again casting on the Dolphins logo.

So now the word is that Jason would rather be known as an actor in 10 years than a football player, a comment made during an ESPN interview.  Fans that had bordered on the fence of support…too which I ask why?…are now ranting about how they lost respect for him.  WHAT?  That is not only stupid, it’s a vial misrepresentation of what the man said.

Saying that he would rather be known as a successful actor in 10 years means simply that in the next part of his life, he becomes successful.  Let’s face it, rarely does anyone truly care about what happens to an athlete when he leaves the game.  If they are not sitting on a pre-game show, most never give it a thought.  What does Joe Montana do these days?  How about Jim Kelly or for that matter Jerry Rice?  Exactly.  For Jason Taylor, his future is in Hollywood, it is his “NEXT” career choice, not the current one.  Why should he not want to be known for it?  He should.  For the very reasons that JT has spent 11 years knocking down QB’s, he should be thinking about life after football before he is in life after football.

As JT puts it, you can get kicked to the curb at anytime without warning…right Zach?  The NFL owes you nothing, the teams give you little respect when they want to go in a new direction, why should a veteran player who has given everything of himself not be afforded the right to choose his next path?  JT owes no one but himself.  Even Bill Parcells.

In reality, this team is not going to win a Super Bowl in the time JT will be in the NFL.  Whether he stays, goes, or gets traded, JT will always be one of the best players in history for this franchise.  He will be honored on that ring around the stadium, he will get considerations for the Hall of Fame.

So why you sit there and complain that he is not at the team facility “voluntarily” working out, or that he talks about his future in terms of ten years from now, and you waiver on your support for the man, or get pissed off that he is somehow letting this team down.  Ask yourself one question.  One simple question.  How do you feel about Ricky Williams being in Miami?  Because if you support Ricky’s return and can’t support what JT is doing and saying, then your worse than a hypocrite.  Ricky says he will be done in 2 years, can’t guarantee that he will stay clean, and has been nothing but a 5 year black cloud over this team.  JT has done nothing but give the NFL and the Miami Dolphins 11 years of 100 percent role model service.  For the NFL, that is nothing worth talking about. 

Maybe JT should leave now.  He is not a distraction to anyone in this organization except those who has no memory of what it has been like in Miami for the last 8 years.  Miserable.  JT once again has given some Dolphins fans something to cheer about, something positive. 

It’s funny that the only real press JT has gathered prior to this year was the issues of he and his wife, his “egg” comment about Trent Green, and his tiff with Cam Cameron.  I suppose if he really wanted to be more recognized by the NFL, he should get a few different women pregnant, fire off a few shots in a strip club, beat up a cop then his wife, and fail a few drug tests.  Maybe then he would be the poster boy for the NFL.

When JT returns to Miami later this week, he will only recognize a few of the faces staring back at him while the majority of the others ask him for an autograph.  With all the turnover this year, maybe JT should be thinking about his acting career now rather than later.  Hell maybe he should be contemplating starting that career sooner rather than later as well.  Either way, he deserves it. 

And he deserves a hell of a lot more from many of the fans that call themselves fans.  Plain and simple, if you can’t support Jason Taylor for what he is doing now, what the hell do you support?

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  • MisterX


  • Brian Miller

    Honestly, I figured my first comment on this would have been from one of the whiny fans I’m calling out…nice to know off the top I’m not the only one feeling this way. So thank you sir!

  • spooneman

    Regarding Jason Taylor’s press about Cameron, Green, and his wife. He was dead on when it came to Green, Cameron was horrible as a coach, and his issue’s with his wife are his business. Truthfully he deserves more respect for what he has done in this league and for the Miami Dolphins from Bill Parcells and the fasns. Don’t get me wrong, I think the new leadership at the top is great for the Dolphins. I just think Bill can be a bit childish in his reactions. But Parcells isn’t his head coach and from what I understand JT and Tony have a pretty good relationship so far. If JT remains in Miami I believe he will continue to produce at a high level. If he leaves, I just hope we can get good value for a hall of fame DE with 2-3 years left in the tank.

  • Jay in Raleigh

    I honestly don’t care if JT dances or not, but I don’t understand the man-love about the performance, or the deifying of JT the ‘role model’. I understand that $8M isn’t as much as it used to be, but it ought to buy a little better attitude than the organization has gotten from JT for the past few years. Cam may have been a disaster as a HC, but JT hardly played ‘good soldier’, either. When a coach doesn’t have the support of team ‘leaders’ from Day 1 (for the sole reason that said coach did not ‘defer’ enough to JT), things aren’t likely to turn out well. He did the same thing with Saban, although he did eventually come around on Saban (funny how much he ended up loving Saban when he realized that he was going to be featured in a big stat-position).
    Yes, the OTAs are ‘voluntary’, but if you’re really a ‘leader’, don’t you want to be part of changing the culture and getting in step with the new coaches/systems while getting to know your new teammates?
    JT may be working out more than he typically does in the offseason, and that’s great, but does anyone seriously believe that its the kind of training that prepares you for an NFL season? He’s not building strength, in fact, he’s probably losing it as he is reported to have lost in excess of 15 pounds. Yes, he’s in great shape, but it’s certainly not ‘football shape’.
    Really, my problems are more with the coverage of JT dancing than the dancing itself. There are just so many things that reporters/bloggers talk about that simply are neither true nor relevant.

