More Signings/Rumors & Renaldo Hill Gone

The Miami Dolphins officially lost Safety Renaldo Hill today when he signed with the Denver Broncos.  Hill received a deal worth 10 million over 4 years with 3 million guaranteed.  While the Dolphins spent the first day of free agency entertaining a 3rd string OG and the signing him, the NY Jets were their normal busy self.

New HC Rex Ryan and GM Mike Tannenbaum spent more money once again in the free agent market.  After LB Bart Scott balked at the initial offer of the Jets and decided to go back to Baltimore for 2 million dollars more, the Jets came back with a 6 year 48 million dollar deal that Scott took.

The deal for Scott includes 27 million in the first 3 years and approximately 22 million guaranteed.  Last off-season the Jets threw similar money and guarantees at LB Calvin Pace and offensive lineman Damian Woody and Alan Faneca.  Then the team of course traded for Brett Favre and missed the playoffs.

The Jets weren’t finished with just Scott.  They have Philly CB Lito Sheppard headed to town tomorrow and it appears that the teams have worked out a trade for the All-Pro.  Sheppard has one year left on his contract that expects to pay him 3 million so it’s more than likely that a new deal will need to be reached.  The fact that Sheppard is on his way indicates the clubs have agreed in principal on compensation.

So it appears that the Jets will have two new defenseman.  Well, make that possibly 4.  The team also is close to signing (if they haven’t already) Corey Ivy a nickelback and will entertain Safety and former Baltimore Raven Jim Leonhard on Saturday as well and are expected to sign him.

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  • Mad_Dog

    It appears that the jets have had the best free agent signing this year - I am impressed with their signing and trade to get Shepard but don’t understand where they are getting the cap space especially after last years huge dollar amount in free agent signing! if they come up with a QB they will be trouble.

    The Dolphins need to come up with some real gems in the draft to match what the jets have done in their free agent signing!

  • Brian Miller

    I completely agree with you and Rex Ryan is not Eric Mangini.  He will get a lot more out of his players much like Sparano did.  I really wish someone would break down the consequences of their spending…much like the Redskins.  I hear these teams will eventually have to start cutting people but when exactly is that?  Last year they tied up 67 Million in guarantees over 3 years, this year it appears that they will be around the 45 mill mark over 3.  No clue how they do it.  And they started with less cap money than we had.

  • hawk9810

    J-E-T-S  suck suck suck!!!   I don’t get it either..  It looks like as far as free agents go we are done.  I think we did a fantastic job.  I would still like to see us pick up Goff I just think we could get him pretty cheap and you can never have enough lineman,  he would also be a great locker room leader..  Phins for Goff campaign starts here!!! LOL

  • shed dawg mike

    I completely disagree with you guys.  The jets did this last year and how did that turn out?  I remember all the fan boards freaking out that the Jets where players and we were not and the sky was “still” falling in Miami. Even the “experts” on the NFL Network and such where declaring the Jets the winners in FA…then fast forward to week 17 and see the results of the Miami NY game in the meadowlands!

    You only need to look at the Redskins to see that things rarely work out the way you want them to with high priced free agents.  The only team that did well with this was the 18-1 Pats.  Any other team that went out on a major shopping spree were left disappointed at the end of the season.  Look at the Cowboys as well.  They keep bringing in (albeit they tend to take troubled players) with little success.  Look at Williams, Jones, TO .

  • shed dawg mike

    Part II – The Jets have a LOT of money tied up in 6 or 7 people and who knows what will happen if they don’t pan out.  Bart Scott is definitely an upgrade over Crowder but is he worth 8 million a year!  I really don’t see it.  Lets see how he plays without Suggs and Ray Lewis next to him.  Calvin Pace is good but is he Suggs / Lewis good?  And Lito Sheppard?  While I would like to have him there must be a reason why he never even saw the field for the Eagles.  I don’t even remember seeing his name at all in the NFC Div and Championship games, so it will be interesting to see what kind of compensation and salary they give him.  This often doesn’t go over well with the current vets on the team when these outsiders come in and get a boat load of cash, even though they had fallen out of favor on their previous teams.