TO? Never Gonna Happen! EG Visits Miami

The Miami Dolphins are in need of  a WR but make no mistake, even at a league minimum salary, Terrel Owens will not be coming to Miami.  Perish the thought.  It’s never going to happen.  You know how they always say, “never say never”?  This time, you can say never.  The Dallas Cowboys last night announced that they have released the oft troubled WR.  (The title was changed out of respect for the Miami Herald)

Jerry Jones has failed once again.  His meddling into team personnel has drove many coaches away.  Bill Parcells hated the signing of T.O. when he walked out of Philly disgruntled and a huge locker room cancer.  It took him 3 years before he became that same tumor in the Cowboys locker room, on the field, and off the field.  It’s because Bill Parcells hates prima donna’s that the 35 year old will NEVER play in Miami.

This of course also means that any chance the Dolphins had of swinging another lopsided deal that could bring WR Miles Austin to the Phins is all but dead.  With the Cowboys having only 3 starters left at WR, they themselves may go looking for another.  Miles Austin will join Roy Williams brought in by trade last season that sent the Boyz’ number 1 pick to Detroit, and Patrick Crayton who signed a contract extension last year.

The salary cap implications in the TO release are interesting because they almost mimic the situation the Dolphins are in with Ernest Wilford.  TO will now cost the Cowboys over 9 million dollars in dead cap space while only freeing up around 680,000.  The Cowboys save about 3 mill in actual money due to a roster bonus that TO will not receive.  The Dolphins face a similar situation with Wilford.  Should they keep him on the roster, his cap number hovers around 3 million but if they cut him the cap hit goes to around 6.  

While Dallas parted with TO, the Phins did some entertaining.  Making the first visit to Miami was not CB Bryant McFadden or Leigh Bodden but Eric Green from Arizona.  

Green was, and I say was, the starter for the Cardinals last season but lost his starting gig due to better play by Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.  He ended the regular season as the 3rd CB and didn’t play in the playoffs.  

The Phins also worked out De’Cody Fagg earlier in the week.  A high WR prospect last year, Fagg tore both knee ligaments and dislocated his patella  (knee cap) in last years Combine.  The Phins did not offer him a contract.

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  • Renee Rodrigues

    All this information is on the Miami Herald’s Dolphins blog. You even stole the headline and you are giving no credit to any of the information such as Fagg getting no contract offer. I think I’ll allert the Herald about your plagarism.

  • Brian Miller

    I’ll give you the title, didn’t realize I did that…as for plagerism…I think the only thing you can say I plagarized was the title, which I will change for no other reason than it’s a mistake I completely didn’t intend on making.

    As for the rest, Decody Fagg was originally reported by the PBP and not Salguero, I just never got around to putting it up.  Furthermore, where in the Salguero “BLog” does it talk about the salary cap hit for Owens?  It doesn’t.  And it’s obvious, nothing remarkable about Salguero pointing out that BP didn’t want TO in Dallas…WOW… A MAJOR REVELATION THERE.  
    You feel free to report me to the Herald, I really could care less for “stealing” their title.  Did Salguero mention anything other than his reasons why he thinks TO wouldn’t be in Miami?  Nope.  Nothing, no thoughts into who would replace TO or where he could end up…just typical Salguero being himself.
    Sorry…but there is not ONE thing I plagerized…but feel free to go visit the real “Journalists” over at the Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post who reported on Fagg and Owens as well as Rotoworld, PFT, and everyone else…and didn’t give credit to the Miami Herald.
  • Mad_Dog

    The Dolphins need a top notch receiver but TO is not a good fit and would cost way too much!
    He will probably end up at one of the following teams: patriots, Jets, redskins, Bengals or Raiders!

    Brian keep up the good work!

  • mac

    what about Roy Williams, I always thought he was one of the top 3 physically talented safeties in football and might be a great fit for Miami?

  • Brian Miller

    Williams was someone I thought that they would go after last year.  I think he can still play but he has slipped so far he almost needs to be recoached.  The issue is that while he may come cheaper than last year….the Phins are no longer in the market for a starting safety with the signings of Bell and Wilson.  I don’t think the Phins will go after him unless he comes in really cheap as a backup.

  • G_from_Maine

    “I think I’ll allert the Herald about your plagarism.”  Renee Rodrigues

    LMAO…… I’m telling Moooooooooooom!!!

    Is that ok or do I have to cite every little kid who ever said that?!?

  • Rob H.

    O M G ….. Renee, get over yourself… Plagarism?  If your gonna tell on someone, you might want to learn how to spell the word first. It’s spelled, plagiarism.  Brian, I love this site, keep up all the good work and valuable information.   I still think we should draft defense with the first pick if there is still a great cover corner at 25, or a solid OLB/DE pass rusher. our defense gave up to many yards down feild and either CB, or OLB/DE would help. then grab the other of those two that you didn’t get with the first pick, with the 44th. or wait till the 56th and grab a receiver with the 44th. I don’t know. we do have camarillo coming back, and bess showed some signs that he could be a nice option. but I feel we do need a tall ( 6′ 3” or taller ) big receiver with good speed and vertical as well, to just throw it up  in the endzone and let him out jump everyone for the score. i.e. Fitzgerald…And then a nice big 320 + lb. DT in the 3rd round to stop the run better. After the 3rd round you pretty much find depth, and competition for key positions and maybe get lucky and find a player like Zach Thomas ( 6th rd. )

  • RickyNeverInhaled

    According to PFT, TO might end up in Buffalo! Can you imagine our secondary defending TO twice a year?

  • Brian Miller

    Why?  We defend Randy Moss twice a year and the Pats have a far better QB than Buffalo.  I’m not overly worried about TO as he can destroy the Bills from within.

  • RickyNeverInhaled

    now it’s official. TO is a Bill for 1 year with 6.5 mil guaranteed.