How Sweet It Is...

I will personally love this time of year for a long long time.  Especially the ESPN clips and the media high-lights and the…David Tyree replays.  Nothing in this world is as satisfying as watching memories of the greatest football game ever played, that of course being last years Super Bowl.  (See David Tyree catch below)

While NFL Network replayed the New England Patriots Super Bowl win over the Rams, I couldn’t help but smile knowing that they were not showing last years game.  Perhaps I missed it earlier in the week or last week while I was out of town.  

Still, you can’t miss the comments of some ESPN anchor reiterating what we all already know, the Patriots loss last year was the biggest choke job in history…I hear that even Linda Lovelace called Billy boy after the game to thank him.  

Espn has had some great moments such as the player interviews during media week…the Patriot players and my favorite of course is Tom “can’t touch this” Brady saying “They can’t hold us to 17 points“.  Or something like that.

Of course there are those bitter bitter Patriot fans who look at this as a slap in their face as kick them when they are down type thing.  Hell there are some who will say that this is nothing more than bad sportsmanship and will be quick to point out how many Super Bowls they won compared to the Phins.  They are all right of course.  Still, in the history of the Miami Dolphins, we didn’t choke.

Perfection is near impossible and last year the Patriots flirted with her.  Perhaps it was Gisele Bundchen who put her foot down and said “I will be only perfect 10 in Tom’s life”…not realizing of course that she doesn’t hold a candle to Bridgett Moynahan and her son with the middle name Jet…God love her.

Yet, for all the “Spygate” claims, the pre-game Super Bowl filming accusation’s, the Patriots still found a way to turn up their noses to the NFL, it’s competition, and the Commissioner.  The Patriots are a good football team, no question about that and it was proven again this year when a Bradyless team still posted an 11-5 record and narrowly missed the playoffs.

Still, good, bad, or indifferent, the Patriots will not be remembered for beating the Rams in the Super Bowl no matter how many times they replay the game on NFL Network.  They won’t be remembered for beating the Panthers or the Eagles either…not outside of Patriotfanland.  No, they will be remembered for last years Super Bowl.  It will be talked about by the media when one of those players is up for the Hall of Fame.  It will be talked about when/if the Patriots go back to the Super Bowl, it will be talked about each year when one team stands poised to make another run at Bridgett.  That is the legacy of the Super Bowl….and that is why I am loving this years.  Just fond fond memories.





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