Josh McCown Gets Caught Holding His Wood

Call it brotherly love, jealousy, or just plain accidental, o.k. just call it the latter, but Josh McCown the Miami Dolphins most seasoned veteran had 6 stitches placed in his finger when his brother sliced through it while chopping wood.  I still can’t get the damn “woodchuck” riddle out of my mind.

Josh was apparently holding the wood which would then conjure images of some Looney Tunes cartoon where the hammer swings down to the railroad tie and hits the dude in the head…over and over and over again, when his brother missed.  So what the hell was Josh doing holding wood?  Sorry, I really couldn’t resist that last remark, but at least I didn’t attatch a picture.

While the injury is not considered serious, it could cause him to miss a day or two at the outset of training camp although unlikely. 


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  • Jeanne

    I was just reminded of something a Jaguar player did.

    Chris Hanson, who was our punter at the time (he is now with New England, I think), went to cut a piece of wood with an ax and missed and cut his leg open, keeping him out of the game for a couple of weeks.

  • Brian Miller

    Thats right, I remember that now.  Athletes and axes don’t mix…LOL

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  • Ron Evans

    I just read this and am sorry but I also posted about it in the forum. Sorry !!! :(

  • http://N/A Jayone

    No more other teams has beens!!!!!!!!! Miami needs a fresh start,with hard nose players and youths with GUTS and Heart!!!!!!!! To bring back the Csonka,Mercury,Blackwood days.It worked for the Dolphins D (J.J.era) and got little better in the Shula era when Brian Cox and Richmond Webb was drafted.