  • topps06

    great blog, i agree.

  • Brian Miller

    Jay: First I agree with you on the whole Saban, then Cameron, now Bill front. JT is not a poster child for getting along with management over the past 3. I have written as much over the last year for sure.

    This however is not about JT this is about a franchise that has the blackened mark of loser written all over it and the NFL who is in worse shape these days than it was 4 years ago. JT is doing something positive and for the most part the NFL and the front office in Miami has turned their back on it. WHY? Would be the question.

    As for conditioning, JT is still working out with weights. He gets up, very early and hits the gym so as not to lose muscle weight. Then he works out another 4 hours or more a day dancing. His regime is clearly defined and he is lifting more than he was last year. So Im sorry he isnt losing that type of body weight. In fact, I honestly believe those reports are 100 percent accurate that he is in better shape physically then ever before.

    Football shape? no one ever reports to OTA’s in football shape and they are not in FS until after training camp. Regardless of the player.

    This issue with BP is a matter of ego and nothing more. JT probably cost BP a draft pick OR BP just doesnt like the fact that his star player isn’t in town. Which to me, again, reverts back to him doing something this offseason that paints the Dolphins in a positive light rather than a dark one.

    As for a Role model image…well, i would rather my son look up to me as role model, but if it came down to 98 percent of athletes and JT, I would take JT at the moment.

  • UK Redfish

    I thought building up our hero’s just to knock them down again was a british thing, guess not.I can’t believe both Miami and the NFL have missed a golden opportunity to promote a positive for team and league. A defensive MVP,NFL man of the year on primetime TV off the back off high profile stuff like the Vick case? The PR people need their asses kicked. I love JT, same ZT or Dan or any other Miami legend.The time to complain is when he doesn’t produce on the field not when he is succeeding outside his comfort zone. When he comes back I hope they all check their ego’s at the door and work it out..I totally agree with Brian.

  • Brian Miller

    The Miami Dolphins to a degree at least acknowledge it. has done a very good job at covering it each week. But there has been nothing out of the executive branch of the team and that is something that should have been done from the start.

    The NFL? nothing, and they are a fools bunch for doing so.

  • Jay in Raleigh

    Brian, I’m new to this site, so I have no idea what you’ve written in the past year. Really, my media complaint is more general and not necessarily directed entirely at you.
    I realize that players don’t report in ‘football shape’, but a big deal has been made of what great shape JT’s in, and I just question how much that translates to football-related work. Obviously, it’s better than coming in out of shape and overweight, but I think there is too much credit being given for the great shape he’s going to be reporting to camp in.
    As far as the weight goes, it was reported in the Herald (I know Mandy isn’t the most reliable source…), but the article is too old to link to now.
    Yes, the whole thing comes down to egos. But there’s just as much “I’m going to do it my way” on JT’s side as there is on BP’s side. Does that make either of them right? No, but I just don’t see the huge sympathy for JT given the way he’s treated the past two (now three) regimes upon their arrival.
    All of that being said, you’re right in that the NFL, and specifically the Dolphins, should’ve capitalized on the positive ink JT has gotten for his work on DWTS. It’s shortsighted and irresponsible for the “stewards of the game” to not take every advantage of good press when all they seem to be getting is bad press.

  • Jay in Raleigh

    Oh, and as far as “role models” I agree 100%, I’d much rather have my kids look to me than to an entertainer/athlete.
    My reference was more in terms of the team structure and being a role model to the younger players.

  • Brian Miller

    Jay: I took no offense to anything you said, and I did realize that your comments were “media” directed. I think he will surprise you when he gets to camp. Way back when, and Im not sure how old you are, but it used to be ballet that WR’s, corners, and some defenseman would take in the offseason because of how it worked their body to get into better shape.

    My real point in all of this is that as fans we should embrace something positive for a change. I agree completely with you that this is as much JTs fault as BP’s. JT easily could have told BP what he was doing prior to it being announced, regardless of BPs complaint about it. 100 percent agree with you on JTs issue with the last two regimes as well. Ive been very vocal about that in fact last year I outright said he quit for all intent and purposes.

    Oh, and Welcome to the site…glad you are visiting and hope you stay…:) We also have a forum as well if your interested. Its located on the top menu.

  • Shed Dawg Mike

    Great point on the NFL missing out on a positive story. Goodell is too wrapped up in trying to keep his buddy Bob Kraft’s problems at bay.
    As for JT in shape, Jay has a point. Jerry Rice himself said he didn’t know how JT would keep his weight up for Football. He (Jerry) said he lost a ton of weight and that he thought it would be a problem for JT as well.
    Don’t know if he is accurate or not, but he is one of the few who actually has gone through the process, right to the end (you know he won the whole thing). One thing with JT though is that he always seems to lean out by the end of the season, but it doesn’t appear to affect his play. Hopefully he’s not too lean coming into the season.

  • Brian Miller

    Mike: I think he should be faster off the edge than last year which should help a lot. If it’s true he is weight training as well, his body should not change all that much and the weight loss may not effect him.

    By the way, Emmitt Smith won, Jerry came in 2nd.