Miami Still Kicking New Englands' Ass!

It’s bad enough that New England Patriots fans have had to endure two weekends of hell…o.k., it really isn’t that bad, word is now out that the Patriots just got sacked again and they aren’t even playing.  The Elias Sports Bureau has seen fit to kick the Patriots in the teeth some more.  So the Miami Dolphins are still getting a laugh and Joey Porter just sacked Cassel…AGAIN!

According to a review done by the ESB, what was a one yard rush on a Joey Porter strip has been reclassified as a Joey Porter sack.  The adjustment brings Porter’s sack total to 5 and one more closer to his goal of at least 10.  Even on a bye week the Dolphins are still kicking their ass.

No word yet on whether or not Ronnie Brown has scored again though.  Stay tuned…

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