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The Miami Dolphins are set to head into Foxborough, Mass with an 0-2 record 

and swirling questions.  Apparently, that doesn’t mean that one Joey Porter can sit on his duff and realize that talking out of the cheeks of his rear will do this team no good.  About the only thing that the overpaid and underplaying oft injured LB has done, is give the New England Patriots and QB Matt Cassel something for their bulletin board.  If of course they can stop laughing long enough to put it up.

“It will be good to go out and get our first victory” Porter said to reporters on Wednesday.  ”I just know [Cassel] is not a Tom Brady”.

Perhaps the back spasmed LB was talking through a pain killing induced delirium.  While those comments are far from being overly critical, he couldn’t just leave it there.  No, this is Joey Porter and as silent as he has been on the field, it was only a matter of time before he opened his yap off it.


“If it’s not Tom Brady, it shouldn’t be that hard. . . . They won last week, but it’s not like they were putting up the crazy 40 points they were when they had Tom.

“So, it’s a different offense, it’s a different team without Tom there. I don’t care what anybody says. It’s not the same team without Brady.”

Not like they put 40 points?  No, but last week the Dolphins gave up 31 in what seemed like the first half of the Cardinal game.  The Arizona Cardinals may have Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, but the Patriots still have Randy Moss and Wes Welker.  Not exactly a bunch of useless WR’s like say, I don’t know, Derek Hagan and Ernest Wilford.

The fact is that this team, especially Joey Porter who has been nothing short of a monumental free agent error should be talking smack about anything or anyone.  The New England Patriots are already trying to prove that they can win without Tom Brady.  Last week they put down the team that was supposed to inherit the division…the overspent New York Jets.

So when the Patriots get done laughing about the comments of J-Peezy, they will surely be ripe now for a lesson in humility.

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  • spooneman

    At least someone has faith in the team. Even if it’s misguided its nice to see confidence coming somewhere from this team. I understand Joey’s track record but I don’t have a problem with what he said at all. In fact I agree with him. The Patriots aren’t the same team with out Brady. It’s too early for me to start giving up on every game and start criticizing players that speak about the game’s with confidence and swagger. If the Dolphins were 2-0 I don’t think we would hear any negative spins on Joey’s comments coming from the the fans or the local media.

  • Brian Miller

    While I might agree with you in principle, IMO…speaking out on anything in any form of smack talk after last weeks game, is not smart.  Play like your a winner, play like your not a loser, play like you are gifted, and then talk smack…even if it’s just minor smack.

  • RickyNeverInhaled

    i’m torn between two opposing arguments. I love Joey’s smack talk. that’s what i loved about him in pittsburgh. but he earned the right to do it in pittsburgh and he definitely hasn’t earned that right in miami.

  • Deof Movestofca

    I don’t think anyone, not even Porter himself, took his comments seriously, but rather he seems to be trying to fire up his teammates.  And it’s not like he has anything to lose by such talk.  Who knows?  Even if it doesn’t lead to a win this week, perhaps they’ll show enough to hang tough and gain some much-needed confidence.

  • kentay305

    it wont be randy moss that kills us its going to be sammy morris and wes welker crossing the field that will be the threat.  their first 2 rb’s are injured and they need help… its going to be a surprising and competitive game.

    nobody but the cardinals have 2 certified DEER streaking across the field like that.  this will be closer than folks think.  a messy game and i have carpenter giving us our first W this year

  • Sickofthislosing

    im praying that we win this game because first of its against the Cheat-roits and 2ndly we have on;y seen 1 win in the last 21 games.
    Here’s us compared to the other laughing stocks

    1-20 ouch must be the worst streak in NFL history
    Falcons (there QB want to jail but at least they had a QB)
    Lions(the F***ing lions hace 6 more wins F***) 
    I swear if the Patriots hadn’t made the run to perfection, Brady hadn’t DIED and Shanahan wasn’t crazy this serves as a distraction to every Phin fan beacuse if this dirty little secret got out to the WORLDit would  cause Phin fans to jump off bridges or even go to NE and kidnap the NE coaching staff and put Marijuana in Moss’s locker even take photo’s on Kraft sleeping with NFL officals. People desperate time call for desperate measures if Porter want to talk smack let him if he wants to attack Levi Jones in Vegas go ahead if NE want to put Brady back in after JT returns a Matt Cassell pass for a TD and let him throw his 6th TD beacuse the score was 42-21 let him because when we beat NE we can all stand up and saw we’ve won 2 of the last 22 games and put the league on notice that win 3 should only be 2 weeks after that and win four should be the week after that win 5,6,7 soon to follow that the Phins are BACCCCCCKKKKKKKKK to challenge the AFC East before Obama administration has left office.

  • Sickofthislosing

    sorry for the rant i kinda had a mint break with reality

  • Brian Miller