Phins Looking At McFadden?

The Miami Dolphins have a need at CB.  They have yet to address the position in free agency outside of bringing in Arizona 3rd team CB Eric Green for a visit.  Now, according to, the Phins may be looking at Bryant McFadden to solve their CB needs.  The report says that McFadden has four teams interested in his services.  The Cardinals, Steelers, Eagles, and Dolphins.

McFadden was supposed to be one of the highly targeted free agents but interest waned from the start of free agency.  No overnight signing or visits.  He headed to Arizona to talk with the Cardinals and was rumored to be heading out to Green Bay and one other team.  Nothing came of either one.  With the FA period ready to enter it’s 3rd week, McFadden’s price may start coming down…and that may be the reason that the Phins are interested.

The Dolphins are expected to look at CB on day 1 of the draft this year and signing McFadden or any other CB likely won’t change that.  Will Allen will need to be replaced in the coming year/s and it makes sense to bring in a rookie now to give some extra time to develop.  

McFadden was one of the keys in the Pittsburgh Super Bowl run last season but some feel that his solid play was more indicative of the front 7 play.  A bull rush defensive front that left little time for opposing QB’s to pick apart the secondary.  True or not, McFadden’s name is still mentioned as one of the top CB’s on the FA market this season.  He still will likely command a 5 mill per year deal if not more.  That was what Andre Goodman got in basic terms from Denver and McFadden is supposed to be a lot better.

While the news can be met with some skepticism due to it’s rumor nature, one fact is that PFT is often on target with what they report.  At time over the top but more often than not there is a foundation to what they hear.  Over the years Mike Florio has developed a solid reputation with many in the NFL’s world from agents, players, and even some front office executives.

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  • G_from_ Maine

    I’d like for this to be true.  I think McFadden would be a nice add and would really give us flexibility in the draft.

  • Brian Miller

    what is your wife out of town G ?  When are you ever on the web on a Saturday?  LOL   

    As for your comment….ME TOO!
  • John

    That would be a big loss for the Steelers.  In this “passing league” you can’t have enough good corners especially the top 4.  While, William Gay could start for the Steelers and succeed, it would be nice to bring McFadden back.  He’s been a solid player for us.

    - John
    Owner of

  • Rob H.

    It would be nice to add a  huge need through FA, and we all know we need a couple good corners. So if we can land McFadden, and he is good, and doesn’t break the bank, then why not. this would help the defense immediatly. Then we could add another cover corner and DE/OLB through the draft with one of the first 3 picks. Plus we could go for one of the awesome receivers with the first pick if we address the CB now.This could be a very good Dolphins team this year, even with the tough schedule, if we play our cards right.

  • nick

    The pickup of Mcfadden would really make our secondary that much better.