Miami Offered A 4th For JT

The first offer is in and it’s a low ball offer at that.  An unnamed team has offered the Miami Dolphins a 4th round pick for the NFL Man of the Year and as expected, the Dolphins have said no.  The Redskins have denied interest in JT while SD is rumored to have contacted the Phins yesterday.

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  • Matt

    Ugh…Should have been a 2nd rounder before the draft…could have had a CB/WR/OL/LB/S/….UGH!

  • Jay in Raleigh

    I’ve read that a 4th was the best offer before/during the draft, too. I still say that if Parcells can make people believe he’d let JT retire (or report at the end of camp), and if multiple teams show interest (SD, SF, TB?), then the price could still reach up to a 2nd rounder, or a 3rd at least.