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Ricky Williams Days Numbered?

The news out of Miami or at least about Miami just keeps rolling in and around the NFL rumor mill.  The Phins have shored up their deep secondary with the signings of Yeremiah Bell and Gibril Wilson as FS and SS for the foreseeable future and now a new name pops up.  Ricky Williams.  

Is his future with the Dolphins coming to an end?

The Dolphins signed Ricky to a one year extension last season and Williams became a part of the successful “Wild Cat” offense.  Now Ricky and his 3.5 million dollar cap hit could be gone.  

While no one is talking, it’s something to keep an eye on.  Surely the Dolphins would try and trade Williams before cutting him.  I mentioned a while back that the Phins could have a new RB on the roster next season and if the team can trade (to Dallas) Ricky, then it’s possible the team will be shopping for someone to help take the load off Ronnie Brown.

For all you Williams fans…no worries yet, it’s speculation, conjecture, and of course rumor…for now.

Is Ricky Williams worth 3.5 million?

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  • hawk9810

    I hope he stays..  But business is business.  Cobbs is no sloutch.  And he is probably more of a threat in the Wildcat!

  • volsnascar21

    Brian, what do you think and what would you like to see happen to Ricky Williams?

  • Brian Miller

    I think 3.5 million is a lot to pay Ricky.  I wasn’t all that impressed with him last year.  He had some good runs and the one he had against Seattle was really nice.  Still, that’s a lot of dough for a part time running back.  I would try and trade him.

  • http://landryhat davedallasfan

    i think ricky has some value out there for a team with rb needs. he has’nt had a lot of miles on the motor, so he could be o workhorse type back. ? you mentioned possibly dallas for a trade. was that last year? i just don’t see dallas making any moves at rb this year. with barber trying to re-establish his role in the offense and felix and choice really having some great rookie promise, i just don’t see the cowboys making any additions to our corp? i could be wrong cause you never know what jerry may do if the price is right, but thats it. the price would have to be right. if you guys traded him, 3.5 mil would eat up almost all of the additional money we get in cap space this year, and it sounds like jerry will put any extra cash in defense. probably all defense. i like ricky, always have, i just don’t see dallas as an option?