Mock Draft: Pick 4 – Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are up for you voting today with the Kansas City Chiefs landing LB Aaron Curry in our interactive mock draft yesterday.  The Seahawks have a more than a few ways they can go and the players available at this spot could easily fill one of them.  

For another kind of Poll check out the Fan-Sided Network‘s “Worst Draft Pick” bracket and vote for the worst player ever drafted in the NFL.  The Miami Dolphins representatives as voted on here are Jamar Fletcher and Eddie Moore.

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  • Shaun Dolence

    I think the Seahawks go with Eugene Monroe here.

  • tone1546

    Where do you begin? WR – QB – OT – DE – LB?? There is no real answer to a quick fix.  In order to get the Seattle Fans excited again about the Seahawks…I fill they need to address the WR position? What more exciting would it be to see Matt throwing the ball all over the field! A potent offense makes a very exciting football team(i.e. Colts, Patriots) A very good offense would allow a sub-par defense(rested) to hold there own.  Curry, Raji, Orakpo makes more since…but Crabtree Housh. combination makes it exciting!!!

  • Brian Miller

    While I think the Hawks need to draft a lineman, I voted for WR as well Tone.  I think they need to put a legit threat opposite Housh and sell some tickets.  

  • tony kelstrup

    they will go lineman, they don’t need to fill seats they are already sold out for the season!