Phins Win Ends Patriots Regular Season Streak

The Miam Dolphins were the last team to beat the New England Patriots, way back in 2006.  Today, the Miami Dolphins ended that streak.  Along the way, the Dolphins knocked the Patriots off the AFC East top for the first time in over 40 weeks.  More incredible was the final score, Miami 38 and New England 13.

By now you know all about the score.  You know how the team who only a week before found themselves on the losing end of a route at the hand of the Cardinals.  Today, the Phins played flawlessly.  Joey Porter backed up his talk with 3 sacks, Randy Starks had an interception, and both Renaldo Hill and Yeremiah Bell dropped 2 other would be interceptions.

The Dolphins came out and won the coin toss, they deferred to the 2nd half.   It would be a wise decision.  The first series for the Patriots was a 3 and out. The Dolphins followed suit on their first drive.  New England would be intercepted by Starks on third and 13 from the Dolphins 16.  The Phins would drive the field on the ensuing possession and score their first game leading touchdown of the season.  

New England would answer with a field goal but Miami would answer with a touchdown making the score 14-3.  Again, the Patriots would answer with another field goal and the Dolphins would take the ball on the following kick off and go 77 yards in 3:55 on 9 plays and put the ball into the end-zone for a half time lead of 21-6.  

The Dolphins took that momentum into the 3rd quarter and while they stalled on the opening drive of the 2nd half, it was clear that the Phins would answer the Patriot half-time adjustments.

The real story was Ronnie BrownSun-Sentinel.  Brown scored 4 touchdowns on the ground and one more in the air.  Brown was all over the field offensively.  Lining up on 3 occasions for scores as the lone “player” in the backfield.  Brown would take the direct snap with Ricky Williams in motion and QB Chad Pennington split wide.  Brown took the snap up the middle for 3 touchdowns.  His lone toss was to Anthony Fasano who also was much more involved than last week.

This week the Dolphins enter their bye week.  They take with it a confidence that they have not had in over 2 years.  This is not the second win in 22 games, this is their first win in 3 games.  The Dolphins are 1-2, one game behind the Jets and Patriots.  While one game may not win a season, it is a dangerous thing to give to a young team…confidence that is…because they don’t know they are supposed to lose.

Today, the Miami Dolphins realized that they can win, and did they ever.

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  • RickyNeverInhaled

    I’m loving the sad picture of bellycheat! you should put it on the banner!

    Joey Porter can talk crap every day and twice on sunday!

    The Phins gave me a reason to smile for 2 weeks! I can’t wait to wear my dolphins hard hat at work tomorrow!

  • ReTurn2Glory

    That was a really nice win.  Important for two reasons: 1. It goes a long way for building confidence.   2. It shuts up the whiners and allows Parcells, Ireland, and Sparano to continue doing what they do without having to hear it from the fan base and the media.

    They didn’t just beat the Patriots, they kicked their ass!!  That was awesome.  I hope they build on it and bring that into the game in two weeks.

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  • Shady

    I got married yesterday – and oh boy did the Phins give me one helluva wedding gift!!! :) :) :)

  • Brian Miller


    Your life will officially now be over…LOL.  Just Kidding….Good luck to the both of you and by the sounds of it, it’s off to a GREAT Start!!!!
  • Shady

    Couldn’t get any better if I’d written the script myself!!! :)

  • RickyNeverInhaled

    Shady, can you re-do your vows when we play the chargers?

  • Shady

    Think it’d take at least ten years for me to build up to going through all that again… although if we reach the post-season… ;)