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Shane, our resident college expert, wrote a great article for the website  You can check it out by following this link.  Shane takes a good look at the draft and the positions that the Phins may target with their picks.  Check it out and find out why Shane doesn’t think the Phins will draft a WR before the 4th round.

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  • Matt

    I am not sold on Brian Cushing or Clay Mathews…I think both are good collegiate players, but I don’t see them being very good in the NFL – see Bobby Carpenter…

    Personally, I would hope if Hakeem Nicks is still there in Round 1, that we would see how badly we REALLY do need a #1 WR…Camarillo is a solid #2…Bess a solid #3…Ginn a solid playmaker who can throw the football if they would let him…none of them will strike enough fear for people to respect the passing game to the extent of adding a true #1 WR…Nicks is that guy…

    In round 2, I would hope that Alphonso Smith lasts until our first #2 pick, if he doesn’t, like you said, there are plenty of CBs to take…with that 2nd pick, I would hope we look NT or OT as we need depth in both positions…

    In round 3, I would take another CB as some will slide to this position because of the sheer number of quality CBs in this draft…

  • Butler

    No way Alphonso lasts that long, IMO. He’ll be gone in the first. But there could be Sean Smith there, possibly.

  • Todd

    Great job, Shane.  Unfortunately, Matt, I don’t feel you see the Phins through Tuna’s eyes. No insult intended.  We will become a run-first team, not a passing team.  We have other more pressing needs right now than finding a “#1″ WR.  Our WR core is young and will only improve with experience.  People are some how forgetting that we had solid passing year, and it was our power running game that was lacking.  Miami doesn’t want to go away from, or ignore, what it wants to be it’s strength (power running game) just to draft a #1 WR.  That’s counter productive to everything BP did last year with drafting Long #1, Murphy, and Thomas… and speding big $ on Smiley.  A smart GM will finish what they started and develop their strenghts first before moving else where.  We only rushed up the middle 101 times for 307 yards. NOT ACCEPTABLE for a “smash mouth” offense.  Our WR’s are young- IE we dont have to worry about the age factor. Our DB’s are older and there is more pressure on CB’s in a 3-4 as they have to play a lot of man coverage.  A quality “roaming” FS is needed to help the “man-man corners” which allows the SS to play near the box to help stuff the run. 
    So.. to finish the 3-4 and become like Balt, we need
    A. MLB- physical monster to stuff the run (dont have)
    B. MLB- quick & fluid who can drop in coverage (need upgrade)
    C. CB- solid #1 blanket CB is key. (we don’t have)
    D. FS- fast, Ball hawk who can QB the secondary (we dont have)
    E. NT- immovable force who can clog the middle, stuff the run and open up plays for the MLB. (We need depth to rotate a fresh body as Ferguson is old) 
    F.OLB- strong pass rusher to groom behind aging Joey.
    *To be a top defense, the players in a 3-4 have to work as a unit just like Balt’s does.  You can’t have a missing link. This is why this trumps taking a WR on Day 1.

  • Matt

    None taken, I respect your opinion…you obviously have a clue what you are talking about…Well, I just hope they address that MLB spot in free-agency with someone like Dansby or even try and lure the OLBs Baltimore has on Free Agency in Suggs/Scott…

    I know we really need a playmaker CB and depth at the NT position…I just hope somewhere in the draft we bring on another WR, regardless of when it is…

  • Todd

    The O-line also relies on working as a unit… so a stong, cohesive unit trumps an individual WR all day long, especially for a running team.  Games are won in the trenches, not outside.

  • Todd

    I completely agree, Matt.  I think we’re at the point we can get a guy in mid rounds who is a project #1 WR w/o the pressing need of spending a 1st day pick on one like we would if we were a passing team like Cincy.  Trust me, I live in Raleigh NC. I’d love nothing more than to see Nicks in Miami.  I’ve watched him play all year- he’s unstoppable and the perfect physical kind of WR our offense could use if he had the luxury of drafting one in the first round.

  • Todd

    sorry… if “we” had the luxury.  ooops. 

  • Todd

    Alphonso likes to play zone where he can use his instincts to jump routes and make plays like Brandon Flowers last year, only faster though.  He might not fit our man-man coverage scheme, which sucks b/c he’s a guy you want playing for you!!!

  • Todd

    -DJ Moore, Darius Butler, and Dominique Johnson fit our man-man CB, potential #1 mold.  
    -Shaun Smith, Louis Delmas, Rashad Johnson fill our ball-hawk FS need.  (unfortunately, IMO, Miami needs to seal this position down early and NAIL it!  It’s too important as FS will have to pull up the slack from our CB’s)
    -I’m having trouble figuring out our future MLB with this class.  ugg.  Dansby would really help!!  I like the idea of converting OLB Clint Sintim to SMLB (mike) who can stuff the run and blitz like Zach Thomas of old.   I also like converting WOLB Tyrone Mckenzie to WILB… and adding  ILB/OLB Jasper Brinkley to stuff the run on 3rd/4th and short and goal line.   enough talking on my part!!  LOL. 

  • Todd

    This is how I would mock it (if we get the extra #2):  thoughts Shane?
    1. SMLB- Clint Sintim,  trade back for him and pick up extra 5-6th rounder. (to stuff the run, blitz QB, and take over for retired Joey)
    2a. C- Alex Mack (perennial all-pro center to QB our O-line for next 10 years)
    2b. CB- Darius Butler (fast man CB/potential blanket #1)
    2c. FS- Louis Delmas (fast, field roaming, ball-hawk who can QB secondary,  ala Ed Reed)
    3. WMLB-Tryone McKenzie (quick, instinctive WOLB at USF who makes plays all over the field)
    4. WR- Pat White  (you explained him already LOL)
    5. NT- Sammie Lee Hill (huge, agile, run stuffer with great character)
    6. G- Louis Vasquez (big and powerful project!! This years Donald Thomas?)
    7a. MLB- Jasper Brinkley  6’2, 270 solid (short yardage run stuffer who was a 2nd round prospect last year- injury is fine)
    7b. WR- DJ Boldin (tough reliable kid who’s play reminds me a lot of his brother’s)
    7a. QB  (BPA)