Defense Fails To Make An Appearence

The Miami Dolphins needed a win to stay a game back of division leading New York, who beat the previously unbeaten Titans today, but alas, while the offense showed up at the stadium, the defense stayed home.

The game was close for the better part of 3 quarters when the teams traded scores until the New England Patriots pulled away on the final play of the 3rd quarter giving them a 10 point lead heading into the 4th quarter. The Dolphins would respond to bring it to within 3 but the Dolphins defense could not stop Matt Cassel and the Randy Moss show.

Cassel today did what Tom Brady could not do, throw for consecutive 400 yard games. Cassel tossed for 415 yards and 3 touchdowns with one interception. He added another TD on his legs. For the Patriots it was retribution for the 38-13 drubbing they took at the hands of the Dolphins in week 3. Today, they posted 48 points and won by 20.  Randy Moss and Wes Welker combined for 225 yards and Moss hauled in 3 TD catches.

For the Phins, Chad Pennington posted a 341 yard game and 3 touchdowns with one critical late game pick that could have kept the Phins in the game.  The Dolphins running game netted 62 yards.  37 yards by Ronnie Brown and 21 by Ricky Williams.  

The season long healthy Dolphins took their knocks today.  Jake Long missed 3 series late with an ankle injury but returned and the Dolphins lost Greg Camarillo with a knee injury that could leave them without him for the season.  He did not return.

Of course what would a Miami-Patriots game be without at least one classless act by Bill Belichick? With 46 seconds left in the game, the ball on the one, 4th down and a 13 point lead, Billy went for it and ran the ball in to give the team the final margin.

Patriot guard Matt Light was ejected in the 4th following a successful Patriots FG when he grabbed Dolphins LB Channing Crowder by the hair and continually punched him. Crowder would be ejected as well for pushing Light. The two teams played a very physical game with both sides laying serious hits on the other.

While the talk of late has been on the Phins chances of making the playoffs, this setback does not eliminate the Phins but it doesn’t bode well for their chances. The Phins are now two games back of NY, one game back of NE, and tied for 3rd with Buffalo who ended their losing skid today. The Dolphins will try and rebound next week against the St. Louis Rams while the Patriots will face the Steelers.

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  • Shady

    Actually I think Crowder was ejected for removing his helmet, flinging his hair in to Lights left hand then repeatedly headbutting his right fist. After that he made things worse by disgracefully backing away, smiling, and shrugging his shoulders.

    The NFL are sure to throw the book at him for such disgraceful behaviour…

  • Brian Miller


  • http://MusketFire Matt


    I have to say that was a great game back and forth all afternoon. Till about the 9 minute mark left in the fourth, I had no idea who was going to win this game. I have nothing except high praise for the Dolphins on the offensive side of the ball. They played great the majority of the game. Of course both defenses didn’t show much of anything, except for a few moments of brightness.

    Now come on Brian, you of all people know it’s about playing the game till the final tick of the clock. Saying that Belichick was classless in scoring a TD with Green-Ellis in the final seconds of the game is just plain sad. First it allows the rookie to get a few carries, some more game play. Which might come in handy for him later in the season with the way injuries seem to creep up on us. It’s also pathetic, that a Dolphin fan would complain about it. No one ever said anything when the Dolphins ran the score up back in week three now. It’s called the NFL play till the end. Not the NF(Stop when you build a lead, so the other team doesn’t feel so bad)L.

    Talk like that will only take away from the positives that Miami had on the afternoon. Like the play with Camarillo and Martin. They had great games and Miami could only get better by involving them and Ginn Jr more into the offense. For what it’s worth neither team’s bound for the playoffs as of now, and neither of them are out of it also. Still a lot of ball left to play. Good luck to both teams and let’s hope the Jets can lose to the Broncos next week.

    Matt – MusketFire

  • Shady

    The Dolphins were taking knees while Foxboro emptied. The Pats were still running in TD’s in Miami.

    Cowboys kneeled it out in the red zone with 1:48 left in the game against San Francisco today. Guess they’re playing in a different league too.

    Class and sportsmanship.

  • Brian Miller

    As did Westbrook last year sliding down at the one.  Guess that’s a different league as well.

    Sorry Matt…say what you want but that was still classless.
  • metatron1221


    You’re full of sh*t.

  • http://MusketFire Matt


    The reason Westbrook did that was if he scored, their opponent would of gotten the ball back with a minute to play and would of had a chance to still tie the game.  Oh that and he wanted to kill all the fantasy owners that started him and would of won had he scored that TD LOL.  But hey whatever if Miami fans want to cry and be babies than so be it.  I’ll say it, you lost, forget it, move on, and quite whining about it.  Just go beat up on the Rams and enjoy the easy scheldue you have left.  Your playoff hopes aren’t done, stop acting like it’s all over for this year.


  • Shady

    No comment about Dallas?

    Nothing to say about Miami taking knees?

    You know, to come trolling in another teams board after a win using emotive words such as sad and pathetic is going to prompt a response. Yet still you’re not being attacked.

    Want to talk about bad losers? I’ve only seen people question the points you’ve raised. Sounds more like a bad winner to me.

    JHMO :)

  • OrlandoNole

    “it’s about playing the game till the final tick of the clock.” Do you deny stating this to Brain? So if this is the case why did the Pats take a knee against KC, NYJ, SF, Den, StL (and that gave StL the ball back), and Buffalo, yes if you are counting (which I doubt you can) that is 6 of the Pats 7 wins this year they have not played to the “final tick of the clock.” It’s only against the Dolphins that they decide to do that. So I guees by what you say they didn’t play the whole game in those 6 cases?

    Bottom line is your boy Billy boy is a poor sport. The Fins handed him his arse in week three and he didn’t like it, so like a spoiled little brat when he had the chance he was going to try and get some payback.

    Dude, get a clue. I know you are a Patriots fan, and that’s fine because my wife is too, but even the most rabid Pats fan can’t really spin what Belly boy did at the end of the game yesterday as anything but classless. And that’s the wicked truth…

  • spooneman

    Even if you take yesterdays game out of the equation there are still many examples and reasons to call Bella-Cheat classless. I don’t even think that can be debated. Yes, he will do what ever it takes to win but he is still a A-hole and a cheat. The game was a lot of fun to watch u until the point we lost. I think we played into the Pats game and didn’t run the ball enough, aka control the clock. I expect no more League action against Crowder and a 1 game suspension for Light. Dan Deredorf (I don’t know how to speel his name) was such an apologist for the officials all game long it made me sick. That pass interference call toward the end of the game should have been on Moss. Anyway next up the mighty Rams, I hope we take out our frustration from Sunday out them this week.

  • Matt Light

    Matt Light’s Pimp hand is strong. He needed to establish some discipline to the young bitch. She squealed at first, but then began acting like a typical battered woman; kinda smiling and pretending that the beat down didn’t actually happen. At least she knows her place now. It didn’t have to be this way. It looked like King Kong Bundy vs Milli Vanilli.

  • OrlandoNole

    I gotta say, Matt that run Musket Fire is a piece of work. He comes over here mouths off and when he’s called out on doesn’t respond. I took a trip over to his blog, which by the way apparently have zero viewers and posted my post to him here over there after he was oozing over the win Sunday. The class guys and most Pats fans are, he deleted it off the site…too funny….LOL