Your Thoughts On Week 1

What did you think of the Dolphins week 1 game against the Jets?

 Player of the week voting will be later this afternoon as well so check back for that poll.

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  • spooneman

    After watching this game a few things stood out to me.
    1. Our special teams looked like crap, especially the kickers. I thought Brandon Fields was supposed to have a big leg, 9 yard punt?
    2. Ronnie Brown looked better than Rickey.
    3. We gave up on the run too quick. In one of our last drives where we went 4 and out inside the 5 yard line. We passed on 3rd down in this series. If we knew we were going for it on 4th if we had to we should have ran on 3rd.
    4. The O-Line needs more time toghether.
    5. Who the hell let that lame duck pass by Favre get caught in the end zone? That ball was in the air forever. Whoever that was should be ashamed.
    6. Fasano is a great pick up.
    7.We should have won that freaking game!