Holliday Pointing Fingers?

The Miami Dolphins got rid of a distraction on Sunday when they sent Jason “I’m not demanding a trade” Taylor to the Redskins by Bill “I’m not trading Jason Taylor” Parcells.  Now, Vonnie Holliday the guy who will now lead the Phins defensive line is opening his mouth to what could end up being yet another distraction.  Not smart.

When asked about the trade, Holliday seemed to be pointing a finger at Bill Parcells, he had this to say:

“I don’t quite understand the move. What exactly are we doing?”

Well Vonnie, it’s called a rebuild.  In case you don’t remember, and I do understand you were injured last year, the team finished with only 1 win.  As in 1-15.  With the recent drafting of Phillip Merling and Kendall Langford the time in Miami for Vonnie Holliday could be numbered.  With comments like that, which directly aim toward Bill Parcells, that time may be sooner than later.

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  • Loving

    I don’t understand why Holliday was so suprised by the trade. He is friends with Jason Taylor. I guess he thought JT would just keep bitching about another rebuilding season and he would stay like always. I guess everyone in the locker room know Parcells and Ireland aren’t goig to keep you on the team if you are not a team player. Personally I think they should trade Holliday for a more proven player.