Mangini Joins Browns

Have you ever wondered how bad teams stay bad teams?  Look at the Detroit Lions.  Can you honestly name more than 1 head coach in their franchises history?  Rod Marinelli doesn’t count and I will give you Wayne Fonts.  The Cleveland Browns were a team to be reckoned with in the 80′s and late 70′s but never put together a season that won them a championship…thank John Elway for that.  Apparently they have not learned their lessons.  The Browns and former NY Jets HC Eric Mangini have agreed to a deal.

Not sure but didn’t Mangini rub everyone the wrong way in NY?  You think Jets fans are bad try going to a Browns game on the lake…seriously.  Mangini made his first unofficial move…he hasn’t formally been introduced yet…by getting his first coach, Rob Ryan for defensive coordinator.  From Oakland.  There should be your first sign.  And if you believe the reports from Adam Schefter, the Browns decided to go with Mangini rather than pursue Patriots personnel guru Scott Pioli…oh yeah, there’s a good move.  Pioli may or may not be overrated but I think I would trust my franchise to a guy like that over Mangini.

The Jets are still looking for a head coach and some believe that former Ravens HC Brian Billick will be the guy but for now the focus in the AFC is on the Browns who landed what could be and likely will be another dud…you think they would have learned by now about hiring former New England Patriot coaches.  Don’t they realize the Wayne Fonts could have coached that well with the players on that team?

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