Beck Could Be In Trouble

I admit it, I was one of those that said, “Beck will be o.k.” after Cam Cameron and the Miami Dolphins selected him last year. I was also one of those who said, “Beck will be o.k.” after he his dismal start and subsequent failed experiments in games last year. I also said, “Beck will be o.k.” after all the mini-camp talk and Josh McCown talk. Hell, I even predicted that John Beck would be the opening day starter.

Well, it looks like I may not only be wrong, but John Beck could be in trouble. I know, I know, it’s day 2 of training camp, but when Chad Henne starts to look like a better QB in only his 2nd practice, well, that could be a telling indication right there.  While I never liked the Ted Ginn pick at number 9 I find it a bit worrisome that no one, and I mean NO ONE has mentioned the receivers name.  In fact, the talk of camp at the WR spot has surrounded Ernest Wilford and an un-drafted rookie.

Here is the John Beck observations from Ben Volin.

  • Beck has the check-down to Ronnie Brown down cold. Otherwise, he looked terrible today.
  • In position drills, Beck throws a beautiful spiral. With a pass rush coming after him, every ball is a wounded duck. He’s lucky when they fall incomplete.
  • He throws a terrible interception to Nathan Jones (his second in two days). The very next play is an interception to Will Allen. Both passes were horrible decisions, with the receiver tightly covered.
  • Beck would’ve had a third interception, but Nathan Jones isn’t looking and the fade pass hits him in the back.
  • Beck is throwing off his back foot and doesn’t look comfortable at all. Henne, meanwhile, looks like Roger Staubach compared to Beck. At least he can step up in the pocket and hit David Martin streaking across the middle
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    • Mike

      I’m not surprised that Beck looks like he’s lost, and that we haven’t heard Ginn’s name. I would not at all be surprised to see Beck buried on the bench behind Henne and McCown.

    • Eric

      What’s up with this dis on Beck saying that he “looks like he’s lost?” when you weren’t even there to observe the session.  The other article “Training Camp Day 2″ seems to say that while Beck wasn’t great today, he did some good things.  Henne wasn’t great either.   From the accounts I read, Henne wasn’t superior.  Here’s the play by play for Henne from your site… His first snap is a fumble on a bad exchange with the RB.  Henne tries to force a pass, Renaldo Hill makes an easy interception.  Henne has a case of happy feet, is sacked by Vonnie Holliday.  That’s no Roger Staubach my friend.  “John Beck has a beautiful throw to David Kirkus. 50 yards, tight spiral, right on the money down the sideline.”  Please let your Brady Quinn bias go and give the mini-camp more than a couple days before you go trying to name a starting qb.

    • Brian Miller

      Eric:  I’m sorry, where did I “Diss” Beck?  I pointed out the fact that he looked horrible..according to reports from the Sun-sentinel, Herald, and the blog quoted Palm Beach Post.  No I wasn’t there but I doubt they are making it up.  It seems that he is having some of the same problems that he had last year…which is troublesome.  I like Beck.  I want him to get it together and start this year.

      As for Henne looking better, he did…in terms of not throwing 3 interceptions…could you also please point out where I said he looked “lost”?  In yesterdays look at TC, I was thrilled that Beck looked better than McCown…according to the papers.  This morning, I liked what Volin said about Beck as well with his long pass…then it all went downhill from there.

      Also, my friend, I was not a “Brady Quinn” homer.  I actually was cool with passing on Quinn even for Beck.  I was hoping we would have taken Patrick Willis or Akoye.  So that won’t float.

      And one more thing, I have been defending Beck on this site since he was drafted, so if I want to rip into him because he has yet get his stuff together, then I have a little bit of a right there.  I expect more from him.

    • Brian Miller

      Eric…NOW I am REALLY REALLY SORRY I thought you were posting that message to me….LOL.  Sorry about that.  It’s been a long, very long day…:(

    • Brian Miller

      Mike, I am very surprised to not be hearing Ginn’s name.  That really bugs me.  I have to assume that he is doing nothing grand nor bad to not be mentioned.  Still, it’s a tad bit early, hell last year we were all raving about Lorenzo Booker.  This year the rave is Davone Bess.  Who knows.  It’s day 2.

    • Jay in Raleigh

      For what it’s worth, today was only Beck’s second practice, too. He was “down” for the second session on Saturday. Through three practices, I don’t think I’ve seen a review that said any QB had more than a couple of nice throws. Lots of picks and sacks. That may be part of the reason we haven’t heard much about Ginn. You also have to remember that Defenses are typically far ahead of Offenses for the first week or so. Hopefully one of the QBs will step up in the coming weeks. I just hope it isn’t Josh McCown.

    • volsnascar9

      I would like to see the Dolphins get Favre.  I know there are ones here who don’t like that.  For a number one pick, why not.  If Favre wants to play several years, who knows.  I am tired of hearing about letting prospects and kids play.  You want to win, and if Favre would be interested and the pieces would fall in place, go for it.  What happens if Beck, Henne, and McCown turn out to be duds?  I would like a veteran player who can get this team to the next level.  You may say now they are several years away from winning again, but you have to start somewhere.  Favre may not want to play for the Dolphins.  All one can do is try if they were interested. 

    • SamDolphan

      I think Beck had a bad and maybe 2/3 of it was his fault.  This kid has thrown over 7500 balls this off-season, worked with his QB coach to revise his dilivery and learn to step into his throws.  He is working hard.  You can’t ask more from a 2nd year QB.  Give him some time to get his act together and for the WRs give them time to get their route running and timing with the QB.  I’ll bet that most of the negative commenters on this blog haven’t given as much effort on their jobs as Beck has on his.  Back off it’s early in TC to expect a contender from so many new playlers on it. 

    • Crocodile

      Let´s  wait until preseason games. I think much can change in a real game. Some scared guys can gain confidence and we will be surprized !?

      Dolphins 8-8 in 2008 !

    • Ron Evans

      Eric says – I agree with Eric, I mean one minute hes saying that Henne looks better then Henne fumbles and at the end Beck is having a nice TC. I’ve noticed that all three paper’s sport writers are down on John Beck and none of them seem to give him a snowballs chance. I will believe it when I see it or Tony says it but not before. I want to see john play for myself and then I’ll feel more like I know what is really going on. Was brought up to never trust the newspaper, sorry.

    • Brian Miller

      Ron:  They sure are down on the guy.  I know that the Herald tends to want to overplay the negative just surprised that the other two did so much.

      It’s really hard to say what the cause is really.  Is that the offense is just that weak?  Was the temperature causing the ball to slip out of these guys’ hands?  What? 

      At the end of the week we will have a better idea of what we will have out there…and even then that isn’t a clear sign either.  However, with the issues Beck displayed last year and the fact that he has been working all off season with the QB coach, I would think that he would not be throwing off his back foot as much….of course I say he is doing it because a few sportswriters say he is….LOL

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    • volsnascar9

      This is why I would like to see the Dolphins bring a veteran QB in to help Beck, Henne and who ever else needs it.  I am not looking at journey men either.  You have this opportunity to bring in someone who can mentor these kids.  That is why I like Favre.  He may not be interested and neither may the Dolphins.  Coaching is one thing, but having a veteran, who knows how the game should be played is another.  I think players will react and respond better to a person like Favre than their own coach.  Yes, I will keep on the Favre bandwagon because the coaches can’t solve all the problems on this team.

    • Jay in Raleigh

      The coaches may not be able to solve all of the problems on this team, but Favre can’t solve any of them. He could potentially delay having to deal with the QB problem for a year, and he could probably get the team to 7 or 8 wins…but is that really what anyone wants?