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Weekly Thoughts: Channing Crowder

Starting a new feature here on is not always easy. ATW: Around the Web, was around for awhile and then the guys decided to take the name from us. NFL losers…LOL. But here we are kicking around more ideas for to encourage you to tell us what you think. O.k. it’s a cheap way to get you to post in our comments section and for me to do less work.

So this week, we start a new feature. Weekly Thoughts. I will present you with a player or a coach and a little bit about why they are this weeks subject and you tell the rest of us your thoughts on that player. This week? Channing Crowder.

The talk is that Channing is currently talking with the Miami Dolphins about a contract extension. His current contract runs out at the end of next season when he would become an UFA. Channing has a clause in his contract that would have enabled him to terminate his contract early and become a RFA, but he chose not to exercise it.

So what are your thoughts about the man who may become the veteran leader of our defense?

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  • Matt

    Channing obviously is talented…Learned from one of the best to ever play at the MLB position in Zack Thomas…He plays reckless at times but sometimes his instincts are what allow him to make some plays other LB’s wouldn’t chance…Having said that, Crowder misses more tackles than any Dolphin I have seen in a long time…Having Zack & Co. helped him tremendously…I can’t count the times when he would miss a sure tackle only to have Porter, Taylor, or Thomas clean up his mess…Is he Zack? No, but he is a serviceable MLB especially if Porter wakes up…Wish we would have brought in Dan Conner to add depth, but that’s a different story

  • ZuckFins

    As a long-time Gator fan, I had the pleasure of watching Channing in person for the 3 years he spent at UF and I loved him there (hell, I even bought his jersey after he was drafted) – he’s a beast with great physical attributes, but even I’m beginning to wonder whether he’ll live up to the promise that he showed as a collegiate player. Hopefully for the Fins, this year will be his time to shine and show the world that he can be a capable Mike linebacker, even without Zach helping him along.

  • Shed Dawg Mike

    Can’t disagree too much with either Matt or ZuckFins. I am actually surprised to hear that the current “regime” are in negotiations with Channing. Not that I don’t like Channing, because I do and I hope he steps up this year. HOwever, I would be very surprised if we signed him to an extension anytime soon. I would have thought the current staff would let the season play out and take thier chances if they wanted to re-up Crowder.

  • Ron Evans

    Quite frankly I’m surprised. To keep Crowder and cut Thomas seems crazy to me. If Crowder was the second coming that would be different but to make that choice based on nothing more than size (my thoughts) is not good. It’s funny but by next year I feel that we won’t see any of Nicky’s boys left; but thats for another thread. I, too, think the Club should take their chances and see just what they have in this guy.

  • Danny

    Is Crowder going to be ZT jr ?…NO but there is no ZT jr in the league. He was one in a million. However, he has skill and is smart, kind of weird but smart. He will not bet a top 5 mlb in the nfl but he will be a top 10 and that’s good enough for me as long as he doesn’t get over payed. top 5 mlb making 11 million per year don’t win championships. see. the pats, the g-men, the colts and even the steelers.

  • UK Redfish

    I’d have to agree with SD Mike,suprised we are negotiating.Its a pretty fair view by everybody so far. I have said I think he takes really bad angles at times and does miss a lot.In his defence he is always around the ball and is a smart young guy so new coaches may correct that.

  • MisterX

    I agree with most all of you. He is a gifted talent, this might be the year he comes into his own, I would be surprised if we sign him to an extension soon, we should see what we have in him first, we shouldn’t pay too much for him and our new coaching staff may be able to correct his technique.

    I have always liked Channing Crowder. He might be one of those players that just needs the right program to reach his potential. He’s only going into his 4th season and is till young enough to mold. He does have great size and instincts. Even if he misses some tackles, his numbers should look better this year without ZT in the middle. If he doesn’t ask for too much $, we should make him a permanent fixture. I believe that he could be a top 5, top 10 for years to come.