No Comp For Phins But Good News For Phins Fans

The NFL saw fit to award 32 compensatory picks to teams yesterday and the Miami Dolphins received none.  Not surprising consider the Phins rarely do and the staff didn’t believe that they would.  The bad news was that the Patriots received 3 picks including a 3rd and a 5th.  The Patriots are yearly recipients of the picks.  

The Phins are still trying to acquire more picks and according to Herald writer Armando Salguero the magic number is 12 because in 2010 the Phins stand to lose 12 free agents.  In order to get to that number, the Dolphins will need to make some trades.

The first possibility is moving down from the number 25 spot in next months draft.  It’s the easiest because the 25 spot is far enough down to entice top of the 2nd round and late 1st round teams to move up.  The Phins could add a couple of picks by making that move.

The other option is to trade players for picks.  The Phins currently don’t have anyone on the roster that will net the team a first day pick outside of Ted Ginn and he is a maybe.  Ernest Wilford was named in the Herald article but that accelerates his bonus to a 6 million dollar dead space cap hit.  The Phins have a few other options including Jason Allen who might net a mid-2nd day pick but no more.

The Phins also will likely look at bringing in a player like Dallas LB Bobby Carpenter who is on the trading block as well, but they won’t pay anything above a 5th or 6th rounder for him without the Cowboys adding something to the package.  The Phins need some depth at the LB position and they were high enough on him last year to ask for BC instead of Akin Ayodele.

All this is not however bad news, there is good news for the Miami fans.  The city of Miami approved the construction on a new Florida Marlin baseball stadium which will eliminate the infield dirt at Dolphins Stadium.  More good news for Marlin fans was also announced.

The Florida Marlins will be no more as they announced that the team will now be called the “Miami Marlins“.  The team expects the 37,000 seat retractable roof stadium to be ready in time for opening day 2012 meaning the Phins and Hurricanes can start counting down.  3 seasons left of that drudgery.

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  • shed dawg mike

    As much as I hate the Pats as everyone here does, they are by far the best ran organization in football. 

    They sign a guy like Donte Stallworth to a deal that was essentially a one year contract and then the get comps out of it.  It was the big money Assente Sameuel and Stallworth received that gave them the first comp pick overall in the 3rd round as well as a 5th rounder and a 6th rounder. 
    We trade a 25 year old center with a friendly cap contract who started every game in his first two years and get a 6th rounder.  The pats just got way way more for less.
    The continually allow players like samuel to leave and continue to plug the holes all the while the compile pick after pick.
    It will be interesting though, to see if Pioli brings that to KC and how New England  will fare without him.

  • Brian Miller

    you know Mike it’s funny.  Every year we hear how many picks they have (the Pats) but yet where are they?  I hear nothing of these draft picks making an impact on the team, it’s always the profile FA’s that they bring in.  I’m with you on this, I want to see if it’s Pioli or Billy boy that got that team going because outside of Mayo last year, I don’t see where their draft picks are truly producing.

  • shed dawg mike

    Yeah good point Brian.  Apart from Mayo (who at #10 should be a good player….inseert Ted Ginn Joke here!!) their draft wasn’t spectacular.  Although it is too early to tell how good it may or may not be.

    Their past few drafts have not been great as far as high profile names.  The 2006 draft top 2 picks for the Pats in Marooney and Chad Jackson even look like or are busts.  The fact that they always have so many picks helps in that you can afford to miss on some. 
    Like I’ve said before, If you have 3 picks in the 7th you only need to bat .333 to hit on one player as opposed to having to bat a 1000 to hit on one player with only 1 pick. 
    I guess that’s why we are trying to get to 12 picks.  You can never hit on every pick so the more you have the more you can afford to miss on some!

  • Brian Miller

    True but they are missing at the top of the draft and that’s not good.

  • shed dawg mike

    Yeah, I totally agree Brian.  They certainly havn’t had a large number of studs in the past few drafts despite the fact that they alwasys seemed to have a load of draft picks.  Hopefully they whiff this year as well considering they have 6 picks in the first 3 rounds.