So Bill Has Naked Pictures Of Roger Goodell

It is true.  The slap on the wrist for his Spygate antics, the brush off over the St. Louis Rams Super Bowl win, and now, once again, Bill Belichick and his cronies that he calls players walk away without so much as a scratch.  So it goes without saying that Bill Belichick must have naked pictures of Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner.  What he does with them personally, I really don’t want to know.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, both Matt Light and Channing Crowder have been fined $15,000 by the league for their fight that resulted in both players being ejected last Sunday.  The NFL interviewed both players and decided that equal fines should be doled out.

According to Mort, the NFL said that Crowder instigated the fight with verbal slander (smack talk) and that Matt Light retaliated by pulling off Crowder’s helmet and then, after grabbing CC by the dreads, began throwing punches to the top of CC’s head.  It’s the old NFL “Sticks and Stone may break your bones, but your words are just harmful” lymrick.

Matt Light should have been suspended at least one game check as he clearly used physical force in his retaliation.  The is the first time that I can recall any fines being levied equally for using abrassive smack talk.  This is typical NFL punishment towards the Patriots who apparently can do no wrong.  

“Hey Roger, this is Bill”

“Ummm, Hi Bill.”

“Listen, we need Matt this weekend, it’s the Steelers and we can’t get Cassel killed…we want to win the SB again this year.”

“Sorry coach, but I really have no choice.  I have to suspend him for that fight”.

“Yeah, listen Rog, remember those pictures I turned over to you last year after that fat freak in NY gave me up?  Well, I still have the negatives”.

Roger hangs up.

“Gene, this is Roger, I’ve decided to just “Fine” Light…give him the same as that Miami guy…whatever his name is…the one that looks like Bob Marley”.

“Roger, he threw punches, we need to suspend him.”.

“Nah, no need, just boys being boys…that’s all.”


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  • spooneman

    Why hasn’t this gotten more pub in mainstream sports media? It’s obvious Light should  have gotten a 1 game suspension. I wasn’t even following it because I thought it was a given. This is crap. All the chowder heads like calling other fans cry baby’s because we speak up about the biased treatment that franchise receives. Well guess what you obnoxious, irritating, delusional, self absorbed retards. IT”S THE TRUTH!

  • Shady

    Puzzled by the proportions of the fines. If, IF, Crowder was badmouthing Light it goes on in every game. I don’t see how that equates to popping a players helmet, dragging his head down by the hair then hitting him three times over the back of the head with a clenched fist.

    This sets a bad precedent now around the league. Someone says something you don’t like? Wanna take an opposing player out of the game? Pop his helmet and take a few shots at him. You get him out of the game and don’t need to worry about suspension.

    What’s to stop from us going up to New Jersey in the last game of the season and telling one of our ST guys to start at Safety, start an argument with Coles and start swinging at him. Gets him out of the game and worst you’ll get is a fine and a telling off.

    The League really needs to get some consistency here on the discipline issue or it’s in danger of becoming a joke.