Chad Henne is, "not going to change the way I play". Photo courtesy Miami Sun Sentinel.

Can't They Just Give Me A Break?

Today, I had every intention on sitting around catching up on some TV, maybe even get a little bit of that “honeyDo” list done.  Seemed to work for part of the day and just when I was done with the list…partially…I check my Email.  Then I check the news.  Then I realize that the Miami Dolphins just won’t give me a break.  

You would think that the Dolphins would be content to just prep for this weekends game against the New England Patriots.  You would be wrong.  I thought that…and I was wrong.  Of course it’s not really their fault, they don’t report what goes on at practice…the media does…so now I will just blame them.

It appears that Ernest Wilford is back to dropping passes again.  Relegated to the 4th and 5th WR position, Wilford dropped two out of 3 passes and enjoyed an expletive in his ear from Tony Sparano who apparently is done with the mental mistakes of this group.

Ikechuku Ndukwe is still lining up with the first team offensive line at RG in place of injured Donald Thomas.  Now I have to tell you, while I am not completely sold on this kid yet, I love his attitude.  It was reported earlier this week that when Sparano pulled the “straight from the plane to the training facility all nighter”, so did Ndukwe.  It impressed the coach.  It impressed me.  While the other players headed home and took out their frustrations for the Cardinals loss in their own way, here is this young kid reviewing game film at 2 in the morning.  I’m impressed…seriously.  I like guys that go the extra mile to improve…regardless of the outcome in the end.  It shows dedication and commitment to get better.

Ronnie Brown is now running with the first team unit which means that Ricky Williams is running with the 2nd team.  It is interesting to me that Ricky is not faring better even with a poor Oline.  This is not the first time in Miami that he has had a bad offensive line in front of him.  Still, neither player is finding much room to run.

File this one under the “Why am I not surprised?” category, but Renaldo Hill is now the starting safety in place of…you guessed it, Chris Crocker.  Crocker has been dismal in the first two games and has given up 3 big plays that were either touchdowns or led to touchdowns.  The “I’m not surprised” part is the fact that Jason Allen is nowhere to be seen in that rotation.  Anyone else think that his days in Miami end this season?

Speaking of ending, Channing Crowder looks more and more like he will be on the way out of Miami as well.  The Dolphins have yet to start discussing a contract extension with the LB and have stated they will not do so at this point.  Earlier in the off-season it was rumored that the two sides were working on a deal, that rumor was untrue.  Crowder is in the final year of his rookie contract and while the Phins may still work out a deal as the season progresses, Crowder will have to show he is worth it.

The other Dolphin that is in a contract year is RT Vernon Carey and to be honest I have heard nothing on whether or now the team wants to sign him either.  It is possible they will continue to evaluate the tackle but Parcells tends to like bigger lineman so he may feel it is unnecessary to keep him.  Carey will likely get a contract in the 43 million dollar range after the season.

Mark Ingram, the former Phins and Giant is headed to prison for money laundering and bank fraud.  His sentence is for 7 years and over 200,000 in restitution.  This is his 3rd time.

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  • RickyNeverInhaled

    i’m excited about Ronnie starting and Crocker being on the bench where he belongs.

  • Deof Movestofca

    There’s at least one bright spot I can think of: as much as I hate to see ANY player hurt, Brady’s injury all but eliminates any chance of the Patsies going 19-0.

  • kentay305

    looks like ernest wilford is getting over like archuletta getting money from team to team… stuck the rams and got paid and got cut… and then did the same to the bears.

    before i got on … ITS ONLY 2 GAMES…

    I dont see how a line thats been playing together since the first game of the season really can get ripped for not performing. we do need some daylight for the rbs to get some yardage on first down.  for crowder its too early to even be talking about contract extensions.

    All that i said leads to one thing.   we have to keep in mind we are looking at performance from the players.  the picks we chose this year are doing just that  and i cant rant about that.  the ones who want to stay around and stay a fin will perform simple as that.

  • Deof Movestofca

    So, was Sunday’s win enough of a break for you?  Just checking.  :D

  • Brian Miller

    OH YEAH!!!