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"The Guy Can't Find His Way Out Of A Huddle"

Ted Ginn - Cleveland.comFinally, someone said what many fans have been thinking since the day they heard “The Miami Dolphins select, Ted Ginn, Jr.”.  From the “whole Ginn family” comment to the lack of WR play that Ginn has shown, fans wonder if this is all there is…a 9th overall punt returner who is explosive but inconsistent.  On ESPN 760, Miami Dolphins Hall of Famer, Nick Buoniconti said “The guy looks like his lost on I-95.  The Guy can’t find his way out of a huddle”.

And so it begins.

The play of Ted Ginn has been less than stellar.  When you hear names like Desean Jackson a 2nd round pick becoming an integral part of the Philadelphia offense in his first game as a pro…fans will get upset.  When you hear about Eddie Royal lighting it up for the Denver Broncos, fans will grind their teeth.  When is Ted Ginn going to play like a 9th overall pick?  Will he ever?

“Here’s a guy who’s finally got to step up and start performing,” Buoniconti said. “They’ve been treating Ted Ginn with kid gloves, and I understand that. But younger guys now have to rise to the occasion, and they have to start playing.”

Of course Nick is right.  Ted Ginn had 32 all purpose yards on Sunday and failed to make a catch until the 4th quarter.  His route running was not good and he was manhandled in the endzone at the end of the game unable to outplay Darrel Revis for the ball.  Revis intercepted and the Dolphins lost.

The question is whether or not Ted Ginn is ready for this duty at all.  He didn’t see his first action as a WR until 2004 at Ohio State, a corner prior to that.  With the Dolphins lack of depth at that position maybe he should move back there.  

Ginn also does not benefit from a very poor WR corp.  Teams don’t fear the Miami Dolphins passing attack and there is no other players on the Dolphins that will take pressure off of Ginn allowing teams to not worry about one on one coverage deep, where Ginn can use his speed.  The lack of a QB that can throw a deep ball consistently also hurts his progress.

Is Ginn the product of inexperience and overall offensive team issues including a reliable deep throwing QB or is Ginn simply not an NFL WR.  While fans expect him to develop now, it tends to take a WR 2 full years to show he has it or not.  While Dolphins don’t want to wait any longer for this team start playing, at some point they all need to step up and that too includes Ted Ginn.

There comes a time when Miami fans will not want to see improvement from week to week but will start wanting to see results.  Improvement will only get you so far…at some point you need to start winning.  In the case of Ted Ginn, his contract and draft position may be the only reason he has time on his side…and that could run out sooner than later if he can’t improve.  Nick is right.

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  • MikeyG

    I have to defend GInn here. Royal has Cutler and they were playing the Raiders (wait til Marshalls back and see what Royal does). Jackson has McNabb and i believe is almost 6’3 and can has MOss like jumping ability. Last season he basically learned zero about being a wide reciever and with the phins not dressing wilford all the Jets did was press and jam Ginn at the line and have a safety rotate over and defend the deep ball which if we had a QB with the arm of McNabb he’d be able to blow past the coverage. I’d love to see the Phins do a PA deep ball to GInn on the first play of the game

  • http://phinphanatic.com Brian Miller

    I did say that there could be circumstances that are beyond his control, but there are also simple things that he isn’t doin…lik turning his route in front of the defender instead of behind him when running a cross.  Ginn has the athleticism but he isn’t using it right.  Even on punt returns he tends to hesitate instead of attacking the coverage unit with his speed.

  • MikeG

    my bad Jackson is 5’10 i was was thinking of Sweed

  • George (MaineDolfan)

    I think it’s still a hair too early to smack Ginn too hard.  While I wasn’t a fan of where he got picked….I still think he needs to get more time before saying whether he’s a bust or not.

  • http://phinphanatic.com Brian Miller

    I don’t know G…seems to me that he should at least be figuring out how to run a simple route by now.

  • MikeG

    i don’t think he’s been probably coached like you said in your article he only started playing WR in 2004. Not sure why Parcells doesn’t call in Keyshawn and have him work with Ginn in running routes probably and teaching him tricks off the trade. Deion Sanders apparently has been doing this for a couple years now. He makes them watch video and he tells them what there doing wrong and to stop trying to get by with just talent. Notable names he’s helped DeAngelo Hall Antoino Comertie and most recently Adam Jones. If that doesn’t work trade the 1stRd pick for Boldin and the Cardinals 2nd & 4thRD picks.

  • idahomer

    Ginn looked much better this preseason.  He showed obvious improvement, and was clearly the best WR in camp.  Crap he even worked his way onto many fantasy teams as all the experts suggested he was getting much better as well. This was one game, and Pennington not only has arm strength issues, but he had no time to throw any deep routes.  CP said himself that he was going through his reads too fast.  Ginn will be fine, but he needs time to learn the position (not his fault he was drafted at #9) and he also needs a QB that can throw him the ball.  I think Henne would do a much better job with his arm strength.  Pennington throws an accurate ball, but it’s in the air too long, especially on the deep balls, giving DB’s and safties time to gain ground while the ball is in the air..  Ginn only needs a step to catch the ball, then he’s gone (we’ve all seen him run away from people).  People are bashing him too early.  I think if he had Cutler or McNabb throwing him the ball he would be much further along in his development.

  • http://phinphanatic.com Brian Miller

    Regardless of what we think about him and the reasons why he is struggling…as I pointed out QB is a definite cause of concern, but still, he needs to start stepping it up.  This team can’t keep playing the progressing mode every week.  

  • milham

    Ginn… ‘was manhandled in the endzone at the end of the game unable to outplay Darrel Revis for the ball.  Revis intercepted and the Dolphins lost”

    I thought that was Bess!

    Ted will come good. You just watch.

  • kenneth t

    if they want to take the pressure off of ginn let bess play the slot next to him…All of last year we had welker thrown in our face as a dummy move.  bess can catch and some great route running.  confuse the space between where bess and ginn both make moves on the field and you can get the 1 on 1.

    im giving ginn the benefit of the doubt.  if he doesnt work out folks will be saying… hey ginn left football..now hes on gin :)