Worst Draft Pick Of All Time: POLL

The Miami Dolphins had a great season last year.  A very solid draft that could be one of the best in over a decade if not more.  They are a team rebuilding with competitiveness and heart.  It’s safe to say that was not always the case.  

For whatever reason, the Dolphins have made some draft picks that have Miami fans screaming.  Were they the worst because of who the Phins could have had?  Because of how bad they turned out to be?  Are they the worst because they simply had no business being drafted as early as they were?  

You decide.  I have a list of “Oh My GOD…What the hell were you thinking” names that were called out on draft day.  You tell me who the worst two were.

Is Reggie Bush The Right Fit?

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  • http://phinphanatic.com Brian Miller

    For me, two will always be hated.  

  • Fins002

    In addition to missing out on Drew Brees by drafting Fletcher – we also missed out on Reggie Wayne!

  • Fins002

    Jason Allen (probably not the WORST) but could have had Antonio Cromartie or  Santonio Holmes.

  • http://phinphanatic.com Brian Miller

    I really thought about J. Allen on there but he is still on the Phins team…which is why Ginn wasn’t on there either.  There is still hope…:)

  • http://www.sheddawgs.com shed dawg mike

    Allen could still make the list but even though I know you hate Ginn (lol) I don’t think he compares to Fletch and Eddie Moore!  Even the limited production from Ginn thus far has exceeded both Fletcher and Moores production combined. ;-)

  • RickyNeverInhaled

    i think these 3 are the worse:

    John Bosa – DE – 1987
    Erik Kumerow – OLB – 1988
    Billy Milner – OL – 1995 Derrick Brooks anyone?

    i don’t even know who these people are! i can’t even think of one good thing they did for us. i can think of some good things that fletcher, ginn, j.allen, john avery and even eddie moore.

  • http://kickzrock.com kickzrockcom

    I would deffinately have to say Jason Allen. This guy gave up ever since he got his first paycheck. Saban must of been drunk. Allthough Ginn is coming along, he was taken way too high and is still learning how to catch consistently. But J Allen is the worse, if he was good we wouldn’t be stressing about a corner now. He is trash!!!!!

  • Rob H.

    How about sammy smith RB , and Randle Hill WR , I think these two only played one season each.  Sammy fumbled all the time, and Randle ” the thrill ” Hill was hurt his first season and never made it back for more than a few games.

  • hawk9810

    How bout Yathil Green and Abdul-Jabbar?

  • http://phinphanatic.com Brian Miller

    I don’t think you can say Green was a bust.  He got hurt in his first camp and never got back to 100 percent.  Technology then wasn’t really geared toward that kind of ACL restructure like it is today.

  • Todd

    Without using hindsight is 20/20, drafting a WR 1st 2 years ago (Ginn) over a star DE/DT (Amobi Akoye) is in my Top 5.  We all know the game is won in the trenches, and a #2/slot WR is never worthy of a top 10 pick. 

  • hawk9810

    Phins sign Eric Green?

  • robert

    its official the phins sign eric green.

  • Jim H

    I’ve heard that Don Shula will still blow a gasket if he hears Eric Kumerow’s name mentioned. I was watching the game that Bosa got his first sack in and the fans booed him. Milner was a horrible choice. Eddie “Freaking” Moore? John “what were we thinking” Avery? Jamar “Toast” Fletcher?

    All in all, I’ll go with…Kumerow.

  • Madden

    Abdul-Jabber wasn’t my favortite, but that guy had the 1st 1,000 yard season for the phins in like 20 years, kind of hard to even mention him as worst Phins pick ever.

    I go with Kumerow, the guy was awful. Hey, at least we were able to trade him to the Bears for CB Vestee Jackson who gave us a few decent years at corner. I remember his pick 6 against Chris Miller and the Falcons to win the game at Dolphin stadium circa 93?

  • http://phinphanatic.com Brian Miller

    Kumerow seems to be a popular pick.  I’m surprised a lot of people remember him…LOL

  • lee

    Yatil Green!!!!!!! 1st rounder who never played more than 3 regular season games….but damn his 40 time was so good Al davis would have drafted him #1 overall if he could.lol